Summer is coming to a close, and for all of us fashion-minded folks, the opportunities to refill our wardrobes with brand new, cold-temperature clothing purchases are vast. If you’re looking to keep your man on trend as the weather changes, take a look at the awesome men’s fashion trends gracing the runways this year.
Childhood References
This is a fashion trend that should be more than easy to convince your guy to try. This year’s fashion shows highlighted numerous throwbacks to pop culture and childhood novelty references. From high-end tees branded with prints of zoo animals, pineapples, and spaceships, the fun stylish statement staples are sure to become some of his favorites. You can find inexpensive versions of shirts and jackets on
Pajama Fashion
If you find it hard to get your dude out of bed and dressed, compromise in the middle with this year’s trend—pajama-inspired everyday wear. From pinstripe cream and blue shift shirts that bring a new meaning to the phrase lazy chic to oversized chambray shirts, he’ll look lazily pulled together. He’s comfortable, and he looks good—what more could he ask for?
The Power of Metal
If he’s a standup guy who loves to stand out, the trend to focus on this year is metallic finish. From chrome-washed jackets to metallic shirts that could moonlight as a disco ball, even just a little metallic appeal can take his style from drab to fab this fall season. While most use autumn as a reason to don neutrals and demure colors, your man is sure to be a sight to see in this year’s fashionable shiny wonders.
Yes, okay, plaid is not new to the fall and winter fashion spectrum, but this year, expect to see plaid in new places. From robes to duffel coats to bomber jackets this patterned trend is going far beyond the button down. If you live in a notoriously wet area, a plaid trench coat will see your guy protected from the elements while looking as debonair as ever. Both practical and fashionable, this is one piece that will take him through the cooler seasons for many years to come.
The Bomber Jacket
The bomber jacket has been popular for decades, but this year it has truly had its comeuppance as a fashion must for both men and women. You can find these fantastic jackets in a variety of materials and colors. From leather to soft cotton to even satin, you can outfit your guy in this flattering cut and make sure he always looks put together, whether he’s dressed up for a night on the town or down for a backyard barbecue with the whole gang. Check out the awesome options on
The Puffer Jacket
If your guy already has a bomber jacket staple in his wardrobe, or you’re looking for something a little more out there to bring his fashion sense roaring into the fall season, consider the puffer jacket. This plump trend has seen a great rise in popularity this year, and it seems one general rule is true: the larger, the better. These puffy jackets have been taken to extremes, and if you’re in an area that experiences freezing temperatures, your guy will definitely have you to thank for keeping him safe from the cold.
A Nice Shade of…Pink?
Okay, so it might not be the easiest task you face this fall to get your guy into wearing a bright shade of fuchsia, but hues of pink are slated to be the fashion color of the season for trendy fellows. Everyone from Gucci to Moschino had their male models strutting the catwalk in shades ranging from soft pink to eye-popping magenta. The best advice for this fashion trend: start slow. Incorporate a small shade of pink in a special accessory for your guy, ad work up to the big leagues. Finding the latest in men’s fashion for your sweetheart is simply a matter of taking a look at the trends and determining which ways your guy can best rock them. These might not all fit his personal style, but these staples are sure to have him looking suave and dapper all fall and winter long.

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