July: American Made Month at Anna Be

For the entire month of July, Anna Be {LISTmember} is honoring designers that produce American-made wedding dresses! I am pretty proud that the list at anna be is long: Amy Kuschel (San Francisco), Anna Maier (New York City), Carolina Herrera (New York City), Elizabeth Fillmore (New York City), Hayley Paige (New York), Lela Rose (New York City), Modern Trousseau (Connecticut), Monique Lhuillier (Los Angeles), and Tara LaTour (Minneaplis).

Not only are all of these designers amazingly talented, they are helping shape and build the American economy.

Call or book online: Anna Be {LISTmember} – 1575 boulder street, denver, co 80211 – 720-855-1111

With July 4th just around the corner, there is no better time to be proud to be an American and honor these American designers.  Let’s get to know our American designers:

Amy Kuschel: San Francisco designer Amy Kuschel was inspired to start her line of “clever” wedding dresses after shopping for her own wedding dress. These clever gowns are elegant and modern, but don’t cost a fortune. Amy Kuschel crafts gowns that are for the savvy bride. Amy Kuschel gowns are made in San Francisco.

Charles_Anna Maier

Anna Maier:  Following a storied career at luxury retailers including Barneys, Charles Bunstine took over at Ulla-Maija and rebranded the company in honor of his great grandmother (Anna Maier). Bunstine’s impeccable eye is evident in each gown that is made in his New York studio to flatter and hug a woman’s shape. Anna Maier gowns are made in New York City.


Carolina Herrera: Legendary designer Carolina Herrera is known for impeccable style. Having dressed many First Ladies, her elegance and grace is for the bride who wants a stylish, classic look that will stand the test of time.

elizabeth fillmore
Elizabeth Fillmore: Tucked into a stylish Chelsea loft is the working studio of Elizabeth Fillmore. The graceful silhouettes are meant to show off a woman’s figure and are sensual without being overly sexy. Utterly feminine, the wedding gowns are designed with touches of lace. Elizabeth Fillmore gowns are made in NYC.


Hayley Paige: Hayley Paige is taking the bridal world by storm. The wedding dress designs echo Hayley’s personality and are a mix of girly romance, playful fabrics, and a youthful spirit. Hayley and her dresses are totally fab. Hayley Paige gowns are made in NYC.


Lela Rose: We heart Lela. Her always pretty gowns are effortlessly elegant.The romantic wedding dresses are feminine, graceful and luxurious. Lela’s gowns are made in NYC.


Modern Trousseau: Even though the designer is originally from down under, Callie now lives and creates in Connecticut. And boy can she create a wedding dress. The gowns are all made to measure and Modern Trousseau is one of the most flexible design teams to work with ensuring that the bride truly gets the dress of her dreams. The gowns are made in Connecticut.


Monique Lhuillier: Monique Lhuillier leads the wedding dress industry. Her fashion house based in LA is known for setting the trends and not following them, yet she always retains an air of whimsy and romance. These are dresses that you look at and think wow! Monique’s gowns are made in LA.



Tara LaTour: Minneapolis based Tara is incredibly talented and creative. Her dresses are always shown in an array of colors (but of course can be ordered in a more traditional ivory) and no detail is overlooked. The fit is fantastic almost sculpting the bride and every dress comes with custom color lining that is of the bride’s choosing. Tara’s gowns are made in Minneapolis.

Interview: Merrick Chase


Choosing your wedding photographer is one of many important decisions you must make when planning a wedding. They will be not only capturing images that you will cherish for a lifetime but also you will be with this photographer the entire wedding day. So this person needs to be a killer photographer AND someone that you genuinely like to be around.

I am thrilled to introduce you to Boulder-based photographer Merrick Chase.

Describe the service you provide: 

I provide wedding photography services to what I’d call discerning and adventurous clients, primarily in the Colorado Mountain market. I’d say about half of my clients come from out of state, from all over the country, as a lot of the weddings I shoot are destination weddings. My couples tend to care a lot about their photography and I get to work with some really cool people. I shoot all over the state, primarily in the Telluride, Vail, and Beaver Creek areas, but on the Front Range as well.

When and why did you start your business?

