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What makes the Seawell Ballroom special? Why is it so exceptional? How does it stand out and continuously deliver dream come true weddings to our brides? Why do guests take a breath, oh and ahh, and double-take as they enter?

It is the dramatic lighting and twinkling LED crystal star lights that blanket the ceiling. The stellar view of the Longs Peak, and the urban setting in the heart of Denver’s Theatre District. And above all else, it’s our people – the events team puts a lot of love and care, along with a custom design, into each and every one of our over 230 events a year. We say, “this is your day and you are worth it!”  

This is not a traditional hotel ballroom, it is unique, special and different – offering the drama of our theatrical roots. It is a magical space and each event is built from the ground up, with your vision being the driving force.  

Mountain View Wedding: While we love our mountains, aspen trees, valleys, vistas and rivers in Colorado, here at the Seawell we also like the reliability of a roof over our heads and the central location offered here at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. We can offer the best of both worlds by transforming our room to have a chic or rustic mountain feel by hanging barn lights, layers of lighting and maybe a back lit moon hanging to bring the outdoors in – brides can have a whimsical, warm Colorado wedding with Rocky Mountain views, right here!  

Sunday Champagne Brunch Wedding: Fun, whimsical and above all else, different! Sunday Brunch Weddings are a crafty way to get creative with your budget, your style and truly stand out in a sea of Saturday night weddings. Guests will love you for freeing up their weekend and you get a smashing room designed with your fun personality in mind. Drapes open and make it light and bright – drapes closed and your wedding brunch takes a turn for the more dramatic.

The Elegant and Classic Wedding: Perfect for anyone seeking a rich, inspired, elegant and classically inspired wedding.

Urban Weeknight Night Wedding: Are you one of those on-trend couples that recognize that you can get a lot more bang-for-your buck on a weeknight? The Seawell can be yours – for about $1,500 less than a Saturday – and you will have all the options and features at a fraction of the cost of a Saturday wedding. Your urban wedding just got a little hipper and maybe that means you now get the hot DJ you have wanted to hire! Or if your life-long wedding dream is to have a seven-tiered cake, elaborate party favors, orchids at each table or maybe a couture dress – than a Friday night wedding just might be the answer.

“Such teamwork was demonstrated by the relationship between the team of the Seawell Ballroom and Epicurean Catering…they addressed every detail so that food, comfort of guests, vendors and design of the Ballroom came together for a fabulous affair.”
-Medina Wedding

"Words cannot express my appreciation for the magnificent job that each of you and your staff and team did to make this occasion so spectacular. The guests attending had a positive experience from start to finish. Your energy, talent and willingness to go the extra mile are greatly appreciated by both families and me. You are all to be commended for a job superbly orchestrated. It takes a terrific team working together to accomplish a seamless presentation. Thank you!
-Walli Richardson Events