Interview: Lalé Floral Designs


I am thrilled to introduce you to the talented and creative Stephanie Clark of Lalé Floral Designs {LISTmember}

Lalé Floral Designs is a unique floral art studio that specializes in high end weddings and events. Stephanie, head designer and owner, loves the challenge for embracing the individualized style of our clients and creating passionate and thoughtful floral decor for their special day.

When and why did you start your business?

I started Lalé Floral Designs in 2011 as an extension of my fine arts background and through my passion for flowers. I love flowers as a medium for art and design because of their temporary beauty and what value that holds. Paintings, textiles, statues, drawings, and music once composed have an appreciation the ebbs and flows through time but flowers are to be admired in the here and now and that is something that is very moving to me as I design. I wanted to create a business where each design that leaves this door is created with this in mind.

My decision to not be a retail business was intentional for this purpose as well. Since flowers are temporary I wanted to be sure I wasn’t rushing orders but taking the time to create something truly individualized and weddings and events expand this opportunity to full decor and ambiance management.

How did you learn your craft?

I am mostly self taught. I have a fine arts background which allowed me to develop a consistent style of aesthetic which translates through my floral designs. I appreciate negative space and silences in all forms of art which are then balanced by high points of dramatic design.

I worked in flower shop in L.A. for a year and was never allowed to design. I would watch them design and on nights that I closed, I would recreate their designs, and then put them back in the cooler.

Describe you floral style and approach to weddings.

I love to embrace the personalities of my clients and incorporate the venues aesthetic. Each client brings something very special and unique to the design table. The wedding industry as a whole has really captured this sentiment; wedding flowers are no longer just there for tradition, they are there to represent the couples story. Our style really embrace the wilds and follies of vintage design but with an avant-garde twist. With selectivity and style, we create unique floral art for every couple from bouquets to floral decor. We are big on appreciating the integrity of local and seasonal blooms while finding a peaceful balance of cutting-edge contemporary and classical delicacy.

What or who inspires you?

My aesthetic is very much influenced by the american artist Robert Rauchenberg whose unconventional approach to sculptured paintings are smeared with layers of new and old. Nothing is forced and the materials vary, in this vain we like to incorporate subtly unique elements balanced by tradition floral design.

Travel is also a huge inspiration for my work. Spending a few years in the western Middle East I was engrossed in a beautiful collaboration of antiquity alley ways and bazaars swarming with western fashion, sounds and style. Again this mold of new and old meshed together, I am inspired by traditional delicacies and the contemporary drama of art in all mediums.

Any awards or features/publications?

We have been featured in Denver Life Wedding Magazine, Modern Bride in the summer 2014 issue, my weddings online magazine, a and be’s stylebook catalog, elizabeth ann designs wedding blog, Burnett’s Boards as well as COUTUREColorado wedding blog :)

Favorite Wedding location.

Man, hard question…I would say anywhere in the outdoors, garden weddings, petite mansions, or a place with high ceilings!

Favorite Wedding Trend.

I am not sure if this a trend or not but I am loving adding loftiness to weddings. Macrame, heavily draping garlands, floral chandeliers and climbing vines; even aerial designs where the table scape is elevated over the tables. I am also starting my own trend basically out the lack of diversity in greenery found at wholesalers. In this trend, we either scavenge greenery from nature or directly from potted plants. The variety is so much more captivating and interesting, I want to start a trend where greenery becomes more of a feature than a filler.

Advice for a couple planning a Colorado Wedding.

Embrace the environment and the freedom to be as casual or formal as you want. Denver specifically is an up and coming city, becoming a hub for creative innovations, there are a vast array of wonderful wedding vendors to put your trust in so let them do what they do best! Oh and plan for any weather!

Where did you grow up and how did you end up in Colorado?

I was born in Chicago and moved to Australia when I was young. From there we moved to Denver just in time for me to start high school, nothing beats having the Rocky Mountain landscape and people! I left Colorado for college, moved to L.A. then Turkey and India and just couldn’t do without the Mountains any longer and returned home to Denver to start my dream of Lalé Florals.

Here are a few favorites of her portfolio. Be sure to check out her website to view more: Lalé Floral Designs.

colorado wedding florist_1480 colorado wedding florist_1478 colorado wedding florist_1476 View More: colorado wedding florist_1483 colorado wedding florist_1482 View More: colorado wedding florist_1475 colorado wedding florist_1484 colorado wedding florist_1485 View More: colorado wedding florist_1487 colorado wedding florist_1479 colorado wedding florist_1488 colorado wedding florist_1489 colorado wedding florist_1477

headshot photo credit: anna gleave photography

laura smith | our love is loud | alison vagnini | jenna walker | taryn kapronica | bryce covey | adonya jaja | 180 degrees | anna gleave 

Spotted: Bridesmaid Gifts

Whether you are asking your BFF to be your maid of honor or saying thanks on the big day, presenting your bridesmaids with a gift is a thoughtful gesture. Jewelry is always the perfect gift but to make it even sweeter gift your maids with a one-of-a-kind, can’t find this at the mall, piece of jewelry that she will cherish forever.