I’ve been shooting my entire life, or at least since I was about seven, and I came over to wedding photography about five years ago from a background in portrait and event photography. I was living in Telluride at the time and shooting for a lot of the festivals and action sports competitions in addition to shooting family and commercial work. I’ve always loved photographing people and I’m a very high energy person, so shooting high profile events where I’m under a lot of pressure came very naturally to me. At some point it just seemed like a natural progression to move from one high pressure shooting environment to the next- from events to weddings. Really, it was the right clients who came to me at the beginning. I got hired by a fantastic guy to shoot his proposal to his sweetheart on the spot where he’d told her he loved her several years ago. I was hiding out up the street with a big zoom lens and the fellah and I were texting each other to get the timing right. I was incredibly moved to bear witness to this couple’s love. I actually teared up while it was happening! The couple liked the photos so much that his family flew me down to Austin, Texas to shoot their 200-plus person wedding. That was my first one and I couldn’t have had a better couple. I loved the huge emotion of the day, how joyous everyone was and how freely everyone expressed their joy. I was hooked.

How did you learn your craft?

I developed a photography habit early on in my life and I learned how to shoot first in school- middle school that is. When I was thirteen and had been an ‘avid photographer’ for several years already, my grandmother saw that I was serious about it; as serious as a thirteen year old kid can be about anything. So, she bought me my first Nikon. I took a darkroom class at school and then I started shooting my friends at every opportunity. Setting up little photo shoots here and there, shooting at parties. Later at concerts and for newspapers. I was pretty much hooked.

From then on I always had a camera, or two, or three with me at all times. It was kind of like a curse and I actually put it down a couple of different times in my life. It stops being fun when you feel compelled to shoot everything you see. The flip side is that the camera has been a great friend to me. I learned how to shoot from shooting everything I saw for many years. I was fortunate enough to get out of the States traveling for almost ten years and in that time I photographed an awful lot. Got into video for some years, too. I was always fascinated by the people I met and the connection that simply creating a photograph with someone could spark. It’s an intimate thing, a photograph, and as I’ve shot over the years I’ve developed my own style and methods that are still evolving today. In fact, that’s what keeps photography interesting to me, is that I never stop learning.

Describe you photographer style and approach to weddings.

My style has always been a very personal one. It’s very important to me to connect emotionally with my subjects, when I can, especially when my subjects are a bride and groom about to be married. To be a part of such a monumental day in a couple’s lives is a very special thing. I feel honored to be let so intimately into so many couple’s lives where only a short time before we were strangers. My approach to wedding photography is to capture the energy and emotion of the day as each moment unfolds, for the most part. Something’s going on everywhere, and I want to capture a slice of all of it. Naturally, I aim to make everyone look their best in the images, so I pay a lot of attention to the direction the light is coming from and also to my framing and the angle I’m shooting from. The best looking person shot in the wrong light or from the wrong angle is going to look poorly nine times out of ten.

Great candid shots are fantastic when you can get them, and I do get a lot of them, but during some parts of the day I like to slow things down a bit and create very deliberate, glamour or fashion style portraits with the bride and groom. Images that really showcase the couple’s love for one another while making them looking absolutely stunning together at the same time. For as great as I can capture a beautiful couple that looks their best,’ I can make them look a whole lot better with just a little bit of direction. I take a lot of my inspiration from the fashion world; I’m a junkie for the latest edition of W, Vogue, or Vanity Fair- as much for the ads as anything else. I tear through the latest edition of every Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit Catalog to study the poses and the lighting and I try to take a little something away with me from each issue. The lines are just so perfect in those images, the lines of the body and how the light plays upon them. I try to replicate those smooth lines and beautiful lighting in my portrait sessions with a bride and groom.

I’ll position a couple so that they’re standing into the light just so, and I’m also working with an assistant who will usually be reflecting light back onto them with either a reflector or a video light. I’ll offer some simple suggestions about how to stand, what to do with their limbs, where to look, to raise their chin a bit here or there. Get the shadows on the face right. I keep things moving along and keep the energy up, of course; it’s far from boring or stiff, and I’m also sure to bring emotion in before I click the shutter. Very few people can actually tell the difference between my candids and my composed images. Any couples (usually it’s the groom) who express concerns about ‘not wanting to do posed shots’ beforehand always relinquish any concerns once I show them how the first shots we take look on the camera back. Utterly natural, and they’re always excited at the results.

