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I’m Ashley Joyce, a New Mexican-born, Colorado-living hiker, true crime fan, and animal lover. I specialize in photographing intimate weddings, small elopements, and medium-to-large sized weddings for adventurous couples. If you don't love posed photographs, enjoy a little film grain in your photographs, and love a bit (okay, maybe a lot) of laughter shared between you and your partner while being photographed in your element, I think you're going to like what you see here.

I’ve been photographing couples and weddings for 7 years and I thoroughly get a high from working with people in love. It doesn’t matter what religion, ethnicity, orientation, or gender you relate with; love is love and it deserves to be celebrated! I’m not just a photographer who shows up to do a job. I’m an artist, a story teller, and more importantly, I’m a human who likes to feel a connection with others on a more intimate level. I’ve been told that I can sometimes be a sensitive person and that may not always be a bad thing. I believe that it enables me to feel deeply for others and I photograph people as if they were close to my heart; I want their beauty – the natural, amazing beauty inside them – that I see in them, to be seen by others. You won’t be hiring a normal photographer when you hire me. You’ll be hiring a story teller who wants to show the world how wonderful you are.

I am here to tell your story, to capture those quiet surprises, the little moments that sneak into your day that add up to the beauty of your life. I want to capture it all…the tears, the laughter, the little crinkles in your partner’s nose when they laugh, the strands of your hair as it blows in the wind. These little things tell your unique story and I desire to collaborate with your own ideas in creating images that not only demonstrate who you truly are, but are also little pieces of artwork for you to cherish forever.

When we work together, I will ensure you feel your most comfortable, your most silly, and your most beautiful and quirky self. I don’t love a whole lot of posed photos so be sure to come out of your shell a little while we shoot! If you are one who wants those fun, lively, and maybe a little unconventional photos, let’s gather up our walking shoes, head on outdoors, and find a landscape that helps tell your story.

Although I’m based in Denver, I’m thrilled to travel *anywhere* for a couple in love. Where will our adventure be together?