The Hello Co.


The Hello Co. is a branding and invitation design studio, where we also offer writing services and curated welcome bags for destination events. With a studio in Basalt, Colorado and an office in Denver, we serve clients all over Colorado. We are sisters with a passion for great design, compelling stories, and fresh mountain air - unwavering from the beauty of a memorable hello.

We love to bring your story, your passion, and your project to life. When you work with us, you get our focused level of service from start to finish; collaborating with you from concept to design to final product. There are no nameless faces, or computers, working behind the scenes on your project. It’s just the two of us – Amy and Erin.

When it comes to weddings and events, we handle branding, custom invitations and day of details. We know there will be stressful moments for you - like the planning of the menu (Erin’s been there) or the lost luggage for your Mexico event (that one is all Amy). We like to get couples off to a good start!

Your guest's first impression starts with the Save the Date and lasts all the way through the cocktail napkins at your reception. We handle custom invitation design, catering to the unique nature of every couple and each venue. Carry your design into the rest of your printed wedding goods and paper items. Love is in the details.

A bespoke wedding brand can seamlessly take you from the Will You? to the I Do! Our Custom Branding service at The Hello Co. is a detailed and personalized branding opportunity. Working together, we will dive deep into your wedding details, who you are as a couple, and what your vision is. The process typically takes 4-5 weeks and at the end, you will have a bespoke brand that will help you tell your story. You can use the elements for everything – from save the date cards to flowers to cocktail napkins. Your wedding planner will thank you. Your vendors will thank you. Your guests will be in awe of how well everything came together. And in the end, you will thank yourself. After all, your wedding is another chapter in your story. Let us help you write it.

With our Ready to Buy Branding, we’ve done the legwork for you and created a brand and applicable elements that are personalized just for you. We custom-tailor it to your wedding and within days, you’ll have your bespoke brand in hand. This option is ideal for individuals that don’t want to go through an extensive branding process with us and are attracted to what we’ve already designed. What you see is what you get. And it’s good. With a personalized wedding design, custom color palette, suggested fonts, patterns, motifs, and typography all prepared for you, the decision making will be a snap. Your Wedding Brand Board will keep you focused on your vision.

Amy is the designer, font snob, and mountain mama living in Basalt, Colorado. A native, she appreciates a well-traveled pair of boots and is often found in the pasture with her husband and their horses. She dislikes tapered jeans, white condiments, and bad hair days. Erin has a way with words, crunches the numbers, and is a city living mom and wife residing in Cherry Hills Village. She loves the color blue, enjoys a rainy/snowy day, and often has her nose buried in a book. She never has enough hours in the day and seriously dislikes kazoos.

We’ve been where you are today. From building up our own businesses to encountering our own stressful wedding planning moments, we’ve looked at many blank pages and wondered where to start. After fifteen years in the business and thousands of clients, we have helped craft the beginnings of many new chapters. Let’s turn your blank page into something unforgettable.

We currently offer:
- Custom Branding Services
- Ready to Buy Branding for Weddings, Businesses, and Families
- Custom Invitation Design
- Personalized Day of Details
- Writing Services
- Welcome Bags
- and our Online Shop with our Favorite Finds!

Drop us a line. We’d love to hear more about you and offer up a hello!
- Amy + Erin