9 Must Do's to do on your Wedding Day

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February 2, 2022

Laura Steele/Couture Colorado

View Real Wedding Feature  |  Photo by Amanda Matilda

Unplugged ceremony

An unplugged wedding ceremony is a ceremony in which the couple requests that guests put away cell phones, cameras, and any other devices in order for them to be present in the moment. There is nothing worse than in the middle of saying your vows hearing Uncle Joe's cell phone ringing. 

First Look

A first look is a moment during the wedding day when the Bride and Groom plan to see each other for the first time. The first look allows couples to share this special moment together in a more private setting. Unlike traditional weddings where the couple plans to see each other during the ceremony. It is also an opportunity to get great portraits and not feel so rushed to do so after the ceremony. 

Have a Good Breakfast 

Eating a hearty breakfast will help you stay energized through out the day. It's the most important meal of day and your wedding day is not exception.

Stay Hydrated

It is always important to stay hydrated especially when the morning starts with a champagne toast with your bridesmaids. 

Printed Schedules

Print out schedules for wedding party and family members. This is helpful to get everyone on the same page. Yes, you emailed them the schedule weeks ago but having a print out ensures that have it and will follow it on the day of. 


Whether it is to your wedding planner or you favorite Aunt, you must delegate tasks like vendor deliveries, vendor tips, placement florals, and even someone to keep the room you are getting ready in tidy for photos. 

Bring Your Dancing Shoes

A good pair of dancing shoes is a must. Flats also might be needed if you are doing some walking to get that perfect view for your portraits. 

A Proper Send Off

You know what I'm talking about. A good send off at the end of the reception with all your guests waving sparklers will alert you guests to it the end of the night and time to go home. But more importantly, it makes for great photos! 

Let it go and Enjoy 

You have planned for months. Some things will, of course, will not go according to your plan. But let it go and enjoy this amazing day. It goes so fast!


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