What or who inspires you?

Light inspires me, and what is possible to create with it in a photograph- especially in an image with people in it. I shoot on location a lot with studio lights; I generally bring them to cover the dance floor during the reception, and I also use a variety of daylight modifiers, reflectors and scrims. There’s just so much you can do whether it’s natural or manufactured light; there’s no end to it, really. I never cease to be intrigued by the way that light and shadow fall on a human face for instance, and what the subtlest of changes- in a subject’s positioning, or in a camera angle or setting, or an adjustment of your light- can bring about… I really geek out about light.

I’m inspired almost every day by other photographers. It’s so easy to stay current with anything you’re interested in these days, or anyone. Jerry Ghionis is a big inspiration, incredible wedding and fashion photographer. I was fortunate enough to do a five day intensive workshop with him and him [amazing] wife Melissa in LA a couple years back. Really opened my eyes even after shooting my whole life. Cristian Othe and Otto Shulze are two other incredible wedding photographers I admire. Some of my favorite fashion and commercial photographers are well-knowns like Mario Testino, Bruce Weber, Mark Seliger, and Terry Richardson. Less known ones are David Benoliel and Miller Mobley. Again, I take a lot of my inspiration for my wedding photography from fashion. They’ve got it down in that world and there’s an awful lot to learn just from turning through the pages of the latest magazine, or opening up any of a thousand Tumblr blogs.

Any awards or features/publications?

I’ve won a couple of small awards for my portrait and landscape photography years back but nothing for weddings yet. One day I hope to have the time to actually submit my images around for consideration. In the meantime, it’s all I can do to shoot and edit!

Favorite Wedding Location.

My favorite wedding location in Colorado is Telluride, hands-down. There’s an energy about the place, about that valley, that’s unlike anything anywhere else. It’s an out of the way place to get to and anyone who gets married there, you know they put a lot of thought- and effort- into getting there, and to getting everyone else there. It’s not just down the road. It’s a special kind of couple that Telluride draws, and they’re always a lot of fun to work with. It’s also a very magical place with tons of great venues.

Favorite Wedding Trend.

My favorite wedding trend right now is the one that sees couples asking their guests to be more present with them and less present with their phones, namely referring to the Instagramming and Facebooking of photos and videos of the wedding throughout the day. I think it’s great to see people ‘check their technology at the door,’ so to speak, and to simply enjoy the day with family and friends. It can also be an added gift to the guests to be free of their phones and that connectivity for several hours. When’s the last time any of us were truly disconnected?

What is your advice for a couple planning a Colorado Wedding?

My advice for a couple planning their wedding in Colorado is to really take your time and choose the right location. There are so many great towns in Colorado and they’re all very different. Do your research and try to find out which place will suit you best. If you’re here and traveling, talk to locals as much as you can. If you’re looking from afar, read reviews online. There are so many out there and so many incredible places to consider. I will say that the best places are often the hardest to get to!

Where did you grow up and how did you end up in Colorado?

I spent half my childhood in southern California and the other half in south Florida. While traveling after college I wound up visiting a friend in Breckenridge, where I lived on and off for a few years. When I returned to the States after traveling for nearly a decade, I knew that I wanted to return to Colorado. I love the outdoors- skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and the mountains in general. I love the immediate access to wilderness in most parts of the state. I raised my son in ski towns for seven years (Crested Butte and Telluride) and then found that my family as a whole wanted access to more things, so in 2011 we came to the big city, Boulder. It’s hardly very big. I find it a great mix of urban and mountain environments, and I get up to the mountains to shoot all the time, usually Telluride, Crested Butte, and the Vail/Beaver Creek areas.

Below is a glimpse into his portfolio. Check out more on his website.


