Baby Bath Time


June 8, 2016

Couture Colorado

Notes from the photographer, Stephanie of Brick and Willow Photography: This is my husband Tyler and my son Abraham. I am quickly realizing how fast time flies... especially when it comes to our children. We tried the whole 'smash cake' thing for my son's birthday and it went okay, but he wasn't very happy about it and it made a huge mess. Then I thought about photographing something he actually enjoys.. bath time!! He is outgrowing the sink in front of my eyes, so I had my husband give him a little bath in the sink and they both had a great time. I feel these photos will mean so much more in 10,20,30 years, than a smash cake session.
colorado baby photographer_3694
colorado baby photographer_3695
colorado baby photographer_3697
colorado baby photographer_3696
colorado baby photographer_3698
colorado baby photographer_3699
colorado baby photographer_3700
colorado baby photographer_3701
colorado baby photographer_3702
Photographer: Brick and Willow Photography

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