Giveaway: Xtend Barre

Ladies, here is your chance to get in shape! 

From Pilates to barre to yoga to spin, I am addicted to group exercise classes.

The Xtend Barre class was a complete body workout: arms, legs,core, and cardio. It took my favorite things of each of my group exercise classes and put it all in one!

Developed from a dance/Pilates background, the Xtend Barre workout combines the amazing results of dance with the principles of strength and safety in Pilates. This total body workout serves to strengthen, lengthen, and stretch the body from top to bottom. The end result is a long and lean physique… without added bulk. Plus, it’s really fun!

I am thrilled offer you the chance to win ONE MONTH OF CLASSES and more.

Starting today, you may enter to win the following prizes. One winner will be chosen on November 7th. Don’t worry, we have a little something special for all the entries too!

  • One month of classes at Xtend Barre Highlands Ranch
  • Xtend Barre Gift Bag: Two different Xtend Barre tank tops, a pair of Xtend barre grip socks, a pair of Sashi Mesh grip socks and an Xtend Strap to help sculpt their thighs and arms!
  • Three Barre Buddy Classes (bring a friend to a class for free)

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TOP 10: Resources to Change your Life Now

Ok, technically on Tuesdays I share my top ten list with you. But today, I am sharing with you a Top FIVE list. It is life changing ideas that will blow your mind…… so we only need five…. right?!

And today’s post is by Jewelry Designer Harmony Scott {LISTmember}

Here are 5 things I am doing right now that are really making a difference in my day-to-day life.  Even when we are busy, and especially when we feel “stress” it is so important to find ways to nurture and support ourselves for our highest possible good. I am sharing these with you in hopes they will inspire and enrich your days too!

Screen shot 2014-08-29 at 3.17.44 PM1. Fit in a workout at home -no seriously!  I must admit, I am a busy girl and getting to yoga or exercise class just doesn’t happen often.  And it can be expensive to do regularly.  That is why I enjoy working out at home, I just need the right inspiration to stay motivated.  I have a stack of trusty workout and yoga DVD’s I like, but frankly they were getting a bit…old.  Enter  a fantastic new FREE website that has hundreds of well organized and professional videos to choose from. Yoga, cardio, pilates, barre, weight training, meditation, healthy cooking…it is all here, with tons of great instructors and a community of online support.  I also love that there are varied time lengths.  Only have 15 minutes? No problem…there are tons of “short but sweet” workouts.  Did I mention it is totally Free?  I am not sure how long they will be able to sustain this “free model” at this level of AWESOMENESS…but while it is- just create an account and you are good to go. We all know getting a variety of exercise on a consistent basis helps us reduce stress, look and feel our best, and glow from the inside out. Check out Grokker for LOTS of great motivation!  If you want, you can follow me on Grokker (Harmony Scott) to see the videos I have liked and watched:)

2. Join a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).  Get a fresh box of veggies (hopefully organic, that may also include eggs, cheese, milk, meat, honey, jam, etc.) direct from local farmers.  Late summer is a perfect time, since it is now the height of the veggie and fruit season!  Many communities now have farm-to-you options.  It is a great way to eat a variety of healthy, local produce that is economical AND supports local agriculture, which is a win-win by any measure.  At this point, we all know eating fresh and local is good for healthy families AND communities- so what are you waiting for? Try the website to find a CSA near you, or ask at your local farmers market or health food store. This summer I am discovering delicious ways to eat a greater variety of things when I get my weekly box, it is inspiring, fun, and convenient! If it is too much food, you can always split it with someone. My CSA even delivers to my door and offers simple recipes for the more “unusual” items in my box- I never knew sliced, slightly spicy kohlrabi was such a delicious, crunchy snack with dip or guacamole- a great alternative to chips.  Seriously, good riddance to those plastic boxes of wilted veggies from the supermarket that traveled 2000 miles to reach my plate. Local, fresh CSA all the way!

