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Why partner with COUTUREcolorado?

THE LIST is our online resource guide to the most chic one-of-a-kind businesses in Colorado.

A selection process for our LISTmembers and advertisers is in place to ensure that we are referring our readers to the best of the best. Your quality and passion for your industry must match our vision and aesthetic. We believe showing our readers quality over quantity.

To apply and request a media kit, please fill out our application.

Unlike the national sites, magazines and blogs, we have a very specific target market: the modern, sophiscated & stylish Colorado woman.

We are LOCAL and support LOCAL.

Averaging 2,792 visitors a day | 86,569 visits per month | 52,552 unique visitors per month | 1,291,171 hits per month

Loyal fan base. Daily posts keep our readers coming back on a regular basis.

Selected as 5280 Top of the Town’s BEST BLOG for 2010, 2011, 2012

Named Best Fashion Blog by The Exmainer

Named in the Top Ten Best Regional Wedding Blogs by Rangefinder Magazine

71% of our readers are women. 36% are between the ages of 18-34. 37% are between 35-49. 20% are over 50

Affluent and educated readers: 32% have household income between $60-100k and 34% have household income of over $100k. 51% have graduated from college and 20% have a post-graduate degree

Unlike traditional print ads, we have the ability to track how many visits your website is getting from COUTUREcolorado. You will know if your ad campaign was successful.