A Wedding Day That Lasts Forever

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August 17, 2022

Laura Steele/Couture Colorado

Every wedding day tends to be a cocktail of nerves, excitement, a touch of stress, a lot of champagne, talking, laughing and dancing, which is why most weddings whizz by in a blur of color and sparks, leaving you exhausted the next day, not entirely sure what actually happened. All those months of planning and prepping and stressing and, wham, it's done and dusted before you even had time to soak it up. It's no wonder so many brides always feel a little empty in the days and weeks following the honeymoon. The biggest, most beautiful day of your life over with quicker than you can click your fingers (or if you are inept on that front, like us, quicker than your fiance can click theirs). But, while it is impossible for you to go back in time and relive it all again, you can capture certain bits and bobs and cherish them for the rest of your years. We're talking about the things that made your wedding special, the essence of that love and laughter. So, without further ado, I bring to you, the best ways to make your wedding day last forever:

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It's All About The Photographs

The more cynical among us will tell you that, once your wedding day is over, all you'll have left to enjoy are the photographs. But while that isn't entirely true (at least we hope not!), that photo album of your special day will be the thing you cherish most, and that photograph of you and your man leaving the church, happiness etched into your eyes and smiles as a thunderstorm of confetti rains down on you, friends and family cheering your walk down the path and toward the car will be the one your grandkids love the most. That is why it is so important you spend a little bit more on your photographer so that you can rest well in the knowledge that you have landed the famed Vittore Buzzi photographer, or someone equally good; someone that doesn't just shoot what your wedding looks like, but captures the feelings of euphoria too. However, don"t leave it all in their hands because they can't be everywhere all the time. Instead, put disposable cameras on every table, create a photo booth, hire a videographer and set up an Instagram hashtag; anything that will let you relive that day from as many perspectives as possible.

Preserve That Perfect Wedding Dress

Chances are, you will never spend that amount of money on a dress again. Ever. In your life. So it seems a waste for it to be worn just the once and then left to be moth food. Actually, it is such a waste that is often the most cited reason for people to suffer from the post-wedding blues. That is why we recommend you do something with your wedding dress, and one of the best options available to you is to get it professionally preserved. What's more, you could then get it put in a box with a see-through lid, or put in a box frame, so that you can peek at it every time you are rifling through your wardrobe. Of course, we still think this is a bit of a waste. After all, that dress that made you look more beautiful than anyone else on the planet deserves to be worn again and again, and the best way to do that is to customize it. You could have some jewels put on it, or it could be dyed a different color, or even altered so that it hugs your figure in a slightly different way; whatever it takes for this to go from wedding dress to party gown. Yeah, it will be a shame for it to no longer be in its original condition, but it would be even more of a shame for it to never be worn again.

Get Your Time Capsule On

If it really is the little things in life that make us the happiest, then the idea of using a time capsule to remember your day forever really shouldn't be ignored over overlooked. Just imagine, twenty years from now, you open it up and inside is a medley of little trinkets from your big day - a mixtape of all the songs your DJ played, a copy of the wedding video, words of wisdom that each guest wrote you on their way into the reception, your guest list, Polaroid photos from a camera that was passed around, copies of the speeches that were given, your vows too, your name place tags, a little something from the centerpiece that was on your table, the something blue you wore and anything else that you can possibly think of. Of course, why stop there? Why not ask your guests to bring something that reminds them of you, or of the year you got married or anything like that. It could be easier to orchestrate than you think. When you send out your 'save the date', or wedding invite, or your gift list, why not add a little note somewhere that says you are creating a time capsule and see what turns up. Talk about a memory box.

Please, Preserve The Bouquet

There isn't a bride on the planet that wants to say goodbye to that gorgeous bouquet of flowers they clutched onto as they walked down the aisle. They may have been a small detail to others but, in your eyes, they were a massive part of your day. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can preserve your bouquet so that they last forever. The most popular means, of course, is to press them. All you have to do is select the flowers you want to press, spread them out on a large piece of parchment paper, place another piece of paper over them and then use a heavy book to press them flat. Once they are done, well, we recommend you get them framed and hung on your wall. An everyday reminder that will surely make you smile. Your other options for preservation include hanging the bouquet upside down, using silica gel, epoxy resin or even dipping them in wax. Voila, flowers forever.


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