Spotted: Escort Cards

There are many, many, many details that go into executing a stylish wedding. Escort cards are a fun way to add to your wedding style. Having your wedding on a farm? Try customized seed packets or wood slices on ribbon! Going posh at The Four Seasons Denver? Stick to personalized champagne splits for toasting. Whichever way you go,  display your escort cards in a creative and unique way. Here are a few ideas…..

escort cards

1. Stylish Champagne Splits

2. Personalized Seed Packets

3. DIY Succulents

4. Raffle Tickets

5. Wood Slices

6. Vintage Keys

7. Name Tags on Straws

8. Message in a Bottle

By Rachael Hofmann of Décor Design + Production Group 

Oct 1st: Think Pink Bridal Show

THINK PINK Supports Couples Affected by Breast Cancer in Second Annual Boutique Bridal Experience



Event will be held on October 1, 2014.

Think Pink, a boutique bridal experience designed to benefit The Wedding Pink and inspire engaged couples getting married in Colorado, announces its second annual event at Denver’s newest wedding venue, Blanc (3150 Walnut Street, Denver, CO) on Wednesday, October 1, 2014 from 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm. A VIP Wedding Professionals Industry Mixer will kick off the evening’s showcase at 5:00.

The Wedding Pink is an organization founded by Cheryl Ungar that provides an entire wedding for couples touched by breast cancer. COUTUREcolorado recently featured their 2014 wedding.

Colorado’s brightest wedding talents, including event producers Party Singers and planners from Cloud 9 Weddings, Revel & Bloom and Day Planner Events, will join together to showcase the latest in wedding design and dècor concepts as guests progress through a mock wedding with totally unique ceremony, cocktail hour and reception inspirational experiences.

“American Idol” Finalist and “Rockslide” lead singer, Mathenee Treco, will perform with the popular variety band. National-headlining pickers from “Rocky Mtn. Bluegrass” and award-winning a cappella singers from “Absolute Romance”, along with several other musical ensembles from the event’s producers, Party Singers, will perform throughout the evening as well.

Couture bridal gowns from Little White Dress and Anna Bè will be on silent auction with opening bids starting at $100. Exciting raffle prizes will be awarded to fortunate engaged couples at 8:30 pm.

Delectable treats and exquisite drinks and cocktails from Colorado’s most in-demand food and beverage companies will be offered to all attendees.

Fine lingerie, engagement portrait sessions, wedding invitation giveaways and more thrilling raffle prizes valued at $250-350 went to nine lucky attendees, and four ecstatic brides won couture gowns from The Little White Dress for $150-750 in the silent auction at Think Pink 2013.

The event will help celebrate the first day of National Breast Cancer Awareness month. All services are donated and 100% of the proceeds benefit The Wedding Pink.

Think Pink is produced by Party Singers, a live entertainment company founded in 2007 in New York City and established in 2012 in Denver by Colorado native and company owner, Julia Tobey.

Entry tickets will go on sale July 1, 2014. Each engaged couple will receive four raffle tickets and a swag bag.

By joining the mailing list in advance, brides and grooms will receive five free extra raffle tickets at the door and be entered to win four free entry tickets.

Visit partysingers.com/thinkpink.html for more information, to sign up for the mailing list and peruse photos and video from Think Pink 2013. Engage with #ThinkPink on Facebook and Twitter.

The Wedding Pink 2014

The Wedding Pink is an annual, heartfelt wedding giveaway package presented to a couple whose lives have been impacted by breast cancer. 2014 marks the fourth annual Wedding Pink.

Erika and Michael were the deserving couple for 2014. Their story is incredibly heart warming and I must give Erika major kudos for her bravery not only doing online dating but signing up for it when she had cancer. Read their story here…… seriously, match.com should have an ad on these two.

This Spring they got married at Crooked Willow Farms. The wedding decor was rustic with modern touches. Congratulations to Erika and Michael!

The Wedding Pink will be accepting submission from August 1st to August 10th, 2014 for 2015. The Brown Palace Hotel will be hosting the 5th annual Wedding Pink. Read more on submission and 2015 Wedding Pink.

