Your wedding day isn't just for you. If it were only for the two of you, there would be no need for a big party. In fact, you might not bother inviting anyone to see you get married. But you want to declare your love and commitment in front of your friends and family. And you want to show them all a good time as a celebration of the beginning of your marriage. Your guests are all spending money and giving their time to celebrate with you, so looking after them is essential. You should show them how much you appreciate them by thinking about them when you plan your wedding.

Delicious Food

For many wedding guests, the main event is the food (after the ceremony, of course). They're often pretty hungry by the time the food starts coming out, so making it good is essential. The first thing to think about is when and how to serve food. A sit-down meal with at least three courses is traditional, but more casual weddings often just have a buffet or something similar. Depending on the length of the reception, there might be a full meal and a buffet later on. One thing to think about is the time between the ceremony and the meal. Offering canapes with welcome drinks will keep everyone from starving.


Before everyone gets up and starts milling around, don't forget the speeches. You don't want to bore everyone to death with them, so don't make them too long. Be open-minded about who makes a speech. It's typically very male-focused, but perhaps the bride, the mother of the bride, or the maid of honor wants to make a speech.

Fun Activities

Often, the two things to do at wedding receptions after eating are sitting and talking and dancing. It's a nice idea to offer some other things to entertain people during the evening. I hired a wedding photo booth so guests could have fun taking photos of themselves. You end up with a lot of fun and special memories. You could also provide something silly like a bounce house - for both adults and kids. Perhaps plan some entertainment for later in the evening, such as a fireworks show. You can make the food fun too. Hire a food truck or set up a station for decorating cupcakes, making cocktails, or creating ice creams.


Music That Suits Your 'Audience'

Dancing (or just listening to the music) is a huge part of the wedding. But getting the right playlist when you have a range of guests can be tricky. How do you play music that will be loved by both grandma and your best friend from college? One thing to consider is having two types of music. Have a live act early in the evening, then switch to a DJ later. You can also focus on classic or popular tracks that everyone will know. Or you can create an eclectic playlist that has something for everyone. Why not let all your guests pick one track each? Keep your guests happy on your wedding day by taking care of them. They want to have fun and see you happy too.

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