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March 31, 2016

Couture Colorado

DIY and up-cycling is all the rage right now. Although it can be a lot of work, this DIY project turned out fantastic. Notes from the creator and photographer, Laura Gravelle: Several years ago, my husband and I purchased a slightly used black table and chairs set off of Craigslist for a great deal. With young children, we didn't want to invest in a nice piece of furniture that we knew would just get covered in food and juice! After just a few years, this table and chairs set looked terrible! Recently we moved into a new home that has a large sunroom and since we love to host large dinner parties, we decided to turn the sunroom into our entertaining dining room. We needed an oversized dining room table to fit the room! So for less that $150, we took on a DIY project and repurposed the black chairs from Craigslist as well as 4 wooden mid-century styled chairs that someone had left behind in the house we had just moved into. We removed the old tabletop and got rid of it, kept the table base, and then built the new tabletop. The chairs and table base were all sanded to remove the shiny black laquer and wood stain. This step was the longest step in the whole process. All of these items were then primed white using KILZ spray primer. This was followed by two coats of white spray paint in a satin finish. The final step was to apply Minwax in the natural color. By following all of these steps, the chairs and table base look great and the paint is durable and not chipping. We settled on a gray and white chevron pattern to recover the chair pads. Before reupholstering with fabric, we put two layers of thin batting over the old chair pads using a staple gun. Then we carefully reupholstered the chevron fabric over the batting and stapled the fabric underneath the chair pad. Good as new! The table top was made out of five, 2' by 8' pine planks that we purchased from the lumber section at Home Depot. Each plank was first sanded and then stained. Once the stain was completely dry, the planks were again sanded over and over to achieve the worn barn wood effect. We laid the distressed boards down, lined them up evenly and used wooden brackets to attach them all together and then to attach them to the table base. This was a big project, but so worth it! We've had many dinner parties already at this table and there is a seat for everybody!

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