The design concept for Las Hermosas Flores comes from the exploration of the Hispanic culture and its integration into the American West. Spanish and Mexican culture has been an integral part of the American West for centuries dating back to 1694 with the first expeditions into our western region. This styled shoot created a visual story of the unique and beautiful traditions that set the Hispanic culture apart, rich in traditions, colors, and textures.

The bride’s dress is a contemporary version of a traditional ivory lace dress and ornamental jewelry selected to bring in a touch of her heritage for the wedding day and a nod to family tradition.

The bride changes into a black dress embroidered with bright and delicate flowers and fashioned on her head is a floral crown, asymmetrical and brightly contrasting against her dark black hair. The crown is a nod to Frieda Kahlo, the famous Mexican painter known for her portrait with a floral crown and more importantly, her activism in Mexican culture and history.


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