Five Tips On How To Diy


August 30, 2016

Couture Colorado

Whether it�s a bookshelf, nightstand or just an old jewelry box, before you decide to trash it, think about how you can bring it new life. Millennials have been renamed Generation DIY, and for a good reason � according to a recent article by Advertising Age, 69 percent of the population is making strides to live greener. The trends of upcycling and DIY are thriving, so with Earth Day just around the corner, Paula Berberian, Creative Director of wallpaper powerhouse Brewster Home Fashions, creator of WallPops, the premier line of peel-and-stick wall art, and nuWallPaper, a brand new peel-and-stick wallpaper, has the following tips for finding the treasure in your trash. �More and more people are choosing to upcycle products, rather just tossing the old and buying new,� says Berberian. �A simple way to upcycle anything is the use of wallpaper or wall decals � bringing color, texture and life back to any product.� Below, Berberian shares five easy DIYprojects, featuring three types of wall d�cor repurposed in creative ways to revive the forgotten beauty and worth of household items. 1. Start small � That old jewelry box was the perfect buy ten years ago, but your tastes may have evolved and maybe today it�s feeling too childish. Using WallPops allows you to easily upcycle this forgotten piece and incorporate your personal style. To get a truly unique look, use multiple decal kits for added color and design. For detailed instructions on how to complete this project, check out the tutorial on the WallPops blog.
2. Bring life to your dull refrigerator �
�Whether you want to bring color to the kitchen, turn your fridge into a chalkboard masterpiece or organize your hectic life, WallPops allows you to decorate and redecorate without damage,� advises Berberian. A fridge can be just something to store your food in, but design lovers see the potential for a focal point. To see this project in action, watch the tutorial on the WallPops blog.
3. Refashion a timeworn dresser � Maybe you�ve had it since childhood or maybe you found it at a thrift store in college, but you can skip buying a new chest of drawers if wear and tear is minimal or only on the surface. To create an entirely unique piece that your friends and family will fawn over, use peel-and-stick nuWallpaper by WallPops for an upcycled masterpiece. Because NuWallpaper is constructed of a thick 5 mL substrate, it is easy to handle and to reposition large pieces without stretching or tearing � perfect for those bigger projects that call for one large pattern.
4. Add dimension to a tired nightstand � You grasped the art of using decals and peel-and-stick wallpaper to upcycle home furnishings, so why not try traditional wallpaper now? Using wallpaper offers the ability to add texture and depth. �You can use intricate foil designs that reflect light or add textured paper to give anything depth and dimension,� explains Berberian. For step-by-step instructions on how to upcycle with wallpaper, view the tutorial on the Brewster Home Fashions blog.
5. Create discreet detail on a bookshelf � �It�s important to remember that even small spaces can add so much to the overall aesthetics of the room,� concludes Berberian. Adding a fun design to the backing of a bookshelf brings style and detail to the room that will catch your eye without being overpowering. It�s the perfect way to make the shelf unique to your tastes while dressing up books, vases or whatever items it carries. Look at yard sales, thrift stores or even in your parent�s garage for your next upcycled treasure! All WallPops products mentioned above are available at select retailers and online at; to find a store near you, use the �Find a Retailer� tool on the website. To order wallpaper samples from Brewster Home Fashions, visit; to find a store near you, use the �Find a Retailer� tool on the website. Headquartered in Randolph, Mass., Brewster Home Fashions is one of the oldest independent, family-owned wallcovering companies in the U.S. that now spans five generations. Since 1954, Brewster Home Fashions has been a prominent manufacturer and distributor of fine wallpapers and home decor products for residential and commercial markets globally. WallPops by Brewster Home Fashions is the premier line of peel-and-stick wall art on the market today with on-trend design and total coordination possibilities. For more information, visit

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