When it comes to the circus that is wedding planning, we have to say that compiling your wedding gift list is not exactly going to be highlighted in whatever color means "priority". That said, it is something that you have to do and that's because your guests will want to give you something to celebrate this massive occasion; something to mark the first day of the rest of your life. Just make sure you don't underestimate just how daunting this task can be. 

That said, we have been chatting with some people that have made wedding gifts their business and asked them what items are absolutely must-ask-for-gifts on every modern wedding list, and here they are:

1. Special Cutlery

It may seem very white-picket fence - and it is - but what could be more charming than having a cutlery set that is only for special occasions. Christmas, Thanksgiving, baby showers, dinner parties, kid's christening bash, those sort of family occasions that will make you and your love smile as you remember your wedding day. It could be classic, it could be contemporary, it could be totally out there - it's your choice. 

2. Crockery Forever

One of the most popular ways to use a wedding list is to upgrade your kitchen. It's your chance to get rid of those pyrex dishes you got from the bargain bucket at Target and enjoy the kind of ovenware that will last forever. Something like Le Creuset in bright yellow or a set of copper saucepans by Amara or Chef's Collection. Your student days are long behind you, and this is your opportunity to put that nail in the coffin with some sleek-designed and hard-wearing pots. 

3. Put It To Bed

Another part of the home that is frequently upgraded on wedding lists is the bedroom, and rightly so. You spend a third of your life in bed and so having one that is absolutely perfect is a big deal. It is what makes a healthy and happy home. Now, if you just want to upgrade your mattress because you like your actual frame, then we recommend something incredible like the AS3 by Amerisleep. If, however, you want to go all out, then why not ask for a grand bed, whether it be a four-poster or a metal frame in an Edwardian style. Or, if you think that's too much, you could just put some wonderfully high-quality bedding on your list. 

4. Champagne For Celebrating

If you've acquired a taste for the nicer stuff as you've got older, and can now tell the difference between a Rioja and a Merlot, or even a Grand Cru and a Premier Cru, then it could be worth using your gift list to upgrade your wine fridge with some pricier bottles. Whether you are more into reds, whites or bubbles, being well-stocked with luxury splashes is a great way to toast your anniversaries from this day forward. You could even make it your mission to drink each bottle with the person that gave it to you. Now wouldn't that be amazing? 


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