4 Shoe Trends For Fall 2016


September 1, 2016

Couture Colorado

It�s just about that time of year when summer�s heat slowly but surely begins to lessen as the sun goes down. A little bit of chill enters the air, not enough to make you run for a parka, but enough to remind you that the hot months are coming to their final weeks and autumn is beginning to show itself. Some people hate when summer ends�especially those that can�t stand the wintertime�but it�s nice to enjoy a new season every quarter of the year. It�s a nice reminder that things change. It gives you something to look forward to, especially if you�re a fashion enthusiast. A new season means new reasons to start pinning fashion inspiration on your Pinterest board. It also means the front window displays in your favorite stores will gradually change to show fresh styles. And hey, who doesn�t love fall? You can�t tell me you�re not just a little bit excited for cozy sweaters. Because fall is on its way, I thought it�d be a good time to cast our eyesight downwards. Not at the ground, but at our feet. Those novelty summer sandals you love are about to reach their seasonal expiration date, so what will you wear instead? Here are some fall 2016 footwear picks that you�re going to love.

1. Slide-on Mules

mules lyst
You know how slide sandals came back in style this summer? Well, the slide trend has carried on into the fall shoes, too. Instead of your average ballet flats, this season, keep an eye out for mule/loafer combinations that don�t have backs. Lyst is calling these �The New Flats On The Block��and rightfully so! They slide right on for a cool, casual, yet chic look, making them super versatile for your fall outfits.

2. Socks with Heels

So this isn�t a style of shoe per se, but it is definitely a huge footwear trend we will be seeing a lot of this fall and into winter. When it gets too cold to wear heels, you can throw on a pair of socks with them, as seen in Footwear News. What was once a fashion faux pas is now a true sign of fashion foresight.

3. Sky-High Thigh Highs

We saw a lot of thigh-high boots emerge last season, and if you took the plunge and invested in some, you�ll be happy to know that they�re here to stay for at least one more go-around. The more dramatic the better with these leg-concealing boots�wear a pair that reaches as far as mid-thigh if you�re feeling extra adventurous.

4. Platform Sneakers

Sneakers have come a long way in the fashion world. They are no longer just for athletes. In fact, the most prominent fashion brands are adding some version of kicks to their lineups, which is a big step for the style. This fall, you�ll be able to add a little height to your sneaker game, because Bustle points out that platform sneakers are going to be hot this season. image credit

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