A German Mountain Wedding


December 4, 2015

Couture Colorado

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  Photographer: Third Eye Photography | Venue: The Club at Crested Butte | Floral Designer: Hope & Glory/Misty Mountain Floral | Transportation: Alpine Express | Bakery:City Market | Dress Designer: Danelle's Bridal Boutique | Bridesmaid Dresses: David's Bridal | Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Men's Warehouse | Band: Raisins Cane Their Love Story....

Thier story begins with a Groupon double date, went from like to love during a spontaneous trip to Hawaii, and rides away in a horse & carriage (literally) after a certain question was popped in one of the most beautiful castles in all of Deutschland


Born and raised in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Julie grew up in her beloved town of Gunnison where she still brags about it being the home of the world's smallest Wal-Mart. She became a well rounded Colorado native spending her days conquering mountains, shredding the slopes, tubing the river and frolicking around in the wildflowers. But it was time to leave the subzero Gunnison Valley in pursuit of a Bachelor's degree at CU Boulder. Double majoring in Communications and Sociology, she began a career in Recruiting. Exhausted from networking events and constant socializing, all she wanted to do was watch reality TV with her roommate and complain about being single until her sister convinced her to go out on Valentine's Day...

The German

Born and raised in a town us Americans will never be able to pronounce, Wernigerode (think Vinegar - road - duh), Yves grew up in a place that looked like a page straight from a fairy tale book. Not knowing he would end up across the pond, he spent his time playing World of Warcraft, working out like Arnold Schwarzenegger, rapping to Tupac, and spending time with his family. He went on to get his Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering while perfecting some sweet euro dance moves in his spare time. Being the disciplined German he is, a Bachelor's wasn't enough and he decided to get his Master's and pursue his dream of studying abroad in the U.S. Countless applications and a full ride scholarship later, he hopped on a plane to study at CU and see more parts of America than most of the people who live in it. His scholarship led him to an internship at the isolated Denver Tech Center where he would eventually meet the best tour guide of his life...

When Two Worlds Became One

One Nuggets Game turned into a tequila filled Cinco de Mayo and other countless dates. Yves and Julie were enjoying everything each other's culture had to offer and all the things they were teaching and learning about one another. They quickly realized they could not be apart and got suckered into the long distance relationship that everyone dreads. However, thanks to Yves' hard work, he was able to come back on another Visa to write his Master's Thesis. During this time it became clear that the whole thing was more serious than either could imagine. With a blessing from Julie's parents and some wonderful videos from friends and family, Yves took her to Germany and asked her to marry him. From there you could say, the rest was history. Yves & Julie officially tied the knot on March 1st, 2014. It was a beautiful snowy day and with the help of face time, all immediate family was able to be there. Everyone else was dearly missed!!! But because it was so nice, they're doing it twice! The second time around, they are asking friends and family to come to Crested Butte and celebrate with them as they start another chapter in their wonderful story.


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