Nisha Louise Photography


Based in the heart of Colorado's Rocky Mountains, I'm lucky enough to call the Vail Valley home. Living in such a beautiful location inspires and excites me everyday.
I've felt at home behind the lens of a camera since as long as I can remember. The idea of being able to capture a moment of time has always been such an amazing idea to me, and truly love being able to document special moments in people's life.
My photography is mix between fine art photography and photojournalism, and strive for my images to have a natural and editorial feel to them. I love documenting the decisive moments that capture the connection between people, the joy within an event, and of course the amazing setting and scenery of the Colorado mountains. I really like to get to know whoever I’m photographing and to help them feel relaxed in front of the camera. Telling people’s stories in an honest and creative way is an objective that will never stop inspiring me.
I feel most confident and creative when photographing outside, and of course, always chasing that perfect light.