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5 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Maid of Honor

If you are getting married, one thing that you may be struggling with is choosing your maid of honor. As any woman who has more than one sister or close friend will know, picking your head bridesmaid is hard.

While you might spend ages worrying about offending and upsetting people, it’s important to realize that it’s your big day, and you can choose whoever you want. If someone’s offended, don’t worry about it – it’s their problem, not yours. You need to select the person that you feel the closest and most comfortable with to be your maid of honor.


photo byJamee Photography {LISTmember} – view full feature

That being said, before you go ahead and pick your maid of honor, here are five important things to consider:

1. How close you are to each candidate

Go through your shortlist of candidates for maid of honor, and think about how close you are to each person. Your chief bridesmaid should be someone who you are very close to and can see being a part of your life for years to come.

This will probably push a couple of people out of the frame, as you can’t imagine staying friends for life. Obviously, your sister and cousins are ideal in this sense, as they are people you will spend time with throughout your life.

2. Think about who can give you the time and support you need

You might be closest to your cousin, but if she’s just had a baby, she may not have the time to help you plan your wedding. However, your best friend may have lots of time to spare, meaning that she could give you all the support that you need.

Your chief bridesmaid needs to help you plan the wedding, arrange your shower and come up with an idea for your bachelorette party. It’s crucial that whoever you choose has enough time to deal with these responsibilities.

3. You don’t want someone who is dramatic

When things go wrong, you don’t want a dramatic chief bridesmaid making things worse. You need someone who can comfort you when you are stressed out and can take charge of the situation.

4. Think about each candidate’s personal situation

As part of their role as chief bridesmaid, you will need your friend or relative to come along to wedding events with you. This will probably take up a lot of time, so it’s important to take each candidate’s personal situation into account.

For instance, if one of your best friends lives a long way away, it would  be impossible for her to attend all the events with you. However, if your other close friend lives nearby, she should be able to come along to everything, so she may be a better choice.

5. Choose who you want

Don’t make the mistake of choosing someone to be your head bridesmaid due to pressure from another person. You need to be happy with who you have picked, as you will be spending a lot of time together.

Once you have made your final decision, don’t leave out the runners up. Instead, ask them to each be a bridesmaid and help you with the wedding plans in other ways.

An Ode to Summer

Notes from the photographer, Tara Bielecki {LISTmember}:

This shoot is really about that last hurrah of summer before fall and winter arrive, letting your hair down and being carefree! Hannah and Cameron were the perfect couple for this shoot; they are an adventurous and outgoing couple, so I knew they would love the idea of a last summer fling in Rocky Mountain National Park. Photographing in RMNP was so important to us to capture the sense of adventure that our mountains captivate and inspire. After running around the national park, Hannah and Cameron snacked on fresh floral popsicles on the docks of Grand Lake as the sunset. At the end of the shoot the two of them took off giggling down the dock and jumped into the lake! These two are originally from Texas and I loved how thoughtful they were to bring a Texas flag towel with them. After swimming around for a bit, Cameron draped the towel around Hannah’s shoulders and watched as the last of the sun dropped over the peaks.

colorado wedding photographer_1151 colorado wedding photographer_1152 colorado wedding photographer_1153 colorado wedding photographer_1155 colorado wedding photographer_1154 colorado wedding photographer_1156 colorado wedding photographer_1157 colorado wedding photographer_1158 colorado wedding photographer_1159 colorado wedding photographer_1160 colorado wedding photographer_1161 colorado wedding photographer_1162 colorado wedding photographer_1163 colorado wedding photographer_1164 colorado wedding photographer_1165 colorado wedding photographer_1166 colorado wedding photographer_1167 colorado wedding photographer_1168

Photographer: Tara Bielecki Photography {LISTmember} | Location: Rocky Mountain National Park

6 questions to answer when choosing your boudoir photographer

By LISTmember and photographer Lynn Clark.

