Orange Is The New Black


September 12, 2015

Couture Colorado

I am hooked on the T.V. show The Orange in the New Black! Whether the creators of this hit show realized it or not, orange has been spotted on all the runways. This hue has been heating up summer weddings this year as well. And the color orange, when done right, can be fun, chic, and stylish.

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Top Left: Snippet and Ink � photo by Jo Ann Manolis | Top Right: Grey Likes Weddings by Melangerie, Nine Cakes and Jen Huang | Middle Left: Santa Barbara Chic | Middle Right:Inspired by This � photo by Aaron Shintaku | Bottom Left: Grey Like Weddings � photo by Jen Rodriguez Photography | Bottom Middle: Brides Cafe � photo by Morgan Trinker | Bottom Right: Snippet and Ink - floral designs by Ariella Chezar, and the photography of Meg Smith  

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