Top Wedding Trends 2016

I am thrilled to share a few of my favorite wedding trends on Channel 2’s Colorado Best Morning Show back in Feburary. As promised, here is the complete list of my top 20 wedding trends for 2016.

Thank you to Blue Bridal, Swank Stems, Whimsy Design, Four 13 Designs, Event Rents, Bella Bridesmaids, and Honey B for sharing your expertise and wedding trends on Channel 2’s Colorado Best Morning Show on Tuesday, February 2nd.

1. Two Piece Bridal Dresses by Blue Bridal. I am in love with this trend. At Blue, they have 5-6 different tops and skirts for you to mix and match. The end result is always stylish!


dresses by watter available at blue bridal {LISTmember}

2. Saturated Color Palette. Move over cream and blush. Deep reds, pinks, greens are stepping in the spotlight.

3. Adventure Weddings. Couples are planning a whole weekend full of fun activities and taking on more of an adventure flair when it comes to their wedding. Like taking a snow cat to their reception. The most perfect views are on top of the mountain, right?! You must check out Telluride Resort for this. They have a perfect set up.

4. MisMatched Bridesmaids Dresses has been a trend for a few years now and will continue in 2016. This trend is simply the best. For those who have been a bridesmaid know that having one dress to fit all body types and styles of all the bridesmaids is nearly impossible. The trend is to mix it up and choose variety of different styles, shades of one hue, and even add in pattern and texture. The mix is beautiful and everyone is happy.Win. Win. The stylists at Bella Bridesmaids Denver are experts in making the perfect selections for you to have a cohesive and stylish look.


photo by nicole lenzen | view real wedding feature

5. Rustic Mountain Weddings. We can’t talk about Colorado wedding trends without mentioning the ever so popular Rustic Mountain theme. I think we will see a bit more luxe added in with the rustic this year.

6. Food-Inspired Florals. These days, everybody is a foodie. So having food-inspired florals is only fitting. Just like these centerpieces that become your salad.


photo credit by harper point | view real wedding feature

7. Metallics. Gold has been a trend for the past couple of years. In 2016, we will see more mixing of metallics.


photo by: harper point photography | view real wedding feature

8. His & Hers Cocktails. What better way to give your guests a glimpse of who you are than by serving them your favorite libations?  Satellite Bars (a secondary bar) are being set up to feature these speciality cocktails.


 photo by kendall pavan | view real wedding feature

9. Intimate Winter Weddings. Think a ton a candles, a wood burning fireplace, and 20 of your closest family members and friends in a mountain cabin. Yep, sounds pretty perfect to me, too. Of course, Colorado has a ton of options. Check out our venue guide.

10. More Dessert, Please.  A whole table of your favorite desserts is still on trend this year. Yes!

Screen shot 2016-02-01 at 7.44.52 PM

photo by: harper point photography | view real wedding feature

11. Wedding Hashtag. Over half of all weddings are now using a hashtag. For those who love sharing on social media, use a custom wedding hashtag to get the most out of the day. You will love browsing through all your guests’ posts on the morning after. View our 7 tips for using a wedding hashtag.

12. Stylish Grooms. Move over brides. Grooms have taken their style up a notch with custom suites and sleek tuxes.

Screen shot 2016-02-01 at 7.49.51 PM

photo by jarrod renaud | view full feature

13. Calligraphy is not just for addressing your envelope. It is popping up on all wedding paper goods.

14. The After Party. The formal reception is just a warm up for the after party. From renting out their fav local bar to karaoke to a rock’n’ 80’s band, this is a great way to continue the celebration and another chance to surprise your guests.

15. Woodland Theme. Refined rustic in the forest. Simple, green, outdoors, and perfect for Colorado.

Screen shot 2016-02-01 at 7.55.12 PM

photo by sarah roshan | view full feature

16. Sustainable Catering. Using organic and locally sourced food will continue to be important. More and more couples are making it a priority with their catering

17. Boho Chic. It is all about flower power and flower crowns.


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18. Canine Companions. Colorado has be the dog capital of the world. It is no surprise these best friends are making an appearance at their wedding.

19. Barn Weddings. Yes, having your wedding in a barn can be super stylish and fun. It just works.

colorado-wedding-photography_0632photo by jackie cooper | view real wedding

20. Bold Lighting. Lighting can transform your venue from uninteresting to unforgettable. Adding chandeliers, cafe lights, or a few hundred edison light bulbs can add to the ambiance. Up lighting or projection lighting can make any venue shine and spotlight elements that you would like to highlight.