3. Discover your Core Desired Feelings.  This simple exercise has changed my outlook on life, goals, and how I feel on a day-to-day basis.  If your are not familiar with Danielle Laporte, do yourself a favor and click over to her website  Her best selling book “The Desire Map” shows you how to approach life and work from a heart-centered place.  Essentially, Danielle’s book helps us get in touch with our deep “desires” that can guide our lives into becoming richer and more fulfilling. Simply from shifting our focus from outside goals and accomplishments, to discovering “how do I most want to feel”… this is a beautiful way to live life from the “inside out.”  I have found I am more relaxed around my goals, and they seem to flow more easily now that I am aligned with my Core Desires.  What are some of mine? Connected * Radiant * Divine Feminine * Flowing

4. Get into Nature.  So simple, but such a key piece to being happy, healthy, and balanced.  We KNOW this, but even I forget…and I am a true Nature Lover! When we are not connected to the Earth, we are ungrounded, and can easily become depressed and lethargic.  We also cut ourselves off from creative inspiration, and allowing insight and intuition some “space” to come and guide us with those pesky challenges of life.  Great thinkers like Einstein and spiritual leaders like Thich Nhat Hanh have all advocated time in nature as a way to reconnect to our Source. Even if you live in the city, it is as simple as taking a walk outside.  Laying on the grass somewhere and breathing deeply.  Making sure you have a beautiful bouquet or a luxurious plant in your home.  Taking a few minutes to sit quietly by a river, lake, or ocean…to gaze out to the horizon and let your mind rest.  Swim, hike, camp, walk, sit…whatever you can do to immerse yourself and get back to your roots! You can also explore the synergistic power of Nature and our focused intentions for true healing…A favorite book of mine is called “To be Healed by the Earth” by Warren Grossman PH.D.  I used his Earth meditation technique just yesterday to soothe a bad headache…and it really works!

5. Make your very own Daily Personal Practice List.  What is a “personal practice” you may ask? It is those simple things we can do everyday that support, nourish, replenish, grow, balance, and feed us as physical, emotional, and spiritual beings.  Basically, we all KNOW what we need to be happy and healthy.  If you aren’t sure, start with the Core Desired Feeling exercises (see #3) to get in touch with what feelings really nourish you, and then locate the activities and practices that make you feel that way.  What I have found to be really helpful is to make a list of my Personal Practices, and I put it on the fridge. This is more than “eat right” and “exercise”…these are SPECIFIC things. For example, on my list I start with “lemon H2O” reminding myself to do my liver cleanse of water and lemon juice 1st thing in the morning, and also includes “Prayer and Gratitude” as well as specific activities like “Dance 3 Songs” and many of my meditation practices that I know keep me happy.  Then, each day I choose as many as I can and put a heart next to the ones I have accomplished.  I update it monthly to stay fresh. This way I am reminded to DO them, and Inspired with ideas of how to keep myself aligned with what I know is for my highest good.  Honestly, the list on the fridge has REALLY helped me…remember those gold stars from school? Also, it is pretty easy to see which ones are getting neglected and which ones we do more often after a few weeks of tracking.  Well, do it for yourself and enjoy the benefits of being happier, healthier, and more aligned with those things that will nourish and support you from the inside out.

I hope some of these ideas resonate with you! Please feel free to add comments,  or share what you are going to do to make your life better!  It is so important for us to support and encourage each other with ideas and inspiration.  Thank you so much for reading this… Blessings, Harmony

by Jewelry Designer Harmony Scott {LISTmember}

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Sleek, Low Textured Ponytail

We know ponytails are the ideal go-to style for women as they can be styled up or down, are fast and simple to do, and look great on 2nd day hair. Jenny Balding, Cutler/Redken Stylist shares one of her favorite ponytail styles, the Sleek, Low Textured Ponytail. “This look is easy to do yourself and doesn’t take long with a little ‘know how’ – it immediately gives you the glam effect with minimal effort. The texture in the ponytail is key to this look as it creates a point of difference from just an ordinary low ponytail.” – Jenny Balding

  • Start with day old hair as this will be easier to manage and look better.
  • Create a low side part on whichever side suits your face shape best. Mist hair with a light spray all over to smooth any flyaway strands and smooth down.
  • Gather your hair at the nape and sweep into low ponytail and tie making sure to keep the top area really smooth and sleek. Take a small piece of hair from the under section of the ponytail and wrap around the base and pin. I love Cutler Flyaway Stick to use over the part and crown to create a sleek, beautiful sheen to the hair.
  • Using a mini crimper, take small sections of the ponytail and crimp each section. Mist a light hairspray on each section to give a little hold.
  • Brush hair through with boar bristle flat brush to create the perfect juxtaposition of the two textures – the sleek top and the textured, crimped tail.

