Why advertise in a local magazine?

1. Target a Dedicated Market

Since most humans have an incredible need to be part of a community, local magazines serve as an important hub where locals learn about their surroundings and events they might like to get involved in. Couture Colorado offers that sense of community and gives that local expertise for their readers. In other words, you will get your ad in front of your direct target market (Colorado Brides and Grooms) that is already interested in who you are and what you have to offer.

2. Nothing Beats that Tactile Experience

People interact much differently with printed magazines verse online. There’s just something about that tactile experience. Magazine readers really take their time and linger when reading print. They also tend to fully interact with the content, including the ads inside. Magazine readers expect ads but when online readers are annoyed by the ads popping up and interrupting their reading. 

3. A Longer Shelf Life

While digital ads come and go, print ads have staying power. A magazine left in a doctor’s office will be read by countless patients for many months, and your ad can be seen by a majority of them.

4. Brand Recognition

When you advertise in a reputable local magazine, people instantly become familiar with your company. This recognition is then reinforced when they meet you in person, either at your place of business or at a local trade show or charity event. This not only builds brand recognition but, in time, brand loyalty.

5. Credibility

Magazines are highly valued and respected publications that build a sense of community among local consumers. In fact, many people turn to local publications as a source of advice. Advertisers can greatly benefit from this credibility when their ads are viewed not as ads but as recommendations from a trusted source.

Couture Colorado is a channel that offers true engagement with the Colorado bride.

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