Colorado Based Music Video Competition by and for Filmmakers In this internet based age most music videos carry out an existence solely on the web, and though we bow down to the myriad of opportunities the internet has brought to the art form and its creators it's still necessary to bring the community together to view this unique form of storytelling on the “big screen.” Music video directors should experience the same feeling of a live audience?s response to their work as long form ?lms and even short ?lms are privy to on the festival circuit. And by adding the additional component of competition between peers, a creator can revel (but hopefully not gloat) in the glory of admiration and grow from direct comparison. By providing a venue to interact, a receptive live audience, and incentive (who doesn't love prizes), we're strengthening Colorado's ?lmmaker community, encouraging collaboration between the music and ?lm scenes, promoting creative elevation and, heck, maybe the magic of the event will even spark a romance! The Assembly Music Video Festival invites Colorado musicians and/or directors to submit original music videos for consideration through August 10, 2012. A submission fee of $25 from each entry goes into “the pot” and whatever revenue is created by submissions and the door fee ($7) at the event is awarded as prizes to the Top 3 music videos. Videos selected to screen at the Festival on Saturday, September 8, 2012 at the hi-dive (7 South Broadway, Denver, CO 80223) will be judged by a panel of local ?lmmakers and “celebrity” personalities. An Audience Choice award will be chosen by ballot at the event. There will be a few surprise performances to kick off the screening and after the awards are given out we?ll continue the celebration with a dance party under the direction of a local DJ. More information and submission forms can be found at:   The Assembly is a talent show for music video directors - and not the lame kind of talent show that you skip out on to smoke under the bleachers but the kind of talent show where the principal crowns you prom queen, valedictorian, and student council president then excuses you from class for the rest of the day. Please report to the auditorium, ahem, the hi-dive. The Assembly Music Video Festival is brought to you by Lockerpartners {wedding LISTmembers}! SUBMIT to The Assembly from Lockerpartners on Vimeo.

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