I couldn't resist to share this awesome new baby clothing line by fellow Coloradan twin parents Sarah and JP Box. What started out as an idea in between double midnight feedings, neighborhood strolls, and soul searching, emerged in June 2015 as Chasing Windmills -- a beautifully simple and timeless collection of merino wool items for babies and little ones. After spending almost a decade in the corporate world, co-founders Sarah & JP were met with a wake up call with the birth of their twins. With a deep appreciation of the outdoors, they longed to create a bridge for parents to be able to share the goodness of nature with their little ones -- to be able to soak in the adventurous spirit of childhood every day. Their original collection focused on the go-to essentials for the nursery, including crib sheets, rompers, gowns, blankets, and beanies. By introducing the natural goodness of merino wool into the nursery, Chasing Windmills hopes to plant the seeds for a deep appreciation of what nature provides as a child and parent grow together. On April 7th, Chasing Windmills launched its second collection, bringing little ones the merino essentials for play in the great outdoors -- graphic tees, shorts, and all-season hoodies. Now at home and outside at play, little ones can explore this big beautiful world with a helping hand from Mother Nature. By sourcing the finest merino wool from mountainous New Zealand and Australian ranches, Chasing Windmills has allowed Mother Nature to provide the soulful base of its products. The merino wool used in their collection is super soft, breathable, and lightweight. While wool is often thought of as a great insulator in colder climates, merino wool is quickly becoming popular for its unique ability to also keep you cool, dry, and fresh under the sun. With their simple, playful, and timeless designs, Chasing Windmills' collection is meant to be the go-to pieces you and your little one reach for before your everyday adventures together.
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