I am thrilled to introduce you to Laura Pearson of L Elizabeth Events {LISTmember}. She is not only a talented photographer but she is uber organized and creative and offers wedding planner services as well. Tell us about what inspired you to combine wedding planning and photography. I really like the creative aspects of both professions. Both are in my skill set. I love the variety! My college background is in large-scale production but I was doing wedding photography in my twenties and the two seemed to marry very well. No pun intended � ok maybe a little. I do both independently as well. I�m not always planning weddings I photograph and vice versa. What advice do you have for guys who are considering proposing? Consider your fianc�'s personality and what would appeal to them. Hire a photographer or cinematographer to capture the surprise � trust me, your other half will be so grateful to have those memories to share. Be authentic to who you both are. Which trend are you ready to be done with? Shabby Chic and DIY. Mostly because both are typically much more work (and frequently more cost) than couples ever dream of. In response, brides become extremely overwhelmed and the �fun� project becomes a monster she now hates. Which non-venue in Colorado would make for a great wedding location? As a predominantly mountain wedding planner, I think a scenic campground or open space would make a wonderful location for a glamping wedding. If a couple had very limited funds, but still wanted great images and planning, what advice would you offer? Limit your guest count to those who mean the most to you. When you have a guest count of 35 instead of 135, you can have many of the extra touches your budget wouldn�t allow for in a larger wedding. Any ideas for events surrounding the wedding? I love to see couples incorporate local activities, traditions, fare, etc. In the Colorado mountains, plan a nature hike and bring a local trail mix for everyone to enjoy at the top. At the beach, throw a clambake beach party for your post wedding day �brunch�. In the city, hit the food trucks and enjoy local craft beer for a welcome bash. What are your favorite colors and themes to work with? I am a lover of color! I don�t believe weddings have to be white. That being said, I don�t have a favorite. I like to find what fits perfectly for the couple I am helping � something that speaks to them and their personalities. Advice for tackling DIY projects?
  • Know yourself � is this something you can and want to do? Do you have the time?
  • Finished them early � months early!
  • Make sure the costs aren�t more than if you purchased or hired out for the project � many times it is more expensive especially if you run into issues.
Advice for guests? I have 2 pieces of advice for guests.
  • Be present in the moment and enjoy. Not everything is going to go perfectly but it will be a perfect day full of love. Make sure you are adding to that vibe.
  • Be prepared for varying situations and be flexible (particularly when it comes to Colorado weather)
What is your favorite wedding-themed movie? Father of the Bride is probably my favorite. It really shows that even with great planning life can happen that can change the course of events; but with a little humor, love and resolve, it will be spectacular no matter what happens. Plus I�m a sucker for dads. I am a huge daddy�s girl!! Here are a few of her favorite images. Check out more on her website: L Elizabeth Events

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