If you’re getting married, you may be thinking about doing a boudoir session for your groom. Boudoir photography has been popular with brides for years because it’s fun, and it’s a gift he’ll never forget. Not all boudoir photographers are the same, and you should choose yours with the same discernment as selecting your wedding photographer.

Here are 6 questions to consider when you’re choosing a boudoir photographer.

1. Do you love the boudoir photographer’s style?

When you’re selecting your boudoir photographer, consider:

  • Lighting style—natural light or flash
  • Shooting location—traditional photo studio with backdrops, hotel-like studio setups, hotel rooms and B&Bs, or even your home
  • Client styling—from lingerie to costumes and nudes, this can run the gamut
  • Posing—traditional poses to a more natural feel
  • Point of view—direct eye contact to a more voyeuristic point of view
  • Post processing—raw and gritty or romantic and dreamy, soft or vivid colors, obviously retouched skin and body silhouettes or subtly retouched skin and natural body silhouettes.


boudoir photographer denver_0170


2. How much experience does the photographer have?

Lots of photographers offer boudoir photography, but only a few actually specialize in it. Boudoir photography is a true specialty. It takes experience to know how to light and pose women so the portraits are classy, and so their best attributes shine through. It also takes finesse to make a woman feel comfortable when they’re dressed in next to nothing. A great boudoir experience will make you feel amazing about yourself. A bad boudoir experience can hurt.


boudoir photographer denver_0171


3. Who are you more comfortable with: a woman or a man?

I believe women and men photograph boudoir differently. Women lean toward the romantic, aiming to please you. Men tend to go for a sexier and grittier look, aimed at pleasing your fiancé.

And, are you comfortable having your intimate portraits made by a man? I hate to say it in this day and age, but how does your fiancé feel about you being photographed by a man? My husband, for example, doesn’t care. My friend’s husband was upset, and it caused her to dislike photos she loved before.


boudoir photographer denver_0172


4. Do you click with this person who may see you naked?

It’s likely your boudoir photographer will see parts of your naked body. It must be easy for you to develop trust—and fast—with this person or your uncertainty will show in every photograph.

Read the photographer’s About page. Read the testimonials. And then call her (or him) on the phone. If you’re not comfortable when you talk, she may not be right for you.


boudoir photographer denver_0173


5. Do you like what the photographer offers?

From the number of outfit changes to having hair styling and makeup included in your session fee, and from digital portraits to beautiful albums and wall art—make sure you are hiring someone who actually sells what you want to purchase.

  • Many boudoir photographers, for example, do not offer digital images. Others only offer digital images.
  • Some include hair and makeup in their session fee, and others charge extra for it.
  • Some show retouched photos and others show unedited photos.
  • Some offer online gallery viewing and others have you come back to view and order photos.


boudoir photographer denver_0174


6. Is this photographer in your budget?

Many boudoir photographers websites will give you a starting point and a ballpark figure of what her average client invests. Make sure you’re absolutely clear about what you will receive for your investment.

While deal sites can look like a bargain, you’re probably not getting everything that’s in the photographer’s regular sessions (fewer outfits, extra charge for hair and makeup), and you’ll definitely end up purchasing more products than that single 8×10 print that’s included.

If you really want to work with a particular photographer but she seems out of reach, ask if she offers payment plans. Or, ask your friends and bridesmaids for gift certificates to help with the cost.


boudoir photographer denver_0175


Have a great time!

Your boudoir session should make you feel great about your experience, your photos and the products you purchase. I hope these questions help you pick the best boudoir photographer for you!

