Notes from the home owner (and photographer), Marcus Edwards: As you can see, our office was in DIRE need of updating and remodeling. Not only that but we needed to purge and utilize our space better for what we needed to keep, as well as get organized! When we started the slow process of home renovations about two years ago, the office wasn't on the priority list. With that being said, the office just kept getting worse and worse being bombarded with "stuff". It was WAY past time to get this under control and create a spot of happiness, especially since we work in here full time. We wanted to create a functional space that had an overall masculine feel. Popcorn ceilings were taken down, carpets ripped out, 9ft custom desk and workspace added, tons of storage created, aged "barn wood" floors constructed from sub flooring, new lighting installed and much more. Stores used: Home Depot, Hobby Lobby, Office Depot, World Market, Ikea, Target, Flee Markets, and family heirlooms. All DIY projects other than the electrical work. Our office is a happy, productive place now! BEFORE:
home office design_1561
home office design_1562
home office design_1563
home office design_1564
home office design_1565
home office design_1570
home office design_1566
home office design_1568
home office design_1569
home office design_1567
Photographer: Marcus Edwards Photography | Design & Styling: Janie Rocek

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