10 Things Every Dream Wedding Needs

So you’re getting married! You’re about to start planning your dream day, which is probably going to be the most important thing you ever plan. To ensure the whole day goes without any problems, I’ve come up with ten important features every wedding needs. Ready to get planning?

1. Rings. Probably the most important item at any wedding – you won’t be able to get wed without wedding rings! It’s the best man’s duty to look after them on the day, so make sure he doesn’t lose them

2. The Dress. Every girl dreams of her perfect dress, so getting it right is a necessity! Visit your local Bridalwear shop a 8-10 months before your wedding so you have lots of time to find your perfect one and arrange alterations if needed.denver-bridal-shop_2504

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3. Bridesmaid Gowns. Your bridesmaid will want to look picture-perfect, so you also need plenty of time to plan their outfits. Take them shopping with you and plan their dresses as a team. That way, everyone is happy!

4. A Photographer. You’ll want to keep looking back to your wedding, so speak to plenty of Wellington Wedding Photographers to find the best one for your event. Take a look through each of their portfolios so you can find a style of photography to suit your tastes.

5. Evening Entertainment. To make sure everyone gets up for a dance at the night party, book a suitable band or singer. There are also plenty of other forms of entertainment you could hire for throughout the day. How about a clown to keep kids happy?

6. Food. Another important aspect of your day is the wedding breakfast. This celebratory meal usually takes the form of a three-course meal. Buffets are becoming increasingly popular. Whatever you decide on, make sure to ask your guests about any special diets or allergies that need to be catered for.


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7. A Venue. If you want a church or stately home wedding, you’ll have to book at least six months in advance. You’ll also need to book well in advance if you want a weekend day.

8. Invitations. Something else to do well in advance, let people know they need to save the date! People often take great care to get the design of their invites just right, as it’s something that reflects their personality.


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9. Write Your Vows. These days, many couples choose to write their own vows. It’s important that they’re heartfelt and let your partner know how you feel about them and how much you love them. Write them a few weeks before the wedding, so you have plenty of time to remember them for the big day.

10. The Honeymoon. Last but not least, you have to plan a honeymoon! Most people head to far-off exotic places, but you can choose wherever you want. Search online for couple’s resorts to add some extra romance to your special holiday!

Once you’ve arranged everything on this list, you’ll be ready to have the best day of your life! Enjoy!

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