Created from love for your love. Typically, you will only have one Valentine's Day as an engaged couple. Make it special by creating something by hand. And if you love doing this DIY project, this just might be a good idea to incorporate into your wedding decor......escort cards. Photographed and created by Rachel Gomez {LISTmember on LIFE & STYLE} I love the look of watercolor, and wanted to find a way to make my own cards this year. After an inspiring trip to the art supplies store, I found the perfect tools to create something special. Materials:
  • Watercolor Paper (Arches- Hot Pressed- 140lb)- smooth texture
  • Watercolor Paper (Arches- Cold Pressed- 140lb)- rough texture
  • Masking Fluid Pen (try the Standard tip first, and use the Fine tip for details)
  • Watercolor paints (I used Artistsí Watercolor: Alizarin Crimson and Dr. Martinís
  • Radiant Concentrated Water Color- Cyclamen 20B)
  • Brushes (try a #ĺ oval wash, #16 round, #ľ flat, #1 round)
  • Water
  • Paint Mixing Tray
(all materials purchased at Meiningerís in Denver) Steps:
  1. Use Fluid Masking Pen to create your outlines and shapes that you want to keep white.
  2. Allow to dry completely- should take a few minutes.
  3. Using watercolor, paint over the masking fluid, or create designs. Get creative and have fun with mixing colors and painting techniques. There are lots of great tutorials on YouTube for painting ideas.
  4. When paint is completely dry, begin to peel or rub off the masking fluid. You can use your fingers or a clean art eraser. Be sure to discard all of the fluid.
  5. Your card is done! You may need to press your card under a heavy book if the paper curled or warped.
  6. Send to your loved ones, either as a blank card or with a note on the back. I suggest using a Metallic Gold Gelly Roll pen, or try a traditional fountain pen.
*Alternative for kids: Try using crayon instead of the masking fluid for a family friendly project. The crayon will have a different effect, so be sure to try a few practice sheets first. Or, simply draw the design (with the fluid) for your kids and allow them to do the painting. Peeling off the fluid is fun, but be careful with young children and pets. *Other alternative uses: Create gift tags, escort cards, ornaments or even frame pieces for your home art collection. Hope you have lots of fun with this easy DIY project!!
Photographed and Created by Rachel Gomez {LISTmember on LIFE & STYLE}

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