Every bride dreams of their wedding day in-depth. Figuring out the finer details while dreaming away as a child. There is one thing that brides have in common. That is that they all want to have something unique on their special day. That sets their wedding aside from the rest. Here are five must-have wedding ideas. If you want something alternative on your wedding day. 1. Step away from the norm!
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Choose a wedding cake made of cheese or pizza slices instead of your usual, traditional iced wedding cake. Opt for a wedding fish and chip van or have an owl fly down the aisle with your wedding rings. You don�t have to follow tradition if that�s not what you want. It�s your special day & it�s your choice to arrange it in the way that you wish. 2 Customize it! Pick out your wedding dress, shoes, bridesmaids dresses. Then customize them by blinding them up to your particular style and taste. Angelina Jolie recently married Brad Pitt. She chose paintings made by her children on her veil. 3. Unusual wedding favors

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Choosing your wedding favors, defines a piece of your personality. It says something about you and your connection with your guests. There is so much to choose. Popular choices are chocolates or sweeties. You can put the bride and grooms name on the wrappers. Bubble blowers. Dream catchers, custom coasters, flower seeds, key rings, you name it! What sets each of these items aside, is how you choose to present them to your guests. For example. The flower seeds you decide on could hold a special memory. Or the coasters could contain a special saying or image. Whatever you decide, you will add your unique touch to it in some way. 4. Feature your day Contact magazines, bloggers, on-line forums, to discuss having your wedding featured. Everyone loves reading up about a real life wedding. So why not share yours with the world and pass on your wonderful ideas? 5. Have an alternative theme

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Across the world, there are thousands upon thousands, of alternative wedding venues. You can get married in a cave. By an underwater lake in Cornwall. In a car in Vegas. Upside down. On the edge of a cliff. Perform a bungee jump just after your vows; get married in a tipi or on top of a mountain or a beach. Where you get married is completely up to you and your partner. You can add a theme to your day. Create a fun dress up occasion, such as the great Gatsby. Superheroes or your favorite Disney characters! You could use the day to remember a loved one that has not been able to make your special day. Maybe release balloons or lanterns. Mention your loved one in a speech. Sing in their honor or lighting candles. Your wedding day is not just about taking your vows. It is an expression of yourself and your creativity, by making it unique to you. Whatever you decide on, remember what the day is truly about. Committing to sharing your life with your loved one.



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