Anthia Design


Anthia means "lady of flowers". The name and motto, "love, generosity, humor & grace" are the basis of all that Anthia Design does. Based out of Denver, CO, Anthia Design is a premier wedding and event design and floral company that is owned and operated by Jamie Whitten.

It all started designing flowers for weddings on the Southern Gulf Coast, but after relocating to Denver and needing a bit more from the wedding industry, I moved on to become a wedding planner, designer and florist working with an established wedding planner. When that business closed, I decided to open my own company focusing on exquisite designs, uncompromised style, and romantic florals. I work to create elegant and cohesive floral and decor design taking into account each unique personality and aesthetic. I like to say that I am Type-A Chill. I cannot help being honest, passionate and transparent with friends, clients and family while keeping all the details in mind. When I'm not cracking dad jokes, hiking or spending time with my love and my dog, you can find me nerding out and learning the scientific names of new flower varieties. I am so excited to talk to you about your big day and how I can help design the wedding or event of your dreams!


Denver, Colorado
United States

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