Sleek, Low Textured Ponytail

Spotted: Booties


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Bare…..inspired by art, culture and travel

I have been loving this new sustainable fashion brand, BARE, for months now. And most recently, I have met one of the founders, Justin Beil, and I couldn’t say enough nice things about him. I am thrilled to announce that BARE is now being sold on our newly launched online boutique.

Justin along with BFF Grason Ratowsky and sister Jessica Beil created BARE, a fashion brand inspired by art, culture and travel. The company creates handbags and accessories with unique design, distinctive material choices and versatility. BARE’s products cater to the stylish world traveler with an adventurous spirit and an air of sophistication and ,best of all, BARE products are sustainably made in the Denver, Colorado.

Even though BARE is locally produced, it has received global attention with a recent feature on Vogue and Yahoo Style.

bare-bags justin-beil-2 baremade justin-beil justin-beil-1


As seen on Yahoo Style: “When your sister is Jessica Biel—Hollywood star and fashion plate (the word “icon” has been tossed her way more than a few times)—it would be almost criminal not to seek some familial advice when launching an accessories line. Justin Biel, 29, the actress’s blond and equally striking younger sibling (he’s like Ryan Gosling meets…well, Jessica Biel), had the wherewithal to tell his sister very early on about his and best friend Grason Ratowsky’s concept for an eco-conscious, socially responsible collection of bags made out of burlap coffee sacks. “I thought it was an amazing idea and I trust them and believe in them,” says Jessica, who swiftly offered up both her “creative influence”—bigger pockets, longer straps, more elegant hardware—and invested enough cash for a small production run of about 200 bags. These became the basis for BARE, the trio’s Denver-based company, launched in 2013.” Read more…..(photos by yahoo style)

Their latest artist collection is available on our online shop AND we are offering them at a steep discount till the end of the month.


Also, on Thursday, October 16, 2014 from 5:00 – 9:00 PM, Golydn {LISTmember} is holding a BARE trunk show. The designers and artists behind BARE will be on hand at Goldyn’s trunk show for you to meet in addition to previewing and shopping the collection.





TOP 12: Denver Neighborhoods

A treasure around every corner …

With 200 parks and 17 tree-lined boulevards, Denver is a city of neighborhoods – small pockets that give the real flavor of Mile High living. Here are just some of the city’s diverse neighborhoods.


The Art District on Santa Fe is a unique art and cultural district with more than 40 galleries, restaurants and shops located just south of downtown Denver. It is the largest concentration of art galleries in Colorado, offering contemporary, emerging and traditional art including painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media, graphic art and textiles. The Art District opens its doors freely to lively Denver crowds for popular events such as the First Friday Art Walk, held every first Friday of the month and Collectors’ Night held every third Friday of the month. There are also free walking tours of the historic neighborhood on First Fridays, while free shuttle buses connect the strip of galleries to the 10th and Osage Light Rail station.  The neighborhood also features some of the city’s best Mexican restaurants and Latin fusion dining.  The Museo de las Americas showcases changing exhibits of Latino art from throughout Central and South America.  During the holiday season, the street is decorated with thousands of glowing luminaries.  The Mexican holiday of September 16 is celebrated with El Grito de Independencia Fiesta.  The street is closed for a massive fiesta with mariachi bands, food and dancing, low rider festival and more. 
Location: 5th to 11th Avenue on Santa Fe Drive


Cherry Creek North is Denver’s premiere shopping and dining neighborhood.  The area boasts 320 independently owned galleries, shops, restaurants and spas and is adjacent to upscale Cherry Creek Shopping Center, which has an additional 160 brand name stores.  Together, they create the largest and most varied shopping district between Chicago and San Francisco.  Cherry Creek is a place where tree-shaded streets, parks and gardens, beautiful public art and lively outdoor cafes invite you to browse, sip, relax and dine.   The tranquil Cherry Creek Bike Path connects the neighborhood to downtown Denver, which is just three miles away.  On summer weekends, a Farmer’s Market offers tasty local baked goods and produce, while the Cherry Creek Arts Festival is ranked as one of the largest art celebrations in the nation.  The neighborhood’s reputation for fine dining has increased in recent years with some of Cherry Creek’s chefs gaining national attention.  But this inviting and friendly neighborhood is also filled with casual sidewalk cafes and coffeehouses…the perfect setting to sit back and enjoy Denver’s 300 days of annual sunshine. 
Location:  First, Second and Third Avenues from University to Steele Street


