What makes the perfect tee? For me the magic equation is a flattering fit, soft fabric and a low key feel to it. Everyone needs an array of t-shirts. Useful for every single season, the perfect tee can really make all the difference! I remember a conversation with a good guy friend of mine about the perfect woman where he informed me that in his mind she looks her sexiest in a simple t-shirt and jeans. I loved this sentiment and I couldn't agree more! Feeling good is looking good and these top 6 tee's are top of the class in both categories.
Spotted: The Perfect Tee
1. Rag & Bone Tee 2. Clu Mint Loose White Tee 3. James Perse Tee 4. Calypso Linen Tee 5. Teal V-Neck Tee 6. Rag & Bone Navy Slouch Tee  

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