COUTUREcolorado is a proud sponsor for The Wedding Pink.

the wedding pink_1458.jpg

the wedding pink_1459.jpg
the wedding pink_1460.jpg
the wedding pink_1461.jpg
the wedding pink_1462.jpg
the wedding pink_1463.jpg
the wedding pink_1464.jpg
the wedding pink_1465.jpg
the wedding pink_1466.jpg
the wedding pink_1467.jpg
the wedding pink_1468.jpg
the wedding pink_1469.jpg
the wedding pink_1470.jpg
the wedding pink_1471.jpg
the wedding pink_1472.jpg

the wedding pink_1473.jpgPhotography: Cheryl Ungar Wedding PhotographyVan Buren Photography and M-Photography | Wedding Venue: Crooked Willow Farms | Wedding Planner: Cloud 9 Weddings | Florals: A Design Resource Florals | Videography: All Digital Photo and Video | Event Decor: Pink Monkey Solutions | Event Rentals: Allwell Rents | Linens: Linen Hero | Decor Rentals: Chairised Vintage | Cozy Rentals: Splendor | Caterer: Biscuits & Berries Catering |  Wedding Cake: The Makery Cake Company | Candy: Hammond’s Candies |  DJ: A Music Plus |  Music/Entertainment: Hipster Mama Productions | Invitations: Cloud 9 Papers | Photo Booth: The Event Booth | Dress Boutique: Anna Bé Bridal Salon {LISTmember}  | Dress Designer: Monique Lhuillier | Hair: Erin Ferris/Tonto Salon | Makeup: Robin Flanagan | Necklace: Todd Reed Jewely | Tuxedo: Mens Wearhouse – Park Meadows | Personal Wedding Hanger: Wedding Hanger Shop | Lodging: Hyatt Place Denver - South | Mini-honeymoon: Brown Palace Hotel


Interview: Pink Paisley Events

Make no mistake. Planning a wedding is hard work! Hire an expert to help. Wedding planners are lifesavers when it comes to this important event in your life. I am pleased to introduce you to Sarah of Pink Paisley Events {one of our newest LISTmembers}.

Business Description:

Pink Paisley Events is a Colorado born Event Studio who believes in creating unforgettable memories through creative design and diligent organization.

Whether it is an intimate wedding, a corporate event, a savvy soiree, fundraisers or any other life celebration, we are confident we provide the most memorable, creative, and personalized service.

Our highly imaginative and diverse team of designers strives to orchestrate unforgettable memories. We believe every little detail matters and we make sure to create a stress-free and enjoyable journey a long the way.

From elegant lighting, decorative tables, and hand-made Hors d’oeuvre  to acoustic musicians, crafted cocktails, and expert photographers, we are the one stop shop for any event.

Why did I start my business?

I love celebrating!  Hospitality runs in my blood and like making people happy and have their dreams and events come to life.  You are never too young to dream big!

How did I learn my craft?

Ever since I was in my mom’s kitchen helping with parties of any stature I fell in love with hosting and designing.  Being one of five kids – there was always something to celebrate!

 Style/Approach to weddings:

Completely customizable.  Stylish.  Distinct.  Creative.  Unique.

Favorite wedding location: 

A place that shows Colorado’s trendiness as well as history

Favorite trend:

Too many

Advice for people planning in Colorado:

Make it your own wedding.  Bring in ideas and elements that reflect you as a couple.  Whether that is a Colorado brew, salt water taffy, deep dish pizza, the Rocky Mountains, snow capped mountains, your favorite dessert, or your most favorite dance songs – let your love story come to life in unique ways.

Go on date nights and have one rule:  “don’t talk weddings”

There is a way to plan a wedding within a budget.  Be conscious of your budget.


Press Page on my website

 Where did you grow up?

Grew up in Colorado – I am a native

Here are a few images of your recent work. Check out more on your website: Pink Paisley Events


weding planner colorado_1494

photographer credit:  Hannah Truly PhotographyWill and Stacey PhotographyKelly Boitano Photography  | Ali and Garrett Wedding PhotographyNate and Jenny Wedding Photography

Spotted: Chair Adornments

With so many ways to make your wedding beautiful & unique, sprucing up the chairs is one that is often used and can be done in a creative stylish way. The trick of the trade in making your chairs stand out is to work them into your aesthetic without having them take over, Keep it simple and make the details you add just that, details!chairs


