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I have selected a few of my favorite items and put them on sale! FOR ONE DAY ONLY, shop my favs at a discount.

COUTUREcolorado BOUTIQUE…… shopping local made easy.  Purchase items from your favorite local boutiques, artisans, and designers all in one place…. all in one transaction.

*pictured above adriana neves independent spirit ring on sale for $63.90 {originally $71}

*sale is only valid until July 31, 2014

Hey Colorado Brides, these custom cufflinks are perfect for your groom and/or groomsmen and they are currently on sale until July 31, 2014.

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Black and White Wedding

This wedding was so chic and stylish even with a very simple color scheme of only black and white.

black and white wedding_1601.jpg
black and white wedding_1602.jpg
black and white wedding_1603.jpg
black and white wedding_1604.jpg
black and white wedding_1605.jpg
black and white wedding_1606.jpg
black and white wedding_1607.jpg
black and white wedding_1608.jpg
black and white wedding_1609.jpg
black and white wedding_1610.jpg
black and white wedding_1611.jpg
black and white wedding_1612.jpg
black and white wedding_1613.jpg
black and white wedding_1614.jpg
black and white wedding_1615.jpg
black and white wedding_1616.jpg
black and white wedding_1617.jpg
black and white wedding_1618.jpg

Photographer: Candice Benjamin Photography | Venue: Sanctuary Golf Course
Planner Leanne Rupnow at Sanctuary Golf Course | Florist: Ladybird Poppy | Dress Boutique: The Green Bride | Makeup Artist: DIY | Hair Stylist: Antoine Du Chez | Tux: Men’s Wearhouse | Jewelry: Jennifer Parzych | Lighting: The Pink Monkey {LISTmember}

Notes from the photographer:

Aimee + Eric planned a beautiful destination wedding just outside of Denver, Colorado. They are both currently residing in Seattle, WA, but always knew they wanted to bring in their love for Colorado for one of the most special days of their lives.

They also knew that they couldn’t pick a favorite color to use as inspiration, so instead they picked two of the best non-color options out there: Black and White! It instantly transformed Sanctuary Golf Course into a chic, modern event space. Sanctuary Golf Course also overlooks the Rocky Mountains for a stunning view and provides such a great backdrop for photos.

One other unique aspect of their wedding was they wanted the day to be as “Green” as possible. For Aimee’s dress, she decided on a gently used dress from The Green Bride, and her jewelry was made by her good friend and bridesmaid. Each bridesmaid also picked their own little black dress for the event, which paired perfectly with the white bouquets created by Ladybird Poppy.

Spotted: Wedding Accessories

Weddings call for perfection. Usually a bride will be focused in on one (or many) certain aspects of the big day that help them feel like a million dollars. It is their big day after all and feeling your best is the name if the game. One way to do that is by accessorizing your look. So many designers are creating beautiful bridal accessories and even some for the groom! Check out these amazing picks below!

About half of these are available through our brand new online shop- the COUTUREcolorado BOUTIQUE! Take advantage of all the great launch discounts going on.

Wedding acessories

1. Cinqufoil Floral Sash 

2. Ophelia Head piece by Nerida Mason (20% off with promo code NMlaunch)

3. Iris Lace Topper Wrap

4. Bloom Necklace by Adriana Neves (10% off with launch code ANlaunch)

5. Milly Fringe Blazer from Willow (10% off with promo code Wlaunch)

6. Christy Stargazing Necklace by Swoon (20% off with promo code SwoonLaunch)

7. Eos Pearl Cluster Earrings by Harmony Scott

8. Custom Cufflinks for the Groom in your life (20% off with promo code SwoonLaunch)


Gemy Maalouf now available in Denver

Anna Be, a Denver bridal boutique, has always graced us with high fashion in the bridal world. With names like Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier, Anna Be is the destination for the fashion forward bride. This year the gals at Anna Be keep on impressing us by welcoming Gemy Maalouf, international designer, to Denver.

