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I’m Nina Larsen Reed, a born-and-raised Norwegian turned Colorado wedding photographer. I specialize in capturing adventurous engagements, intimate elopements, and weddings for outdoor lovers. I get really excited about watching sunrise, playing in deep snow, swimming in alpine lakes, my couples bringing their dogs to sessions, and impulse-booking cheap flights to Europe.

I’ve been hiking and exploring my way around the mile high state for nine years now, but my greatest adventure has been sharing my love for this playground we call home with other outdoor lovers. From helping out-of-state couples plan the perfect elopement in Rocky Mountain National Park to capturing Colorado couples exchanging their vows at the top of our favorite ski resorts, I could not possibly love my job more.

While epic mountain views and gorgeous couples portraits are of course part of what I do, I’ve found that the good stuff is in the moments in between. Hugging your family and friends after the ceremony. Looking at your new spouse like “holy shit we’re actually married now!” Taking the time to fully experience every moment rather than rushing through the day.

You are more than a date in my calendar, and I want to be more than some stranger with a camera. Let’s get to know each other, so we can skip the posed stuff and let the real magic happen instead.

I promise I’ll be there to capture them.

While I’m based in Boulder, I will gladly put more miles on my Subie to travel for your wedding. And because I think it’s important to make this very clear, I welcome working with outdoor lovers of all ethnicities, religions, genders, and orientations. LOVE IS LOVE! 


Boulder, Colorado
United States

[email protected]