Every bride knows that choosing their bridesmaid or bridesmaids is never an easy decision to make. So if you find yourself with the honor, then you must be feeling on top of the world. It�s so lovely to be part of the official bridal party and to help someone who you are close with organizing and enjoy one of the happiest days of their life. I also understand, that you could be feeling an immense pressure and perhaps be a little overwhelmed right now. There is, after all, no book or manual telling you how to be the perfect bridesmaid. Mostly this will be because every bride is different. Some brides will want your full involvement, whereas others will just be happy if you are pleased with your dress. However, I thought it was about time to share with you all a few pointers on how you can be a beaming bridesmaid without losing your cool.
Help out with the planning
Not every bride will want your help organizing her special day, but most will value your input. In these circumstances take the lead from the bride herself. During any discussions about wedding planning, you could even ask if there is anything you could do to help out. Make a judgement on how you proceed by how she answers. If the answer is full of enthusiasm, it sounds like you might be needed quite a bit. If not, then just ensure she knows that all she has to do is ask. The planning is quite a rollercoaster process for any bride to take on, there are so many details and often easy for a bride to crumble under pressure. As a close friend or family member, you should be alerted to when things are getting a little tough. Just be a support and do what you think is necessary and right at the time. This was you are not constantly questioning yourself. You have been upfront and honest and are willing to do whatever it takes.
Take on the duties of organizing the bachelorette party
Let�s be honest; the bachelorette party is one thing the bride wants but could do without organizing herself. So take on the duties and organize her the best party. Of course, in these circumstances, it is always wise to ensure you get a gist of what your bride wants to do. The last thing you want it to organize a huge night out when she only fancies a spa day. Have some suggestions lined up ready. The truth is she may not have even thought about it. This is when you need to be proactive about keeping in touch with anyone who would be likely to be invited. Take the stress out of it, so all your bride has to do is turn up and enjoy herself. She will really appreciate the break from wedding planning.
Only say positive things about the dress
One of the hardest decisions a bride has to make is choosing her bridesmaid dresses. It�s not easy trying to workout what will suit everyone, especially if there are a few of you. It�s understandable that this can be quite an emotive situation for you as well as your bride, but try and be positive. The last thing anyone wants is an argument over a dress that you perhaps will wear once. Don�t lose your cool over this and try and see it from the bride's perspective. She will never get this decision right for everyone. Also, try and keep everyone else on the same page with you. Be a mediator and discuss issues with the bridesmaid, trying to resolve any hostility before it gets too far.
Know what is expected of you right from the start
There are certain duties and responsibilities of a bridesmaid. But how much of them you get to perform again is solely down to the decision of your bride. Try and have this conversation as early into the process as you can. This way you are fully aware of what is expected of you. Some brides like their bridesmaids to give a speech. Others would like you to welcome guests into the reception hall. Some may just want you to be around to help them throughout the day. Being aware of what you need to be doing takes any stress out of the process for you. This way you can prepare your speech, or know exactly where you should be at any given time. I hope these tips help you to keep your cool when you are asked to a be a bridesmaid. Photo by Audre Rae Krull | View Real Wedding

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