Yellow Flowers | Peony Sash | Lace & Ribbon | Cascading White | Diagonal Green Satin | Colorful Crepe|  Tulle & Flowers Entwined | Grecian Draped Long Sash

By Rachael Hofmann of Décor Design + Production Group {LISTmember}

Winter Wedding at Devils Thumb Ranch

Notes from wedding planner, Stacy Horn of JA Special Events {LISTmember}:

Captivating. Inspiring. Vibrant. From the stunning swirl of lace and sunlit sparkle in Katie’s dress (created for her by a costume designer friend), to the kaleidoscope of color on groomsmen’s Happy Socks, Katie and Zim’s winter mountain wedding graced Devil’s Thumb Ranch with breathtaking romance and lighthearted fun, captured in the signature “soulful” style of David Lynn Photography.

Katie and Zim are the kind of people that captivate and inspire everyone around them. This was evident in every aspect of their mountain ranch wedding weekend … from Katie’s stunning custom dress to a childhood Rabbi and another close friend co-officiating the ceremony to the close friend and bridesmaid who introduced the couple. Special personal touches were sprinkled throughout the celebration including hand-gathered pine cones from the outdoor camp in California where Zim is a counselor; postcards in lieu of a guest book to inspire well wishes from guests featuring images of Colorado where the couple first met; beautiful purple ruffles and sugar calla lilies on the cake representing the bride’s favorite colors and flowers; and a chuppah decorated and designed with love by friends.

Close family gathered in a barrel-shaped wine cellar to witness Katie and Zim sign their beautifully lettered ketubah with words in both Hebrew and English and a graphic of the scripturally significant three cords, all set on a wood-grained backdrop. Guests enjoyed breathtaking views of the Continental Divide during the ceremony where groomsmen sported vibrant “Happy Socks”. Deep purple calla lilies and bridesmaid dresses added a richness and warmth to the early winter setting and an adorable ring bearer carried his monogrammed tree slice with rings attached in ribbon down the aisle.

Some of the most stunning images are of Katie and Zim dancing outside a civil-war era barn in the freshly falling snow while their guests enjoyed the evening inside. Katie is also gorgeous as she spins with her dress twirling wildly around her.

Jessica Adler, the pair’s planner, reflects on their first encounter, “From the first time I had the pleasure of speaking with the bride on the phone, we immediately clicked and it was as if we were in the midst of a long term friendship. As we got to know one another better and delved into the planning, we discovered we had many common friends and connections, having even been in the same dance studio at the same time amidst a once in a lifetime experience doing a workshop with 10 school age Ethiopian girls touring the United States.”


Photographer: David Lynn Photography |  Venue: Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort & Spa {LISTmember} | Planner: JA Special Events, Jessica Adler {LISTmember}  | Florist: Plum Sage Flowers {LISTmember} | Dress Designer: Costume Designer friend | Hair Stylist: 3rd Street Salon | DJ & Lighting: Pure Energy Events | Cake: Kelley Cakes

Signature Drink

Possibly one of my favorite wedding details. From martinis to micro brews, have fun with this detail. Show off your personalities and consider having a bride signature drink and a groom signature drink.

First Row Left – Photography –Jeanna Walker Photographer {LISTmember}
First Row Middle Right – Photography – Fresh in Love
First Row Middle Left – Photography – Keri Doolittle
First Row Right – Photography – Kerinsa Marie Photography
Second Row Left – Photography – James Christianson
Second Row Middle: Photography -Jeanna Walker Photographer {LISTmember}
Second Row Right: Photography - Kate Holstein Photography | Event Design/Planning – Bluebird Productions {LISTmember}

Barn Wedding with Style

This rustic chic barn wedding not only had style and took place in one of the Colorado’s most unique venues but it is one of our first same-sex weddings since the new bill passed. YAY! So excited to show off same-sex weddings.

Living in a state that doesn’t recognize same sex marriages, Sarah and Liz  carved out their own path and planned a destination wedding in Colorado.


Photographer:  Harper Point Photography | Cake Designer: Happy Cakes Bakeshop | Event Designer: Love This Day Events | Floral Designer: Stems – A Flower Shop | Event Venue: The Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park

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