Iceland Destination Elopement

Ever since Icelandair announced direct flights from Denver to Iceland, I have been dreaming of traveling there. This elopement feature proves that Iceland needs to be at the top everyone’s travel list. And if you are considering eloping, save the beach for the honeymoon and get married in Iceland. Seriously, these photos are mind blowing.

Notes from the photographer, Mait of M&J Studios

First thing what comes up in my mind when thinking about Maja and Patrick are they were just so brave! Iceland is a magical natural wonder out of this world, it can take your breath away in every corner but will put you in a test as well. We agreed right away if in case it’s rainy and too windy we will keep the second day as a back-up. The wedding day was so fiercely windy, like nothing I have felt before and when looking back to those photos I truly think Maja and Patrick are one of the bravest couples I’ve ever had. We really fought with the weather, my lenses were constantly full of black sand and it was hard to move on the beach. But, it was so rewarding to see the most happy faces when we ended up on the iceberg fields so called “ice lagoon” in the end of our first day.We drove more than 800km in two days in southern part of Iceland. After every corner the veil of dreams was lifted and we thought this is the mother of core beauty of all. Raw, clean, pure, you feel so small in it that it must be one of the most magical places to get married on earth. Mostly we were just improvising, exploring new places and places I’ve been before, not in a hurry, just enjoying it all despite the weather. Memorable days to remember forever. I’m so happy that I was able to be there with you, Maja and Patrick.

Notes from the couple, Maja and Patrick: 

We fell in love with Iceland for its romantic melancholy scenery – and its neutrality: with our families being spread all over the world (in China, Germany and the UK) it was impossible to include everybody, so a private wedding followed by receptions seemed the fairest way. Plus, this way we got to follow the wedding with the honeymoon right away! Iceland turned out to be the perfect destination – so much more breathtaking in person, every turn of the road brought us to new, spectacular views. In fact we were so enamored, we drove 800km over the two wedding days in search of new vistas (which Mait so beautifully captured!) and we already can’t wait to go back.

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Photographer: M&J Studios |  Dress Designer: Rami Kadi | Shoes (both heels and booties): Vivienne Westwood x Melissa | Vintage Coat: Borrowed from Mother in Law | Groom’s Suit: Hugo Boss | Grooms Shoes: Ted Baker |

Wedding Dress with Sleeves


Check out our Resource Guide for local bridal boutiques.


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Rustic Chic in Grand Lake

osborn farm loveland wedding photo osborn farm loveland wedding photo osborn farm loveland wedding photo osborn farm loveland wedding photo osborn farm loveland wedding photo osborn farm loveland wedding photo osborn farm loveland wedding photo osborn farm loveland wedding photo osborn farm loveland wedding photo osborn farm loveland wedding photo osborn farm loveland wedding photo osborn farm loveland wedding photo osborn farm loveland wedding photo osborn farm loveland wedding photo osborn farm loveland wedding photo osborn farm loveland wedding photo osborn farm loveland wedding photo

osborn farm loveland wedding photo osborn farm loveland wedding photo osborn farm loveland wedding photo osborn farm loveland wedding photo osborn farm loveland wedding photo osborn farm loveland wedding photo
Photographer:  cmp studios | Venue: Grand Lake Lodge | Floral Designer: Mainstreet Flower | DJ: Rise Entertainment | Video: Sun Prairie Films | Dress Boutique: Blue Bridal Boutique {LISTmember}  | Veil: Sara Gabriel  | Hair Stylist: Allure Hair | Ring Designer: Jared Galleria of Jewelry | Bridesmaid Dresses: Jenny Yoo-Nordstrom | Shoes: Kate Spade | Dress Designer: La Sposa | Groomsman Attire: Mens Wearhouse

Autumn Inspired Wedding Styled Shoot

Notes from the photographer, Kimberly Weber

The autumn day in the mountains starts with our lovely wife getting a picnic basket ready. She puts on her wedding dress to relive her big day with boots and a jacket. While she packs up the suitcase full of goodies for her picnic, she jots a little note for her husband. In it she writes “We walked up this path before, now we are walking up this path again together. Happy Anniversary My love.”

She walks up a path to the perfect picnic spot where he had proposed to her years ago and gets everything set up. A bouquet of gathered flowers and a breakfast picnic with coffee and sweet baked goods. The idea was to create a story line that brought a feeling of love with a touch of autumn. A style shoot with a focus on a love story that brought them to another happy anniversary.


fall wedding colorado_1587 fall wedding colorado_1607 fall wedding colorado_1589 fall wedding colorado_1590 fall wedding colorado_1592 fall wedding colorado_1593 fall wedding colorado_1594 fall wedding colorado_1591 fall wedding colorado_1596 fall wedding colorado_1597 fall wedding colorado_1598 fall wedding colorado_1600 fall wedding colorado_1601 fall wedding colorado_1602 fall wedding colorado_1603 fall wedding colorado_1604 fall wedding colorado_1605 fall wedding colorado_1606


Photographer: Kimberly Weber Photography | Event Planner: R&R Events and Design  | Design & Decor: Stonewood Vintage | Calligraphy: Chalkboard Cheers | Makeup Artist & Model: Wide Eyed Makeup by Brittany Watson | Dresses: Rent The Runway


Kate Spade Inspired Wedding

This Kate Spade inspired wedding was filled a lot of pinks, reds, greens, black and white polka dots, and sparkle!