By Lynn Clark. Lynn Clark is the owner of Lynn Clark Boudoir, a high-end boudoir studio in Denver, Colorado. Find her at


Photography by Lynn Clark | Hair and Makeup by Samantha Koch Beauty | Bouquet by Bella Calla

Colorado Farm Wedding

colorado farm wedding_0735 colorado farm wedding_0736 colorado farm wedding_0741 colorado farm wedding_0748 colorado farm wedding_0749 colorado farm wedding_0754 colorado farm wedding_0743 colorado farm wedding_0744 colorado farm wedding_0745 colorado farm wedding_0753 colorado farm wedding_0750 colorado farm wedding_0737 colorado farm wedding_0751 colorado farm wedding_0752 colorado farm wedding_0755 colorado farm wedding_0757 colorado farm wedding_0758 colorado farm wedding_0761 colorado farm wedding_0760 colorado farm wedding_0759 colorado farm wedding_0738 colorado farm wedding_0739 colorado farm wedding_0740 colorado farm wedding_0762 colorado farm wedding_0763 colorado farm wedding_0764 colorado farm wedding_0765 colorado farm wedding_0766 colorado farm wedding_0767 colorado farm wedding_0768 colorado farm wedding_0769 colorado farm wedding_0770 colorado farm wedding_0776 colorado farm wedding_0771 colorado farm wedding_0772 colorado farm wedding_0773 colorado farm wedding_0774 colorado farm wedding_0775


Photographer:  Aldabella Photography | Venue: Ya Ya Farm & Orchard | Event Planner: Pink Diamond Events | Floral Designer: The Fresh Flower Market | Hair Stylist: Lauren Petaja | Dress Store: Little White Dress Bridal Shop | Ring Designer: Sather’s Jewelers | Equipment Rentals: All Events Tent & Party Rentals | Dress Designer: Lian Carlo | Caterer: Maine Street Barbeque Co | Invitation Designer: Sage Paper Co. | Caterer: The Sustainable Spoon | Specialty Foods: White Whale

Traditional Ceremony with a Modern Reception

Notes from the Bride, Melissa: 

We made our own programs for the ceremony. While they aren’t anything fancy, I really liked them (we used our engagement pictures on them). They were simple & elegant & I loved them.

For our ceremony, we were really thoughtful about who would do our readings.We decided to have 2 of our uncles (one from each side) do the readings. It was so nice to include them in that way & they contributed so much to the wedding.

I borrowed my great grandmother’s handkerchief at the wedding (which came in handy since I am such a crier).

One thing that was a fun relaxed part of our wedding was moving outside for cigars and s’mores during the reception. I assembled all of little s’more kits, and I know the kids at our wedding really enjoyed it.

Instead of the traditional table “numbers” we used signs with the name of cities/places with meaning to us. This included where we met, where we had lived, and where we were going on our honeymoon.

Our “gifts” were candy boxes. My Aunt Sandy (one of the bridesmaids) put it all together for us.

Even though they weren’t at the wedding, I spent SO much time putting together our hotel gift bags. I hand decorated the bags with the Colorado state flag & one of our friends made a homemade microbrew beer for our out of town guests.

Instead of using a traditional guestbook, we used a thumbprint tree that I purchased on Etsy. We thought it would be better to do that & hang it in our home than to have a guestbook we never looked at.

colorado wedding magazine_1111 colorado wedding magazine_1095 colorado wedding magazine_1096 colorado wedding magazine_1097 colorado wedding magazine_1104 colorado wedding magazine_1105 colorado wedding magazine_1107 colorado wedding magazine_1098 colorado wedding magazine_1099 colorado wedding magazine_1100 colorado wedding magazine_1101 colorado wedding magazine_1102 colorado wedding magazine_1103 colorado wedding magazine_1108 colorado wedding magazine_1110 colorado wedding magazine_1109

Photography: Rene Tate Photography  | Venue: Palazzo Verdi Event Center | Event Planner: Leslee Russel of Palazzo Verdi | Bridal Gown and Veil: Allure Bridals via Lovella Bridal (CA) | Hair and Makeup: Bella in Bloom | Jewelry and Shoes: Ann Taylor | Purse: Jessica McClintock | Bridesmaid Gowns: Lovella Bridal (CA) | Flower Girl Dresses: Janie & Jack |  Groom and Groomsmen Attire: Vera Wang via Men’s Wearhouse | Rings: Shane Co. | Cake: Azucar Bakery | Caterer: Epicurean Catering | Floral Design: Amore Fiori | Rentals: Event Rents | Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas | Officiate: Father Brian Mohan, Pax Christi Catholic Church