Vintage Vaudeville Circus

The Proposal Story:

Shannon was pleasantly surprised when her warm and intriguing friend Paul messaged her one day in July of 2006 with this question; “Do you prefer Latin or American food?” She was even more surprised when they arrived downtown and he said they had time to walk around before their reservation on Larimer Street; she always thought reservations were for ‘fancy people’.Over a beautiful candlelit meal with bossa nova beats surrounding them, they began to see each other. No, not with their eyes, but instead seeing the heart and soul of one another, taking an investment in one another’s dreams in a way that is peculiar to do with someone so quickly. That night, they created their mantra, ‘Never Settle’ after discovering they had a mutual belief that one should always be the truest, most concentrated version of themselves and never compromise their dreams.After dinner, they spent the remaining part of the rainy evening walking around Denver comparing favorite spots in the city and dreaming big dreams, Paul (predictably) stopping along the way to help some folks whose car had broken down, and Shannon (also predictably) walking barefoot through the streets. They were inseparable after that night and named July 9th their official anniversary date. This was also the first of endless walks through the city together. On Prohibition Repeal Day in 2014, after nine, magical years together and many cross-country moves, Shannon decided to make an honest man out of Paul and accept his beautiful proposal beneath the very clock tower they always dreamt of being married in. It took her a moment to realize what was happening, after all Paul was about to leave for the Air Force and she thought he might just want to say some earnest words on one knee to let her know he’d miss her and would be back. So when he grabbed her hand, naturally she tried to walk away and leave him on one knee. When he finally asked, ‘Will you marry me?’ He had to remind her to do more than stare at him and breathe, so eventually she said ‘yeah’. It took her a glass of wine at the Terminal Bar and another fifteen minutes to utter another word.

Notes from the Bride, Shannon: 

We already had the groundwork done because we knew the D&F Clock Tower was our non-negotiable, dream venue. We wanted the day to be a reflection of everything we adore- Paul loves the prohibition era glitz and glam, I have an affinity for Vaudeville theatre and the vintage circus. We really have such a penchant for drama and over-the-top nonsense, it’s what makes us work so well together! So we infused the place with antique gold, gem-toned carnival glass, and absinthe cocktails. The most special thing is how much our family became invested in this process; all brooches for my bouquet found adventuring through antique stores with Paul’s mom, ABSURD marquis sign and moon made BY HAND by his talented dad, a gorgeous Poiret coat made by my mom from an actual pattern from the ’20s, a feather collar to go on it made by my best friend. We even displayed wedding dresses belonging to the matriarchs on both sides of our family so that guests could feel the legacy of marriages before ours that had been so wonderful.Being an artist, it was the absolute best and most fun, large scale art project I have ever taken on and I just want to start over again! Curating all of my sculpted works, whimsical antiques, and really conveying a story was such a joy, and the result is that guests walked into the already gorgeous Clock tower and said, ‘this is SO them!’ That’s precisely the reaction we wanted; to OWN the Clock tower for one night and transform it and say, ‘Step inside, Ladies and Gents, step into US!’The night itself went so fast…they say that, but we really thought if we treasured each and every moment it would not happen this way. NOT! For this reason, having a sensational photographer who takes the time to get to know each couple is EVERYTHING. Let me elaborate..After the wedding I went through this slump; you have put everything into this gorgeous event and you only have about five memories, and because we’re annoying humans, they’re mostly the tiny, insignificant things that didn’t go according to plan instead of the memories that were special. People don’t really talk about it, but post-wedding depression is real, and it goes by so fast that you really don’t have that deep breath of satisfaction of a job well done. At least I didn’t.Then Jewels sent us our wedding photos. Not only did she use her special way of seeing the world to tint our wedding into the most magical and spectacular thing we’ve ever seen, but it was such a healing experience that I just sobbed! She captured moments that I didn’t even know she was present for; our quiet moment together after the ceremony to let it all sink in, or our decision to cut into our cake from the middle. These memories meant the world and they are documented for us forever!If we have any advice for other sweethearts tying the knot, it would be…

1. Hire a photographer who takes the time to understand you, that you have a connection with (Obviously JEWELS is implied here). When all of the hullabaloo is over, you’ll be left with memories. It means everything to have a photographer who knows how you operate, she will instinctually know what matters to YOU and then you have it forever.

2. Hire a planner! It’s not just for fancy people! They have hookups to discounts with venders you don’t, so ultimately they’ll pay for themselves. They also help keep you on budget better than you will!

3. DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF- you’re sort of the hosts of your event, so the truth is that you just won’t relax completely. But also try really hard to unplug from ‘party planner extraordinaire’ and enjoy your wedding!!!

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Photographer:  Photography by Jewels |  Venue: Clock Tower Events | Event Planner: Table 6 Productions | Dress Store: Emma and Grace Bridal Studio- Denver | Floral Designer: Lweddel design | Caterer: Tony Rosacci’s Fine Catering

Bride at Home

Notes from the photographer, Lisa Rundall

This story holds such a sweet space in my heart. Myself and two other Denver-based, women-owned businesses got together to support and collaborate. The three of us have been pursuing our passion for creativity and art. I am a photographer and art director, Sara (our model) is a personal and home style consultant and Crystal is a floral designer. Sara never had wedding photographs taken, her and her husband, Georg eloped and they just didn’t think about hiring a photographer. I asked her to be my model. We met for tea at her home and I fell in love with her spaces. I am blown away by the sanctuary she has created and we decided the shoot must be at her home. Crystal and I have collaborated a few times now. She really wanted to create floral designs that highlight foliage instead of just flowers. She did an amazing job and created the sweet succulent hair pieces.The day of the shoot was so much fun with Sara and Georg. They looked so beautiful.

boho bride_2973 boho bride_2974 boho bride_2972 boho bride_2968 boho bride_2969 boho bride_2977 boho bride_2978 boho bride_2980 boho bride_2976 boho bride_2970 boho bride_2971 boho bride_2979

Photographer: Lisa Rundall Photography | Floral Designer: Azalea Botanics | Apparel: Hiris & Co.