Everyone wants an amazing, romantic and spectacular story to share that�ll make people tear up, as well as to look back on in years to come when telling their children and grandchildren how their love story began. Thanks to social media more couples than ever are broadcasting unique, personal moments online, so when it comes to planning the most romantic gesture of your life should you be calling in the experts?
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Do You Wish To Create Something Stunning?

If you�re looking for someone to just make sense of the ideas you have, give you some advice or tell you if you think she�ll enjoy it you may want to speak to a friend instead. Planners will help you to create something wonderful but they�ll charge you for the pleasure of doing something that, in reality, is quite easy if you give it some thought. However, if you have a fully conceived plan that requires special effects, multiple locations or a hard to find item that you�re struggling to source then it may be better to call in a professional team that have industry connections who�ll be able to introduce you to the right people.

Will Your Budget Allow For One?

Planners are not cheap and many companies offer a range of packages that cost hundreds of dollars comprising of venue fees, admin fees, planning hours and staff overheads as well as the cost of executing the idea itself. Yes, it�ll take the stress and hassle out of you running around trying to sort everything on your own but if you�ve limited funds you�ll find yourself out of pocket quicker than the time it takes to say �I do�. Still, this is a once-in-a-lifetime moment and if your finances allow then why not go all out? You could arrange to have her favorite artist sing to her, whisk her away to a romantic island for a sunset cruise or fly her over her favourite city at night only to pop the question mid-flight. Is Organization Something You�re Good At? Do you spend half your time looking for your keys? Struggle to keep dates in your head? Or find yourself forever playing catch up with your office paperwork? If you�re great at prioritizing tasks, getting things done and meeting deadlines then there�s nothing stopping you from planning the perfect proposal. However, if you struggle to even get to your doctor�s appointments on time, then you may benefit from the services of those who plan for a living. Hiring a proposal planner means they�ll take care of little details, making sure meetings are booked and venues are secured while you get on with comparing Diamond engagement rings and picking out your favorite!

Do You Need A Woman�s Perspective?

The majority of the men that hire a professional proposal planner do so because they want a female�s perspective on the magical surprise they�ve lined up. They�ll be able to tell you if it�s thoughtful, romantic, and even personal enough as well as giving suggestions about location, decor and even your proposal outfit. Another woman�s seal of approval can be just the confidence booster that men need during this highly emotional time.  

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