Colfax Avenue stretches east and west through Denver for 26 miles, making it the longest business street in America.  Every May, the Colorado Colfax Marathon attracts thousands of runners who race the entire length of the street, from Aurora to Lakewood.  Two neighborhoods along the center of Colfax are near downtown Denver.  Capitol Hill is the area immediately east of the State Capitol and features the 210-foot high, French Gothic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, the first Basilica west of the Mississippi River. Buffalo Bill Cody was baptized here and Pope John Paul II conducted a mass here during World Youth Day in 1993.  The neighborhood has bookstores and some trendy restaurants, bars and shops.  Some of the stately mansions of Capitol Hill were built by early Denver pioneers, many of whom struck it rich in the gold rush days.  Today, several of these mansions have been turned into delightful bed and breakfasts and offices. There are two great music venues on Colax:  the Fillmore Auditorium, an intimate theater that has hosted everyone from Bob Dylan to Phish, and the nearby Ogden, a converted movie house that now rocks with contemporary national groups.   Further east at Colfax and Elizabeth, a neighborhood called Greektown is coming alive and is the new home of the famous Tattered Cover Bookstore, which relocated into the historic Lowenstein Theatre.  The neighborhood also includes record stores and restaurants and the Bluebird, yet another movie house that now hosts national performers.


Five Points is one of Denver’s oldest neighborhoods with block after block of beautiful Victorian homes and historic storefronts, many of which are part of a resurgence that is adding luxury loft projects and new housing developments to the area.  The commercial district on Welton Street has 75 businesses, all located along a light rail line that offers convenient access to downtown. It is one of the few predominantly African American owned commercial strips in the country.  Restaurants in the area are known for offering a wide variety of finger-licking Caribbean, soul food, catfish, BBQ chicken and ribs.  For many years, Five Points was one of the West’s greatest jazz centers with clubs like the Rossonian and the Rainbow Room.  Jack Kerouac mentions the neighborhood frequently in his classic Beat Generation novel, “On the Road.”  Today, music fills the streets of Five Points during the Juneteenth celebration–an annual parade and festival commemorating the day African Americans in the West first heard of the Emancipation Proclamation.  The Black American West Museum, Stiles African American Heritage Center and Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library are all located in Five Points and offer a fascinating look at the important role that Black pioneers played in helping to settle the American West.


The Golden Triangle Museum District is one of Denver’s oldest neighborhoods, a delightful mix of historic single family Victorian homes on tree-lined streets blended with chic new galleries, trend-setting restaurants and elegant high-rise apartments.  Located along the southern edge of downtown Denver, the neighborhood is home to eight of the city’s museums, including some of the city’s architectural masterpieces such as the new Hamilton Building at the Denver Art Museum, the Victorian mansion that was the home of “Unsinkable” Molly Brown and the Denver Public Library.  The Vance Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art is housed in the 20th Century artist’s former studio, while the Colorado History Museum features a colorful, block long mural. The Golden Triangle is a neighborhood where life, work, art and architecture merge into a unique urban experience.  On the first Friday of every month, the neighborhood’s 50 art galleries stay open late with the “Art Bus” offering free transportation from hip galleries to tasty cafes.  After dark, the area dubbed “SoCo” for south of Colfax, has some of the cities hottest night clubs and outdoor patios, while the six restaurants in the 900 block of Lincoln offer distinctive Denver dining.
Location: The triangle within Lincoln, Speer and Colfax and the museums along 13th Avenue – the Avenue of the Arts


Highlands is Denver’s largest neighborhood, an area of quaint Victorian brick homes and shaded streets that has undergone a recent resurgence with vibrant new restaurants, galleries and shops.  This charming corner of Denver has been featured in Travel + Leisure Magazine and National Geographic Traveler and has three distinct commercial districts.  On the high ground along the South Platte River and connected to downtown by a series of three pedestrian bridges, you can find everything from coffee shops, cool bars and popular restaurants to the massive REI Flagship store, which has an indoor 45-foot high climbing wall.  In the area, you can rent a bike – or a kayak – and enjoy the South Platte River as it winds through the city.  Nearby, Highlands Square is a laidback shopping district with outdoor cafes and one-of-a-kind boutiques and galleries, offering a variety of cuisines, from cheap to chic.  Distinctive lampposts highlight the historic Victorian feel of the neighborhood, which is best explored on foot or by bike.  The up-and-coming Berkley Square and Tennyson sections of Highlands offers more than a dozen art galleries, bakeries, restaurants and boutique clothing stores.   Since its founding in 1858, the Highlands neighborhood has been known for its ethnic diversity.  Today, it attracts a wide mix of ages and people, all drawn by the area’s shady streets, parks and architecture.


