A Vibrant Mountain Engagement in Winter Park

Winter Park Engagement

November 20, 2018

Laura Steele/Couture Colorado

Q&A with the Bride and Groom: 

How did you meet?

Zach and I met in high school. We lost touch in college but reconnected right after graduation. With a little light Facebook stalking, Zach discovered the perfect talking point to score a first date, hiking, and adventures! After our first motorcycle adventure, we quickly became an inseparable pair.

What is your proposal story?

Zach and I had recently moved into our first home together. As most new homeowners we needed more supplies and had to go out for errands. While we were out and about he had his brother and parents place notes around our house creating a scavenger hunt for me to find. When we got home the first note was found on our dog's crate, after a bit of note hunting I ended on our front porch just in time for sunset. There he proposed with his family hiding around the bushes and trees to make sure our moment was documented. I have never been happier!

Tell us about the ring/band. Please be as descriptive as possible.

Zach had a custom ring designed at JF Options in Denver, CO. It is a stunning 1-carat oval cut diamond set within a 6 prong solitaire 18k rose gold setting. He wanted the overhead look of the ring to be simple and beautiful as he views our love story. However, relationships are never that simple and he wanted this reflected in the ring. To do this he had the center stone raised for a larger profile head. Along the bridge and the gallery rails he had light beveling done to represent bumps and journeys we will face along our way, within the gallery rails 3 diamonds are found on all 4 sides to represent our family and friends the hold us up, along the inside of the ring shank there multiple "x"s stacked atop of each other to ensure minimal ring movement representing our stability, and finally, my favorite part, in the far left base area of the ring there is a small diamond; this is called a kiss, the perfect symbol of love.

Colorado Mountain Engagement Shoot
Colorado Mountain Engagement Shoot
Colorado Mountain Engagement Shoot

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