Telluride Engagement


March 1, 2016

Couture Colorado

Notes from the photographer,Vanessa of Ginger Moose Photography: This engagement shoot stands out to me as the quintessential Colorado day. Sunshine, snow, hot coffee at a local shop, a ride up Telluride's world class free gondola, and sunset over San Sophia overlook. What could be better? This Tennessee couple snuck up to the mountains for a little adventure, snow, and taste of Telluride. They shared their love story with me over a cup of coffee at the Butcher & the Baker, and a ride up Telluride's gondola. Their warmth, kindness, and love for one another radiates through the photos. And it doesn't hurt that their the cutest darn couple this side of the rockies. :)
Telluride Engagement_2517
Telluride Engagement_2518
Telluride Engagement_2519
Telluride Engagement_2520
Telluride Engagement_2521
Telluride Engagement_2522
Telluride Engagement_2523
Telluride Engagement_2524
Telluride Engagement_2525
Telluride Engagement_2526
Telluride Engagement_2527
Telluride Engagement_2528
Telluride Engagement_2529
Photographer: Ginger Moose Photography

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