All of these pieces are handmade locally and are available for sale on COUTUREcolorado BOUTIQUE.


View more ideas for Bridesmaids Gifts on COUTUREcolorado BOUTIQUE


The Pastel Light of the Desert

Notes from the Photographer Lucky Malone:

Photographing these two in the perfect pastel light of the desert was a truly enjoyable experience. These two are getting married Labor Day weekend at a farm in Loveland, CO. Michelle has big DIY plans for the wedding and you get a taste of her bohemian-glam style from the invitations she designed. I love this couple’s style – be sure to check out Michelle’s beautiful antique ruby engagement ring. I love the cow “branding” for the invites and the wedding, which is a nod to Gabor’s family name.

Notes from the Bride, Michelle: 

We’re really committed to a bilingual wedding since Gabor’s family is from Hungary speaks little to no English. We want to make sure both cultures are represented and really feel included since it is going to be the first major introduction. Gabor is from Budapest, Hungary and his last name is Boczonadi, which his family has shortened to Boci for generations. Boci means cow or calf in Hungarian and his family is really proud of this. Their business (a small tool/hardware retailer) even has a cow as a logo. We decided to incorporate into our wedding as we start a new line of the Boci family. Now, as our friends and family catch on, I’m afraid we’ll end up with an entire house of cow knickknacks!

The ring was given to us by Gabor’s mom and was her great aunt’s ring. His family doesn’t know the whole story behind it, but they think it is from around 1910 and is a ruby. His grandma told me a great story about how family jewelry is really important in Hungary because they have been through so many wars, where homes and land were destroyed or stolen, it is some of the only family wealth many people have. She can remember smuggling her pouch of jewelry through three different wars.

colorado bride_1709.jpg
colorado bride_1692.jpg
colorado bride_1693.jpg
colorado bride_1694.jpg
colorado bride_1695.jpg
colorado bride_1696.jpg
colorado bride_1697.jpg
colorado bride_1698.jpg
colorado bride_1699.jpg
colorado bride_1700.jpg
colorado bride_1701.jpg
colorado bride_1702.jpg
colorado bride_1703.jpg
colorado bride_1704.jpg
colorado bride_1705.jpg
colorado bride_1706.jpg
colorado bride_1707.jpg
colorado bride_1708.jpg

Photographer: lucky malone | Invitation Designer: CatPrint

An Irish Wedding in a Castle

This wedding was nothing short of gorgeous. From the castle to the kelts to the lace veil, it was a real life fairy tale.

colorado wedding_1658.jpg

colorado wedding_1659.jpg

colorado wedding_1661.jpg

colorado wedding_1660.jpg

colorado wedding_1663.jpg

colorado wedding_1662.jpg

colorado wedding_1664.jpg

colorado wedding_1665.jpg

colorado wedding_1666.jpg

colorado wedding_1667.jpg

colorado wedding_1668.jpg

Photographer:  Mark Hayes Photography  |  Reception Venue: The Dunafon Castle | Dress Designer: The Ivory Gown | Musicians: Denver Bagpiper |  DJ: greatime dj  |  Caterer: Relish Catering Co. |  Floral Designer: Stems Flower Shop  |  Cake Designer: The Makery Cake Co. | Bakery: The Makery Cake Co.

A Country Road in a 1969 Chevy

This lovely couple, Amanda and Tony, chose a farm as their backdrop for their engagement shoot. Add in the perfect sunset, a 1969 Chevy, a talented photog and you end up with an epic engagement shoot.

A 1969 Chevy C10 pickup truck, restored by Tony after a promise to his late father to bring his pride and joy back to life.


Photographer: The Photogenic Lab

Classic City Wedding

This classic city wedding is everything. Elegant, Timeless, Sophisticated, Chic…….

