Taming Your Wild Wardrobe

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February 3, 2018

Laura Steele/Couture Colorado

Many of us dream of owning a minimalist selection of clothing all neatly organized onto one rail that we can easily choose from.  Instead, many of us have overflowing wardrobes containing all kinds of styles and colors, some of which we never even wear. Taming a wild wardrobe isn't an easy task - it's a long and challenging task. However, once your wardrobe has been tamed, you'll likely feel liberated. Here are three steps to taking back control of your wardrobe.


Decluttering is the first big step. This involves getting rid of all the clothing you don't want or don't need. This can then be sold, donated or thrown in the trash.

There are lots of decluttering methods. One drawn-out method is the Oprah Winfrey closet hanger method. This involves lining up all the hangers in your wardrobe so that they're all facing you. Every time you wear a piece of clothing, you then must put the hanger back in the closet facing the opposite way. After several months, you'll see which clothing you never wear - this is the clothing you don't want or need and can therefore go in the charity shop pile.

Another method is to hire a no-nonsense friend to help you sort through your clothing. Their fashion taste may differ from yours, but they may be able to sway your opinion on certain items that you're unsure about.

The final method is to throw away one piece of clothing a day for however long it takes to get to a happy point. This can be good for serious hoarders - you may end up throwing out thirty pieces of clothing in a month. You could make it your next monthly challenge.


Next you should start to build up a style in your wardrobe that you can stick to. You can still own a few novelty items for special occasions, but you don't want too many cluttering up your wardrobe, so this may involve further removing items. You may be better off hiring these novelty items when you need them from sites like www.renttherunway.com - why buy expensive pieces you're only going to wear once when you can hire them for a tenth of the price and keep your wardrobe more thematic.

Creating a style could help you to mix and match clothing more easily. If you've got too many clashing colors and patterns, try to cut this down to a few select patterns and colors and buy more neutral clothing. Sites like https://www.anthonysfla.com/collections/ruby-rd have some great neutral clothing for mixing and matching. Try to resist the urge to buy extra statement pieces if your wardrobe is already made up of them and you need some more subtle clothing for everyday use.


The final step should be to organize your clothing on the rail. Separate shirts, skirts, trousers/leggings, dresses and jumpsuits so that they're all easily locatable, rather than having to rummage through your wardrobe each time. This will allow you to keep a check of which clothing items you have. Once this is done, well done - your wardrobe is tamed!


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