Tips by Megan Pacheco with Organized by Design
  1. Visualize the way you want your space to look and function. What do you have in mind for the space? How will it serve the needs of you or your family? This will help you know exactly where your headed and what you�ll need.
  1. Pull everything out and sort through it. Figure out what will go back into the space and start placing those items where you think you want them. If you haven�t used it, needed it or remembered that you have it, it should be donated.
  1. Now that you know what you�re keeping it�s time to decide how to display and organize it! Be creative and don�t be afraid to repurpose or reuse storage containers you find around your home.
  1. Don�t forget to label! This will help you and your family put things back. If everything has its own place it makes it easier to maintain your newly organized space.
  1. Now that you have all this extra space it may be tempting to fill it up. Make sure your only purchasing or acquiring things that you truly need and always make sure that anything you bring into your home has a designated place.
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