Denver is taking fashion to a whole new level! The Denver Fashion Truck launched on Memorial Day and is quickly taking the town by storm. Owners Desiree & Adrian began with a vision and have created a unique mobile boutique that is not to be missed! Changing locations on the daily, check them out their Facebook to get the skinny. Here are some great shots from LISTmember Rachel Gomez of their Fashion Show & Launch!


How did you get the idea for the Truck?

We were searching for alternatives because of the high overhead costs. We had an idea about a mobile boutique. Looked it up and found that it was booming in California. We knew it was then feasible and starting searching for a truck right away. We knew as a team we would be able to make the experience of a mobile boutique that much more exciting.

Tell me all about the process it was to take the truck from idea to reality?

It was quite and experience or several if you will. First we looked into buses, trailers, RV's and decided we wanted to go with a step van, similar to the food truck style. We had size issues and searched hard for the perfect size. We wanted to be able to park it almost anywhere but we also needed enough room inside to create our aesthetic while maintaining an adequate shelving and clothing space. Being that we don't know about mechanics we had quite a few set backs including having to replace an engine a month and a half before our launch. We transformed the truck into our boutique in 3 months. We used wood as our foundation and metal curves to add a modern touch. The truck at first was very bland and blue collar, so to take the truck from cold to a warm boutique feeling was quite the process. It took a lot of cutting, sawing, drilling, welding, staining, painting and lighting to create our boutique. Our concept was something like cabin in the city or rustic meets modern if you will.

What are your favorite lines you are carrying?

We love them all. Everything we carry we like, it's hard to have favorites. Because they are all so unique it is these unique qualities that we like. But we do have favorites within our designers and artist collections.

Top 3 pieces in the shop now?

Top 3 would be Mildred and Bernice�s wood hand carved moonshine necklace. ARE apparel upcycled men�s shirt which uses collars and pockets from western style shirts and puts them on quality tee shirts with a hint of graffiti printing. The Yummies kitty in a waffle cone print tank for women.

Who are your fashion role models?

Desiree- Chloe Sevigny is my fashion role model. I have loved style since the beginning. A true style icon.

Adrian-I don�t have a specific role model but I do respect guys who create their own style and take chances from Buddy Holly to Prince.

Are there any new lines we should be on the look out for?
I (
Desiree), am actually launching my own line in the near future.

Any current events or promotions you are part of?

Upcoming events include the Highlands Street Fair, Create Denver, CRMA Events (Colorado Retail Mobile Association), Horseshoe craft and flea market, First Friday�s and looking into more!

{Image Credit to LISTmember Rachel Gomez}


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