Best Ways To Accessorize Your Bridal Look

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September 21, 2022

Laura Steele/Couture Colorado

When you are planning out how you will look on your big day, obviously your wedding dress will be in your mind first and foremost. But once you have chosen the perfect one for you, selecting the right accessories can really help to elevate your look to the next level. There is a huge amount of choice to make, so it can be difficult to make your mind up. Here are a few of the top rules that you should be looking to follow in order to create that perfect wedding outfit.

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Match Up Your Metals

Certain metals look better when matched with particular dress colors. So, matching up your engagement ring with your dress will be your first step. A pure white dress tends to look good with silver or platinum, while an off-white color looks better with gold. If your dress has beadwork, then you can match up your jewelry with this.

Perfect Your Veil

Arguably the most important item behind the dress and ring, the veil is undoubtedly iconic. First of all, you will want to make sure that your veil matches the precise shade of your gown. If your dress is already very elaborate, you will want to choose a simple style that won't take too much attention away from it. And you should also think about the length and how much of the back of your dress a long veil will block off.

Two Pair of Shoes

Of course, you want your shoes to look fabulous but you also want to make sure they are comfortable as you will be spending a whole lot of time on your feet. Instead of finding one pair of shoes that are stylish and comfy, pick out two pairs of shoes. One that is the ultimate style compliment to your dress and the second of for your dancing shoes! 

Remember that Less is More

You certainly don't want to over-accessorize your look - after all, wearing a wedding dress is pretty eye-catching in the first place! So, you don't need everything like a tiara, necklace, sash, and veil. Look at which are the standout features of your gown and choose your accessories based on this. If the dress has a particularly elaborate neckline, you could go for some earrings rather than a necklace. But if your dress has more of a simple style, you could go for something a little more bold like a statement necklace or a fascinator. These four things are some of the main ones that you will want to think about when you are preparing the accessories for your big day. Build everything around your dress as a starting point and make sure you are completely comfortable as well.  


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