When we think of glitz and glamour, we automatically think of New York. It�s the ultimate go-to destination. New York is coveted by the rest of the world and with little wonder too. Here are seven reasons why you need to head to New York this year. 1. Grand Central Terminal In the onset of the 20th century, Grand Central Terminal was built and what a beautiful feat of architecture it is too. It�s one of the most stunning places in the whole of the state. It was nearly destroyed but has been lovingly restored over the years. It has a certain magic to it that you cannot deny. 2. Lincoln Centre The performing arts academy is the largest in the world. It has rather impressive alumni too. Some of the world�s greatest singers and performers have honed their craft here. But, it�s a beautiful building to behold. You can even watch the ballet here and admire the sheer talent that seems to ooze from every pore of this city. 3. The Rockefeller Centre When it comes to traditional winter fun, the Rockefeller Centre is synonymous with Christmas in New York. If you are keen to check it out for yourself, you have to go ice skating. It�s what the centre is most famed for. You need to see this fantastic place. 4. The Statue of Liberty According to www.housetrip.com, this is cited as the biggest reason as to why people head to the Big Apple. It�s a magnificent feat of history, and the sheer enormity of the statue is sure to make you feel like you are in New York City. 5. The Abundance of Green Spaces Contrary to popular belief, New York is actually a green and pleasant city. With Central Park, you can watch the world go by. There are ice skating, running, jogging and public events. It�s a beautiful part of the city, and the green lined park makes you feel as if you�re not in the city at all. You can dine al fresco or simply people watch. It�s a perfect park to relax in. You can do horse drawn tours in the winter or simply walk around and bask in the hot summer. 6. Times Square This area of NYC has had something of a facelift. Yes, it�s packed with tourists who want to experience Manhattan, but it�s a great part of the city. It comes to life at night. With a host of bars, cafes and restaurants, you�ll never want to leave.
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Flickr 7. All of the Museums! Whether you want to submerge yourself in history or head out to see fine arts, New York has a museum to cater for every taste. The museums in New York are world class and are packed with amazing artefacts of years gone by. You may need to book a whole weekend just to see them all.  

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