How do you meet?

Jennifer was with her sister and her friend. Her friend was meeting up with a co-worker at Hopa Sushi in Cherry Creek. The co-workers friend was Shane. He was shy and didn’t talk at first. They sat along the bar on opposite ends. Half way through dinner Shane noticed her Kate Spade piano keys clutch. He went over and asked if he could tickle her ivories. They hit it off and at the end of the night he asked for her number. After the proper three day wait time he called and asked her on a date. They have been together ever since!

How she knew he was the one:

Shane has a servants heart. He would give the shirt off his back if you needed it. He never speaks ill of anyone! Maybe a month or so into dating, Jennifer’s grandma passed and life got crazy. He stood by her side encouraging her. She knew she had found her match of who can love whom more. He usually spoils her the most but she wakes up every day trying to make life a little better for him. She knew I couldn’t be without him. What really sealed the deal and made it so Jennifer wanted to get married sooner rather than later was when she got shingles in the fall last year. This triggered Bell’s Palsy which made her face half paralyzed. She looked and sounded like she had a stroke. She couldn’t blink, swallow, or hear for quite some time. During that time Shane never stopped saying how beautiful she was and how amazing she is. He took such good care of her but never acted worried or wished she was back to the way she was. She realized that Shane sees with his heart not his eyes. He sees the best in her. She knew in her heart that she wanted to spend all of her life with him and that she couldn’t wait any longer.

How he proposed:

Shane plans “date days” all of the time. He told her to get ready for a date day. They started at their breakfast joint in downtown Littleton, Blueberries. Then Shane took her to the zoo. It was magical! It was snowing so no one was there but all of the animals were out. He wanted to take their pictures by the giraffes because they were her Mimi’s favorite animal. He took her to a cupcake shop so she could have a treat. Then he said the day wasn’t over and they had dinner plans. Again, she had no idea because date days happen once a month in their house! He took her to a restaurant called Terracotta’s in downtown Littleton. Later she found out that this was where he took her parents for breakfast to ask for her hand in marriage. At this point she thought something might be up because he was avoiding the roles, goals, and expectation questions as she thought it would be a good topic since it was January 3rd and the start of the new year. He took her home and he had the fire lit, champagne popped and music on. They were just watching the fire when one of their favorite songs came on and he asked if she wanted to dance. They danced and then he got down on one knee and said the perfect, most heart warming things that every girl wants to hear. She didn’t even let him finish before she said yes!

Tips to pass on to other brides in the planning process:

It’s the bride and grooms day don’t let it be about anyone else! Spend time thinking about the years after the wedding…. the wedding is only 6 hours so make sure you’ve made plans for life after the wedding. Don’t stress about anything! As long as the bride and groom are happy your friends and family want what you want.

 Most memorable moment during the planning process:

We took a family vacation to Ireland in March. It was a perfect time relax and really think about what was most important… our friends and family and making it fun! We make it a goal to do at least one big trip a year. Next year we are going to Italy and stay in vineyards.

colorado wedding magazine_1514 colorado wedding magazine_1517 colorado wedding magazine_1518 colorado wedding magazine_1515 colorado wedding magazine_1516 colorado wedding magazine_1519 colorado wedding magazine_1520 colorado wedding magazine_1522 colorado wedding magazine_1523 colorado wedding magazine_1533 colorado wedding magazine_1528 colorado wedding magazine_1524 colorado wedding magazine_1525 colorado wedding magazine_1526 colorado wedding magazine_1527 colorado wedding magazine_1529 colorado wedding magazine_1530 colorado wedding magazine_1531 colorado wedding magazine_1532 colorado wedding magazine_1534 colorado wedding magazine_1535
Photographer: Sarah Tribett Photographers | Venue: Wellshire Event Center | Dress Designer: Pronovias | Bakery: Whole Foods


The Tux is Back

Cozy chic casual weddings has been all the rage the last few years. But in 2015 we have seen more classic, formal, and black tie weddings. The tux is back in a major way.



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The Perfect Fishtail Wrapped Bun Tutorial

“Fishtail braids continue to be all the rage right now and this hairstyle features two of them,” explains contributor Melissa Cook. “This fishtail wrapped updo is quick and easy once you get the braiding part down, and the perfect hairstyle to keep in your beauty repertoire. This look is both trendy and chic, and luckily it looks trickier than it actually is to create!”

What You Need:

  • 2 alligator clips
  • 4 elastic bands
  • 1 donut bun
  • 3-6 hair pins
  • hairspray

Step 1


With a part on the right side, separate off a portion of hair from the part down to the left ear. Clip off the back portion of hair with an alligator clip.

