This Bloody Mary Gift Set makes for the perfect hostess gift for this holiday season. DIY Bloody Mary Gift Set
  • vodka
  • cooked bacon, 2 slices.
  • kosher salt
  • celery salt
  • bloody mary mix
Put two slices of cooked bacon in jar full of vodka. Let the bacon sit one to two weeks. Take out bacon. Using a strainer or a cheese cloth, strain vodka to remove bacon fat. Pour bloody mary mix into a separate jar. To make celery salt, mix equal parts celery salt and kosher salt together. by lifestyle blogger Laura Krudener of Among the Colors
DIY Bacon Bloody Mary Gift Set_2176
DIY Bacon Bloody Mary Gift Set_2177
DIY Bacon Bloody Mary Gift Set_2178
DIY Bacon Bloody Mary Gift Set_2179
Photography: Sara Ford | Letterpress Tag: Sugarpaper

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