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Photographer:  Alicia Lewin Photography | Decor: Zeal Living Zeal Living is a collection of modern, inspired goods with African soul. We believe in the vibrant passion of independent designers, and in the power of design and handcraft as an employment model to support developing communities. We are completely committed to offering authentic, beautifully made home goods, jewelry, and accessories that have been ethically made up to the highest quality standards.Everything you find on Zeal Living was made by an expert artisan as part of a social enterprise, in the studio of an independent designer, or was individually hand selected for beauty and quality from an African market. Every basket, placemat, wine glass, pillow, and beaded bracelet purchased from Zeal Living allows artisans working for social enterprises to earn a living wage. These companies ensure that their employees are cared for in every way, offering education, training, healthcare, and most importantly - the empowerment that comes from sustainable income. Our partners in jewelry design are talented women who have risen to the top in their industries and are setting the standard for quality and innovation. Every ring and pair of earrings is individually handmade with precision and incredible attention to detail. You can be proud to wear each piece knowing that you are directly supporting these artisans, allowing them to continue to innovate.Zeal Living is about more than just home goods and accessories - it is an invitation to make a meaningful impact in the lives of artisans and makers across Africa by bringing gorgeous home goods, jewelry, and accessories into your life.?


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