Step 2


Pick up a section of hair near the part and begin a fishtail French braid. This is done by dividing the section into two halves and crossing small sections of hair underneath to the opposite side while incorporating hair into the braid each time.

Step 3


When all of the hair is brought into the braid, finish braiding the section down into a regular fishtail braid.

Step 4


Gently pull on the edges of the braid to loosen and create a fuller braid. Tie off the end with a clear elastic band.

Step 5


Repeat the previous steps creating another braid on the right side of the head.

Step 6


Let down the hair at the back and sweep it up into a low ponytail, tying it off with another elastic band.

Step 7


Take a hair donut and wrap it over the ponytail.

Step 8


Spread the hair around the donut and wrap another hair band over the top to secure it.

Step 9


Twist the hair sticking out from the donut and wrap it around the base of the bun.

Step 10


Pin down the ends with a hair pin.

Step 11


Pick up the braid from the right side of the head and wrap it over the top of the bun and around to the left side.

Step 12


Slide in some hair pins to secure the braid against the head.

Step 13


Now wrap the braid from the left side over the bun.

Step 14


Pin this braid down with another hair pin.

Step 15

Shower the style with hairspray and smooth down any flyaways.

Country Farm Styled Shoot

Notes from the photographer, Katie Corinne

Younger Ranch is a new venue east of Colorado Springs and it’s a remote cattle ranch with a view of the mountains even out east close to the Colorado plains. Although the reception area is a simple red barn, it transforms into a country formal, charming setting. A wooden farm table with benches dressed with a cowhide instead of linens and crates instead of glass vases. Luscious purples and pink flowers as well as mini wheat bushels. Adorning the table is lavender glasswear, napkins and gold chargers. No succulents on this table, instead little forget me knots are the favors for the guests as well as extra splashes of color. For our sweets, a little something different. White and Chocolate milk in mini milk glasses with straws for all the cookies, rice crispies and strawberries to partake in. Our wedding cake can’t get lost in the plethora of sweets so instead it hangs from the main barn door on a floating shelf/swing. Our couple has a couple hundred acres to roam out here on this picturesque landscape. The ceremony location is atop a hill framed by grand logs and the words LOVE. Also on the property is this old Chevy flatbed Truck where displayed is a tractor grill with the escort cards for guests to find their table. Last this shoot wasn’t complete without the farm’s resident cattle dog “snickers” to greet the bride and groom and their guests. wedding blog_1399 wedding blog_1400 wedding blog_1401 wedding blog_1402 wedding blog_1403 wedding blog_1404 wedding blog_1405 wedding blog_1406 wedding blog_1409 wedding blog_1410 wedding blog_1411 wedding blog_1412 wedding blog_1413 wedding blog_1408 wedding blog_1407
Photographer:  Katie Corinne Photography | Event Venue: Younger Ranch |
Event Planner: Once Upon a Wedding Events | Floral Designer: Southern Charm Wedding and Events | Invitation Designer: Purple Peonies | Equipment Rentals: Allwell | Caterer: Colorado Springs Catering | Hair Stylist: Love your Hair by Brandi Trapp | Makeup Artist: Makeup by Briana | Dress Store: Style Bride Boutique | Bakery: The Sugarplum Cake Shoppe

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Get Married In Colorado

colorado mountain wedding


1. Perfect for OUTDOOR CEREMONIES. Denver has 300 days of annual sunshine, more annual hours of sun than San Diego or Miami.

2. SCENERY.  Need I say more? Colorado has 54 mountain peaks over 14,000 feet with breathtaking views. With ski towns like Aspen, Telluride and Vail, you will not be skimping on style or luxury.

denver wedding3. For the CITY GAL. Downtown Denver has many chic modern venues and restaurants including The Ritz and The Four Seasons.

4. WINTER WONDERLAND. In most states the winter is not a very popular time of year to get married. The Colorado Rocky Mountains become a winter wonderland making it the perfect destination for a wedding.

5. Low humidity. Everyday is a GOOD HAIR DAY.

6. SAVE MONEY ON YOUR BOOZE TAB. Alcoholic drinks pack a big punch at this altitude.

7. PERFECT DESTINATION WEDDING. Your guests will have an overwhelming amount of fun activities to do: hiking, biking, fly fishing, whitewater rafting, golfing, skiing. It’s true! In Denver’s rarified air, golf balls go 10 percent farther. Also, the brewery seen in Denver is epic.

Your guest will have no problem making their flight arrangements. Denver International Airport is the 13th-busiest airport in the world and the fifth-busiest airport in the United States.

8. Very unique transportation options. GONDOLAS and SKI LIFTS take you and your guests to the very tip top of a mountain. Something that your guests will never forget and you will cherish forever.colorado-wedding_1985

9. THE SKY IS BLUER here….due to the less water vapor in the air. Great for photos!

10. TALENT AND BRAINS! Denver is the second most educated city in the United States. We have the most talented and creative wedding professionals here to help you create the wedding of your dreams. Start planning your wedding today with our top-notch resource guide 

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