There is nothing like planning a wedding that can completely stress you out. This big life moment might even spark a change.........maybe you want to quit smoking, lose weight or get a promotion at work. Hypnotherapy could be your answer to boost this positive change in your life or simply relieve stress and anxiety. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Brian Novak, a certified hypnotherapist at Stapleton Hypnotherapy. I learned all about hypnotherapy and am blown away about the possibilities. For instance, I recently had to turn gluten free so I asked if he could help with my bread cravings. He said yes! Well, this is music to my ears!!!! I can't wait to try it out. Here's more about Brian and his hypnotherapy practice.
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Describe your business and the service your provide. I help people find peace in their lives by providing hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is guided visualization to a relaxed state (similar to sleeping) where suggestions are made to help overcome personal challenges and aid in making positive change. When and why did you start your business? I opened my practice in January 2016 after working as an advisor and semi-counselor to college students for the last ten years. I myself have been a client of hypnotherapy for a while and have seen the benefits of it in my life. I wanted to help others to find more happiness and achieve their dreams. How did you learn your craft? I was certified in Transformational Hypnotherapy at The Eastburn Institute of Hypnosis in Westminster, CO. What are the benefits of hypnosis? If you have an issue that you are working through and find it tough or just can�t seem to get a leg up � hypnosis can help you get past your personal barriers. Quite often, these barriers are things our subconscious mind has created or learned over time and our conscious mind can�t seem to undo. Hypnotherapy is a way to reprogram our subconscious to help achieve positive change in our lives. Many folks also enjoy a deeper state of relaxation through and after hypnosis. I promise � you�ll feel great! What are some of the reasons why people do hypnosis? What can you help with? Hypnosis can truly help with anything you are experiencing in your life; however, some of the most frequent reasons people seek hypnosis are weight loss, smoking cessation, conquering fears, and stress/anxiety relief. How long are the sessions and what should we expect? I usually plan between 60-90 minutes for a session. We�ll first talk so I can get to know a little about you and what you are trying to achieve. Then we�ll discuss the hypnotherapy method I�d like to use to help you. Lastly, the hypnosis itself will last between 25-45 minutes (again, depending on your issue and our agreed upon solution). How should we prepare for the first session? Come with an open mind and willingness to make a positive change in your life. How fast should you see results from a session? Depending on what you seek hypnosis for, many clients can see results in 1-3 sessions. Try out a session yourself and start making a positive change your life. Check out Brian's website for more details

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