Tradition gives us a set of rules when it comes to getting engaged. First your partner should seek permission from your father. Then he should buy the most expensive ring he can afford. Pop down on one knee and wait patiently for you to say I do. However, we live in a thoroughly modern world now, so if you have been dropping hints and are still getting nowhere then you could consider breaking from tradition. While there is a general rule that women should only propose on a leap year, and in fact a man is not supposed to say no if you do, it�s completely ok to pop the question at any time of the year. You just need to do a little planning.

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Firstly, you need to consider what type of man he is. Is he a hopeless romantic (perhaps not if he hasn�t asked you himself yet) or does the thought of public signs of affection send him running for the hills? Spend a lot of time thinking about what he will like and what might make him feel awkward. Then get planning. There are some great ideas here It may seem simple in your head, but when the moment comes it can be completely terrifying. You are exposing your love completely and you may be rejected. If you have spoken to your partner about marriage and he has clearly said he doesn�t want to get married then you may be setting yourself up for a fall. So be sure this is the right thing for both of you, before you think about asking. Depending on how you are going to propose, it could be useful to have prepared a speech. It sounds silly, however it is easy to lose your words if you are trying to express your complete love and devotion. So slip some notes in your pocket and refer to them if you need to. What about the ring? Traditionally men don�t wear an engagement ring. Some even opt not to wear a wedding ring. However you could consider buying a ring which he will use as an engagement ring and a wedding band. There are some really unique ones from meaning you could get something that is truly personal to him. Remember he is going to wear this ring for the rest of his life. So don�t go too wild if he is a conservative soul. Take your time. There is no rush. Pick the perfect moment and then just go with the flow. You don�t have to get down on one knee. You may even decide to be practical about it. Complicated proposals are as tricky to organize as a themed wedding event and can very easy go wrong. Delivering the big question over a romantic dinner is probably going to take an awful lot of pressure off of you, and him. You don�t have to sit and wait, letting the moments pass you buy. Be brave, break tradition and ask the question. You never know! You could be finally be planning your wedding!

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