Historic Downtown Littleton offers a charming “Main Street” America, lined with turn-of-the-century buildings that now house some of the metro area’s most unique, independently owned businesses. There are 11 art galleries, 14 specialty gift shops and six clothing boutiques, all in lovely, tree-lined pedestrian area that brings back the relaxed ambiance of a different era. A dozen restaurants, cafes and coffee shops provide quiet places to sit and watch the world go by. Bike paths connect the shopping area to the South Platte River bike path, which offers easy access to downtown Denver.  Historic Littleton is also located directly on the Santa Fe light rail line, just a short and scenic 9 mile ride from Denver’s 16th Street Mall. Numerous events are held throughout the year, including a Mardi Gras and Bastille Day celebration, and there is Farmer’s Market every Saturday in the summer with locally grown produce, baked goods, cooking demonstrations and more. Historically, Littleton began as a farming community and that tradition is kept alive at the nearby Littleton Historical Museum. The facility has two working farms, one from the 1860s and another from the 1920s. Chickens, pigs, oxen, cattle and horses make this a fun outing for the family. Hudson Gardens is another local attraction.  Located on the banks of the South Platte River, The Gardens reflect the multitude of plants, flowers and trees and thrive in the dry Colorado climate. The thirty acres of gardens are arranged in a continuous flow featuring ponds, wildlife, sculpture, a garden railroad and spectacular natural displays along a mile-and-a-quarter walking path.


LoDo ….short for “lower downtown”….is Denver’s hip historic district and one of the most fashionable addresses in the Mile High City.  There are 125 historic red brick buildings in the area, making it one of the largest concentrations of Victorian and turn-of-the-century architecture in the nation.  Since the opening of Coors Field in 1995, the neighborhood has undergone a transformation and today offers a mixture of eclectic new buildings and restored warehouse loft projects.  There are 90 brewpubs, sports bars, restaurants and coffee houses in the neighborhood, many of them with rooftop patios offering great places to watch a Rocky Mountain sunset.  LoDo was the setting for MTV’s Real World and is especially popular with singles and young professionals. The Museum of Contemporary Art opened here in 2007 and there are many art galleries in the area, as well as shopping that ranges from massive bookstores to Western wear. On the edge of LoDo is Larimer Square, an elegant and charming package of dining, shopping and nightlife that defines hip urban revitalization.  Another district near LoDo is Riverfront, a new area with several thousand housing units built along the edge of Commons Park.  LoDo’s Union Station is Denver’s transportation hub, serving AMTRAK, the Ski Train, Light Rail and the free 16th Street Mall shuttle.  Denver’s new 120-mile light rail network will all hub from Union Station, making LoDo the epicenter of the seven-county metro area.


Nestled among the quaint tree-lined streets of the Washington Park Neighborhood, Old South Gaylord is one of Denver’s oldest shopping and dining districts. Trolley cars once rumbled down the middle of the street, that is today lined with outdoor cafes, distinctive old lampposts, and intriguing one-of-a-kind shops and galleries. There are seven restaurants and bars, serving everything from fresh seafood to Asian fusion.  Storefronts capture the magic of the 1920s, when South Gaylord had a movie theatre, soda fountain and grocery store. The turn-of-the-century buildings have been charmingly converted to house shops offering contemporary fashions, sporting goods, bicycles and art.  Washington Park is just a short walk away.  Consistently picked by Denver residents as their favorite park, Washington Park has two lakes, two formal flower gardens and expansive lawns and trees, perfect for picnics and walks. You can rent paddle boats or bicycles to explore the park on land or water. The path around the perimeter is exactly two miles long and offers wonderful views of the snowcapped Rocky Mountains in the distance.  After a stroll through one of the gardens, relax with a drink at Old South Gaylord.  This friendly neighborhood gathering spot has the charm of yesteryear mixed with some of Denver’s most contemporary shopping and dining.