Photography by the talented Vanessa Kruse {LISTmember}

colroado wedding photographer_1635.jpg
colroado wedding photographer_1636.jpg
colroado wedding photographer_1637.jpg
colroado wedding photographer_1638.jpg
colroado wedding photographer_1639.jpg
colroado wedding photographer_1640.jpg
colroado wedding photographer_1642.jpg
colroado wedding photographer_1643.jpg
colroado wedding photographer_1644.jpg
colroado wedding photographer_1645.jpg
colroado wedding photographer_1646.jpg
colroado wedding photographer_1647.jpg
colroado wedding photographer_1648.jpg
colroado wedding photographer_1649.jpg
colroado wedding photographer_1650.jpg

Photography: Vanessa Kruse {LISTmember} | Ceremony Venue: Montview Church  |  Reception Venue: Grand Hyatt  |  Bakery: Grand Hyatt   |  Florals: Newberry Brothers  |  Dress: Allure Couture   |  Make Up: Sedrique Olison

Spotted: Details, Details

Something we all marvel at when attending a wedding is the details. Couples are getting uber creative these days and their big day is becoming more and more a reflection of their personality and relationship then ever before. To create these details you just need to gather up your ideas and streamline them into a few simple aspects that work cohesively across the event. Here are a few simple details that can go a long way!

Some of these great details are available on the COUTUREcolorado BOUTIQUE!  With a purchase $50 or more, you will receive 20% off at your next visit to The Four Seasons Level 3 Salon. AND you will be entered into a giveaway to win a $100 gift card at Level 3 Salon.  *must enter promo code: fsdenver

details, details


1. Poms Galore

2. Cheers Coasters

3. Just Married Topper

4. Vintage Beverage Bottles

5. Smores Bunting

6. Lovebird Stirrers

7. Framed Invite

8. Chalkboard Labels (great for favors or water glasses!)


The Wedding Pink Submissions 2015

Exterior BB_Brown_Palace_58.CR2.pThe Brown Palace Hotel will be the host for the 5th annual Wedding Pink. The wedding will be held on May 15, 2015 and submissions will be open this August 1-10.

The Wedding Pink is an annual, heartfelt wedding giveaway package presented to a couple whose lives have been recently touched by breast cancer. Cheryl Ungar, the founder of The Wedding Pink, is a 23-year breast cancer survivor and a professional photographer. In addition to Cheryl donating her own wedding photography services, she has put together an extraordinary team of some of Colorado’s top wedding vendors — all of whom have generously agreed to donate their services and products to ensure The Wedding Pink is a spectacular event for one very special couple.

The Wedding Pink will be held in a different Colorado town each year; however, as long as you meet our submission criteria you may live anywhere in the country and submit your story. This is an opportunity for one deserving couple to be awarded a dream wedding nearly cost free and valued at over $40,000.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Your life must have been recently touched by breast cancer. The experience is not limited to the bride, but could be with the bride or groom’s extended family.
  • You must be engaged or soon-to-be engaged at the time you submit your story.
  • Submissions will be open August 1, 2014 - August 10, 2014.
  • Winning couple will be selected in early September 2014 (wedding will take place May 15, 2015 in Denver, Colorado).
  • We do not have income qualifications; however, if you have financial hardship, please detail that in your submission and we will take it under consideration.
  • All submitted information will be verified.
  • Winner will be chosen by a selection committee; all decisions are final.
  • Submissions open to legal residents of the United States.
  • Cheryl Ungar Gives retains the right to publish excerpts from submitted stories plus any and all photographs/videos from the engagement session, wedding and any other events associated with The Wedding Pink.

Check out more details and submit your story here. 

COUTUREcolorado is a proud sponsor of The Wedding Pink.


A Sun-Drenched Mountain Engagement

This engagement shoot is perfection. Makes me feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful state with over 300 days of sunshine. Thank you to LISTmembers Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers for sharing this shoot with us and showing off what Colorado is all about.

colroado wedding photographer_1619.jpg

colroado wedding photographer_1620.jpg
colroado wedding photographer_1621.jpg
colroado wedding photographer_1622.jpg
colroado wedding photographer_1623.jpg
colroado wedding photographer_1624.jpg
colroado wedding photographer_1625.jpg
colroado wedding photographer_1626.jpg
colroado wedding photographer_1627.jpg
colroado wedding photographer_1628.jpg
colroado wedding photographer_1629.jpg
colroado wedding photographer_1630.jpg
colroado wedding photographer_1631.jpg
colroado wedding photographer_1632.jpg
colroado wedding photographer_1633.jpg
colroado wedding photographer_1634.jpg

Photography by LISTmembers: Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers | Location: Mount Falcon

For one day…..

Screen shot 2014-07-30 at 8.17.46 AM

I have selected a few of my favorite items and put them on sale! FOR ONE DAY ONLY, shop my favs at a discount.

COUTUREcolorado BOUTIQUE…… shopping local made easy.  Purchase items from your favorite local boutiques, artisans, and designers all in one place…. all in one transaction.

*pictured above adriana neves independent spirit ring on sale for $63.90 {originally $71}

*sale is only valid until July 31, 2014

Hey Colorado Brides, these custom cufflinks are perfect for your groom and/or groomsmen and they are currently on sale until July 31, 2014.

Screen shot 2014-07-30 at 11.56.16 AM

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