Unless you are one of those lucky people that aren't bothered by other�s opinions, getting married can be a fraught and difficult time. In particular, it can be hard to be sure that your bridesmaids are happy with what they are wearing and how they look. But there are a few things that you can do to ease this process. Just read on to find out what they are.

Choosing colors

First of all, to help all your bridesmaids feel gorgeous on the big day, you can start with thinking about colors and what they would be willing to wear. The colors of bridesmaid dress can be a big sticking point for some people. Especially if they feel that a certain color or shade makes them look heavier than they are, or it doesn't compliment their coloring. This might sound a little selfish on their part. Until you start to think about redheaded bridesmaids that are forced into red or flamingo pink dresses.You can find out more about complexion and color matching at howstuffworks.com.
There are several ways that you can deal with the color issue. The first is to be strong and say that you're choosing the color no matter what, as it�s your day. You are quite within your right to do this if you see fit. The next solution is to go for a classic color such as black. Black has not traditionally be used in weddings. But there have recently been some very successful black and white themes that are classy and elegant, so it is definitely something to be considered. Also, the benefits of black are that it's so easy to get any style of dress in that color. It is also a very flattering color, which can silence the moaning from many an unhappy bridesmaid! Another option is to allow different colored dresses. This is a fairly new phenomenon but can actually work very well. To ensure it look right, you will need to chose a complimentary pallet to work from. For example, pastel colors, vintage florals or aqua blues and greens.

Dress styles

Of course, another sticking point for the bridal party can be the style of dress that you ask them to wear. Ladies with larger bust can find strapless and halter neck dress difficult to wear. Also, pear-shaped women might not be so kept on wearing fishtail shaped gowns. Basically, it can be hard to find a style of dress that matches all of your wedding parties figures and that they feel confident in. The main way of solving this issue, and getting everyone to feel gorgeous is to use sites like alanavivi.com. There you can see what sort of dress style are available. Then you can try and find one that is suitable for all figures and heights. Or, you can go for different styles in the same color. Then they will still look coordinated.


Another problematic area that bride can have with their bridesmaids is what sort of shoe to wear. Yes, of course, they want to look the best they possibly can. But it can be too easy for them to choose especially high shoes on looks alone, and forget that they will have to spend all day in them! You can remedy this by providing baskets of flat pumps or flip flops for later on in the evening for when their feet start to hurt. Then they get to wear their glamorous shoes for the service and feel their most gorgeous where it counts.  

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