When I was small, I had my nose firmly stuck in a book seventy percent of the day. The other thirty, I was lost in a dream world. Childhood was a time where imagination was everything. I love how these photos capture the serious business of pretending. [gallery size=large gallery columns="1" ids="2583,2582,2584,2585,2586"]

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From Mom Kendra: Isabella is my girl whose eyes literally sparkle. She is a sweet, loving girl who loves being silly, is quite a natural at gymnastics, loves to write, and as we recently discovered has quite a passion and talent for singing. She is an incredible big sister to Olivia. Olivia Grace is our little firecracker who also loves gymnastics. She seems to think our house is a gymnasium, constantly hanging on anything she can find, literally climbing up the walls, and cartwheeling instead of walking. She is a bright, funny girl, who constantly keeps us on our toes!

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