One of Denver’s first trolley cars rattled down South Pearl Street in 1893.  Today, the movie houses, stores and businesses that once lined the trolley tracks have been lovingly restored into an eclectic neighborhood of 14 restaurants and bars, nine art galleries and 34 specialty stores.  There are stores devoted to mystery books, antiquarian books, chocolates, bicycles and fine stationary.  Seven clothing and accessory shops are mixed with sixteen health, beauty and wellness practitioners.  There are coffeshops, wine bars and neighborhood pubs…but the area also features some of Denver’s most popular fine dining, including a rich mixture of international cuisine that runs the gamut from sushi to Hungarian.  A farmer’s market takes place every Sunday from June through the end of October, offering fresh produce and baked goods.   The Denver Folklore Center has been a fixture of the neighborhood for decades, specializing in new and used guitars, banjos, mandolins, dulcimers, autoharps and fiddles, as well as being a center for rare folk music books and recordings. The retail and dining diversity of Old South Pearl can be dazzling, yet the relaxed ambiance of the neighborhood harkens back to a simpler time, of evening strolls down tree-lined streets and a visit to the local ice cream parlor – now a gelato store with a colorful and tasty array of flavors.


In 1860, farmer John Engle dragged a log behind his mule as he headed north from his farm to the tent city of Denver.  Today, that log trace across the plains has become Broadway – the urban heart of the Mile High City.  From the Colorado State Capitol heading south 16 blocks to Alameda, Broadway is lined with an eclectic mixture of neighborhood taverns, avant guard clothing stores, cutting edge galleries, gay bars, used book stores, trendy home furnishing stores, ethnic restaurants, music clubs, pizza parlors, pubs and sporting goods emporiums.  It is fun, urban and edgy.   South of Alameda, Broadway becomes “Antique Row,” – an amazing collection of nearly 400 antique stores crammed together in just 18 blocks.  From pottery and glass to coins and silver, from art to books and everything in between, Antique Row is one of the nation’s largest concentrations of dealers, many of whom have been in business 30 years or more.  Browsing the businesses of South Broadway, you can find deals on garden supplies, fine wines, antique rugs, handcrafted picture frames, tiles, vintage lighting, Halloween costumes, custom furniture, jewelry, antique guns, Old West paraphernalia and more —There are also several dining establishments, pubs and even a tea room.   It’s the perfect place to browse away an afternoon.


Sunset Magazine calls Uptown “one of Denver’s hippest hoods, with lively new restaurants, chic shops, and a cheery, progressive vibe.”  The oldest of downtown Denver’s residential neighborhoods, Uptown has a delightful mix of Victorian and Queen Anne homes on tree-lined boulevards mixed with modern highrise apartments and loft conversion projects.  Uptown sits on a slight hill with dramatic views of downtown and the mountains. A highlight for visitors is Restaurant Row, the stretch of 17th Avenue running from Broadway to City Park that is lined with cafes….offering everything from taco bars and comfort food to upscale eateries and fine dining.  Here you’ll also fine some of the city’s most popular bars and clubs and even a few small theatres.  Curtis Park sits on the northern edge of Uptown with its stately Queen Anne homes, quiet parks and large shade trees.    To the west of Uptown is Denver’s largest green space – City Park.  The tree-covered park is home to the Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and has miles and miles of jogging and bike paths.  The view from City Park Lake takes in more than 120 miles of snowcapped Rocky Mountains.

Nov 14: ArtDenver

ArtDenver, an all-new indoor fine arts experience featuring national fine artists, Colorado makers, art installations, interior design and fashion, announces Michael Costello as the headlining designer for the Opening Night Fashion Show on Friday, November 14 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Colorado Convention Center.

Costello has gained international attention through his work with many prominent clients, including Beyonce, Paris Hilton, the Kardashians and Lady Gaga. In addition to Costello’s designs, the show will feature Denver-based designer Mondo Guerra and other designers to be announced at a future date. Both designers have been featured on Project Runway and Project Runway All Stars.




Produced by the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, ArtDenver includes a juried art show with 135 exhibiting visual artists from all over the country, in 13 media categories, including ceramics, mixed media, digital art, photography, metal works and drawing. For a complete list of artists, visit

The event kicks off on Friday, Nov. 14 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. with the Opening Night Party, featuring a first look at the event and the Opening Night Fashion Show. The fashion continues throughout the weekend with designer trunk shows and free runway shows (with a general admission ticket for event entry) on November 15 and 16.