More from the bride:

Robert & I met on eHarmony. We actually both remember looking at each other’s profiles. After he saw that I viewed his, he emailed me. We started communicating around Thanksgiving in 2010 and just talked for a few weeks. We went on our first date on 12/11/10 at Cuba Cuba in Denver (Robert is ½ Cuban). We hit it off on our first date and the rest is history! • Our engagement was perfect in every way for me. Robert really made sure it was going to be everything I would want, especially knowing how important my family is to me. Robert had decided to propose to me and as tradition goes, he asked my dad. He had already purchased the ring (with my big sister’s approval) and decided to propose to me at our niece’s baptism. He had talked to my sister about doing it there and the big thing was to keep it a secret. We flew to New Jersey (where the baptism was), and we became Hannah’s godparents on the afternoon of 09/23/12. We were at the reception in the evening, and my sister was saying her thank you speech and Robert got down on one knee and proposed to me in front of all of my family, including my sisters, dad, aunts, cousins, and grandparents. It was so amazing having them all be part of that moment and to share in the excitement of our engagement and to be a part of it as well

An Engagement at a Tree Farm

Notes from the photographer, Adonye Jaja:

Jerome and Lisa have such an easy going personality, for their engagement session we went to a tree farm outside of boulder, and just played around! Jerome is a beer making cartographer and Lisa is a swing dancing, world traveling teacher! They are a pleasure to photograph and to know!

colorado wedding magazine_1094

colorado wedding magazine_1093

colorado wedding magazine_1092

colorado wedding magazine_1091

colorado wedding magazine_1090

colorado wedding magazine_1089

colorado wedding magazine_1088

colorado wedding magazine_1087

colorado wedding magazine_1086

colorado wedding magazine_1085

colorado wedding magazine_1084

colorado wedding magazine_1083

colorado wedding magazine_1082

colorado wedding magazine_1081

colorado wedding magazine_1080

colorado wedding magazine_1079

colorado wedding magazine_1078

colorado wedding magazine_1077

colorado wedding magazine_1076

colorado wedding magazine_1075

colorado wedding magazine_1074

colorado wedding magazine_1073

colorado wedding magazine_1072

colorado wedding magazine_1071

colorado wedding magazine_1070

colorado wedding magazine_1069

colorado wedding magazine_1068

colorado wedding magazine_1067

colorado wedding magazine_1066

colorado wedding magazine_1065

colorado wedding magazine_1064

colorado wedding magazine_1063

colorado wedding magazine_1062

colorado wedding magazine_1061

colorado wedding magazine_1060

colorado wedding magazine_1059

Photography: Adonye Jaja Photography


Orange is the New Black

I am hooked on the T.V. show The Orange in the New Black! Whether the creators of this hit show realized it or not, orange has been spotted on all the runways. This hue has been heating up summer weddings this year as well. And the color orange, when done right, can be fun, chic, and stylish.

Check out COUTUREcolorado LIFE & STYLE for orange in fashion.


Top Left: Snippet and Ink – photo by Jo Ann Manolis |  Top Right: Grey Likes Weddings by Melangerie, Nine Cakes and Jen Huang |  Middle Left: Santa Barbara Chic |  Middle Right:Inspired by This – photo by Aaron Shintaku |  Bottom Left: Grey Like Weddings – photo by Jen Rodriguez Photography |  Bottom Middle: Brides Cafe – photo by Morgan Trinker |  Bottom Right: Snippet and Ink – floral designs by Ariella Chezar, and the photography of Meg Smith


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