winter-engagement-shoot_0427 Winter is on its way, and that means colder weather, a plethora of holiday events, and some awesome winter fashion options. As we head into this wonderful season, itís important to take some time for yourself and practice a bit of self-care no matter how busy life gets. Keep these self-care tips in mind and treat yourself to some well-deserved relaxation and pampering this winter.
Stay Committed to Exercise
As temperatures drop and the outside air becomes too cold to be considered enjoyable, itís easy to let your workout routine fall to the wayside. Who wants to go on a run when itís below freezing outside? Unfortunately, weíre not bears, and our bodies donít actually benefit from hibernation. Itís important to keep up with your exercise regimen all winter long. If youíre having a hard time convincing yourself to run into sub-zero temperatures (or snow is making it impossible), join a month-to-month gym in your area and take advantage of treadmills and elliptical machines, or join a barre or yoga class and convince some girlfriends to sign up with you.
Ration Your Comfort Foods
Cool weather calls for comfort foods, and we all know the holiday season is rife with tempting entrees and decadent desserts. While a little bit of indulgence never hurt anyone (and who can say no to pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving?), itís important to maintain a healthy diet in the winter season. Make sure your diet is filled with fruits and veggies, and try to avoid a second trip to the dessert table at all of your holiday functions. Take advantage of the seasonal harvest; from oven roasted squash to delicious Brussels sprouts, hearty vegetable stews and more, the options are endless. If you love snacking (and who doesnít?!), youíll want to check out Graze. They put together boxes of healthy, delicious treats and send them right to your home or office. The holidays also see a rise in alcohol consumption, but too much can negatively affect every facet of your health, from your skin to your weight to your liver function. Try to limit your alcohol intake this season to one or two drinks per event and avoid that after-holiday hangover.
Keep Your Skin Looking Its Best
Our skin takes the brunt of winterís fury. If your skin is dry, irritated, and flaking, itís important to take steps to keep it moisturized. Slough off dead skin with a good loofa in the shower, then apply an oil-based lotion to help create a barrier from the elements on the skin. Many people find they need to use a thicker, cream-type lotion during the winter due to excessive dryness. If you have acne, try to avoid using harsh medicines and ointments that will further dry out your skin. Instead, look for gentle acne treatment options that donít cause excessive dryness. BioClarity, which uses Floralux, is formed with natural ingredients and designed to fight blemishes while also hydrating and replenishing the skin.
Get Regular Pedicures
Many of us suffer from dry, cracked heels in the winter months thanks to the dry air and cold temperatures. What better excuse to make regular pedicures a necessity? Enlist a pal and head to a nail salon like MiniLuxe every other week and give those tootsies the attention they deserve. Not looking to add another expense to your already tight holiday budget? Create your own nail salon in the comfort of your bathroom and scrub those heels, lotion up your feet, and paint your toe nails for a fantastic self-care treat.
Wear Gloves
The skin on our hands is thin and delicate, and therefore more susceptible to the elements. Before heading out into cold weather this winter, make sure you keep them protected with a pair of cotton-lined winter gloves. Make it through the winter and emerge in spring looking and feeling your absolute best. Keep these self-care ideas in mind and have an amazing holiday season. photo by 432 Photography | view full feature

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