The Opening Night Fashion Show reflects the unique appeal of ArtDenver by presenting locally and nationally-based artistic talent featuring cutting-edge design and innovation, while exemplifying luxury and fantasy,” said R. Tony Smith, marketing and operations director of the Cherry Creek Arts Festival and ArtDenver. “We are honored to have an opportunity to feature one of Denver’s favorite designers, while bringing other national designers into our thriving, art-infused urban core.

Early-bird tickets to ArtDenver can be purchased at various levels until October 31, at which time ticket prices increase. For ticketing information and to purchase tickets to the Opening Night Party, please visit


Oct 18th: Barre for a Good Cause



Xtend Barre® Workout one of the fitness industry’s most diverse barre programs that fuses dance, Pilates and cardio in a high energy environment, is proud to announce its annual fundraising and educational initiative will benefit Young Survival Coalition (YSC), the premier global organization dedicated to young women with breast cancer. YSC works with survivors, caregivers and the medical, research, advocacy and legislative communities to increase the quality and quantity of life for women diagnosed with breast cancer ages 40 and under. Xtend Barre Plié for Pink™ will unite the 70+ U.S studio locations (owners, instructors, clients and their communities) behind this cause through a weekend-long event on Saturday, October 18 and Sunday, October 29, 2014. Pink tutus are welcomed (and encouraged) at participating studios which will offer a series of classes and products to benefit YSC, including:

  • Two or more special 55-Minute Bootcamp “Plié for Pink” charity classes, with a suggested donation of $25-$30
  • “Plié for Pink Ribbon” grip socks will be be sold in studio and online at throughout the month of October to benefit YSC
  • Tips and educational materials from YSC
  • Additional Plié for Pink events throughout the month of October, on a studio-by-studio basis, and donations will be accepted at front desks throughout the month.

Our very own Colorado-based Xtend Barre Highlands Ranch is participating in Plié for Pink on Saturday, Oct. 18th at 11am and Sunday, Oct. 19th at 12:15.

On Saturday, Oct 18th, there will be chair massages from Elements Massage, Physician’s Weight Loss giving you a boost with B-12 Shots, free bubbly and snacks and, of course, all money raised that day will go to YSC.

Wow, a 75 minute Butt-kicking Workout, relaxing massages, B-12 shots, champagne and snacks……. all for for a good cause……. sign me up!!!!  Go to Xtend Barre Highlands Ranch to sign up online for the Saturday, Oct 18th Class at 11am or call them at 303-791-2100.

Xtend Barre is a high-energy workout that combines serious sculpting exercises done at the ballet barre with fundamentals of Pilates. I have personally taken a Xtend Barre class and LOVED it! I have alway been a die hard fan of Pilates. But now that I have taken Xtend Barre, it has become my go-to workout that combines everything that I need in one 55 minute class.  Get to know April, the owner of Xtend Barre Highlands Ranch, on our spotlight interview

Xtend Barre Highlands Ranch 3620 East Highlands Ranch Pkwy #103 Highlands Ranch, CO 80126  |  Phone: 303-791-2100

Gorski Fall Lookbook

It is snowing in the mountains, season ski pass has been purchased, and this photo landed in my inbox this week from Neiman Marcus featuring GORSKI Fall Lookbook…….. yep, it’s officially Fall in Colorado.

Coloradans understand the need for layers and multiple jackets, fleeces, and coats. The weather changes quickly here and having the appropriate gear allows us to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort. BUT when going out in the evening for a nice dinner or an event, we cover up our stylish threads with a Patagonia coat?! It is time to up our outerwear style! GORSKI gives us glam and warmth.


GORSKI is a leading brand of Modern Evening and Designer Furs, Cashmere and Luxury Outerwear, Après Ski Jackets, and Fur ‘Fashion Must” Accessories. Established in Montreal Quebec Canada in 1984, GORSKI has evolved as a leader in outerwear and fur fashion. Their designs have graced the pages of ‘Vogue’, ‘Town and Country’, ’Harper’s Bazaar’, ‘W’ and on the current cover of ‘Snow’.

Get to know Leonard Gorski, the founder of Gorski, in our recent interview.

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