Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff!

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October 8, 2021

Laura Steele/Couture Colorado

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We get preoccupied with making the perfect day and this means looking at scenarios from every possible angle, from the food to where people are going to sit, but when we look back on our big day, we will realize that a lot of it was stress for nothing. Whether you are planning your wedding at the last possible minute or you've got years to fine-tune your big day, here are some of the things that your guests (and you) won't care about 30 years from now. 

Your Nerves

Yes, it's a big thing standing up in front of all of your friends and family, but when you look back, it's trivial in comparison to what you're doing as far as making a pact for the rest of your life is concerned! Some people get overly nervous about the speech, but people aren't going to remember the fine details. You know it's just about proclaiming your love, and the groom can get bogged down in every little detail about the speech, when in fact, all that's needed is a list of thank yous and a supreme declaration of love. The difficult parts of the speech belong to the best man!

The Music

Unless you have a building full of musical nazis, as soon as the wind gets flowing, nobody cares about the songs being played. In fact, no one will remember 30 years from now! It's all about having a good time, and as long as you've got music to get people up and dancing, this is all that matters.

The Presentation Of The Food

Are you going to remember exactly how the beef was presented? It's all about the taste! And while little touches work really well when it comes to the food aspects of things, when you think about the fact that your guests are only concerned about getting food in their belly, especially after a couple of glasses of wine, you just need to make sure that it tastes good! This is what people will remember. And if you want to make little touches with regards to your food, it's more about the presentation of the buffet table or the wedding favors. The wedding favors can incorporate personalized candy bar wrappers, but this is only if you are obsessed with food and you want everything to be perfect down to the smallest detail. But, are you going to quibble if the chicken is a few inches off center? Of course, you're not!


Do you think the first dance has to be perfect? No. Perhaps if you're a seasoned professional dancer, then yes, you might want to choreograph something. But for most of us, who have two left feet, the dance is one of the most cringe-worthy aspects. So if you're feeling self-conscious about this, get other people involved. You will look back on your first dance and either think that you floored it, or you spent 5 minutes embarrassed. Just don’t put it on YouTube!


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