Gemy’s ready to wear collection has been spotted on everyone from Lada Gaga to Giuliana Rancic.  Super stylish, this collection ranges from $2,200 – $4,950 and really it’s just a few styles that are over $4,000!

While this collection has a big international presence, it’s just getting its due in the US. Anna Be is one of five stores in the country to carry Gemy!!!

Gemy Maalouf is on a mission to “provide a new generation of fashion conscious women with clothes that feel and look fabulous, providing incomparable fits and luxuriant fabrics.”

Call or book online: Anna Be {LISTmember} – 1575 boulder street, denver, co 80211 – 720-855-1111



Summer Style on the Morning Show Colorado’s Best

I am so thrilled to show off a few of my favorite summer looks recently on the morning show Colorado’s Best. With the launch of our online boutique, I have been bursting at the seams to spread the word and to share with the world all the awesome products we have listed for sale.

For this TV segment, I decided to take the trends that I have been seeing in the fashion magazines and translate them to fit into our casual Colorado lifestyle. So each outfit is comfortable yet chic. And all are available locally and on COUTUREcolorado BOUTIQUE.

Maxi Dress from Inspyre available on COUTUREcolorado for $47

Chambray Top from Inspyre available on COUTUREcolorado for $47

Swing Necklace (on the maxi look) by Mildred & Bernice available on COUTUREcolorado for $46 *15% until August  17th with promo code MBlaunch

Chain Gang Necklace (I wore) by Mildred & Bernice available on COUTUREcolorado for $61 *15% until August  17th with promo code MBlaunch

Coral Top (I wore) from Inspyre available on COUTUREcolorado for $34

Aztec Romper available from Starrs available on COUTUREcolorado for $107 *10% until July 31st with promo code WSlaunch

Ring of Sunshine Necklace (short necklace on romper look) by Swoon available on COUTUREcolorado for $111 *20% until July 31st with promo code WSlaunch

Leather Snake Necklace (long necklace on romper look) by Mildred & Bernice available on COUTUREcolorado for $86 *15% until August 17th with promo code MBlaunch

Utility Pant from Willow available on COUTUREcolorado for $278 *10% until July 31st with promo code Wlaunch

Gray Tank from Willow available on COUTUREcolorado for $51 *10% until July 31st with promo code Wlaunch

Felix Bag by Winter Session available on COUTUREcolorado for $273.50 *10% until August  17th with promo code WSlaunch

Garrison Bag by Winter Session available on COUTUREcolorado for $293.50 *10% until August  17th with promo code WSlaunch

Boulder Bridal Style

Merrick Chase {LISTmember and photographer} gathered up the best of Boulder to create a high style bridal shoot featuring LISTmember Plum Sage Flowers, bridal gown designer Maggie Evans Designs and jewelry designer Todd Reed.


Photographer: Merrick Chase {LISTmember} | Florist: Plum Sage Flowers {LISTmember}  | Dress Designer: Maggie Evans Designs | Makeup Artist: Bre Ortola of Alchemy Mineral Blends | Hair Stylist: Catherine Wompey Kleinman of Catherine Hair | Jewelry: Todd Reed | Production Assistant: Jessica Dayton Chase | Photography Assistants: Jessica Dayton Chase, Trevor Hollyer | Models: Brianna Bascom, Naomi Brown, Gaetane Maxwell

Notes from the photographer :

I wanted to put together a different kind of wedding shoot styled around the work of Boulder jewelry designer Todd Reed, whose wedding pieces have begun to join the prominence of his other signature work. Todd’s jewelry is unusual. It’s raw and even rough, yet sophisticated at the same time. Todd [and his then PR-Coordinator Naomi Brown] was absolutely great and gave me essentially free reign to use any of the pieces in his studio that weren’t out on loan at the time.

With Todd’s work as the centerpiece so to speak, I wanted to source everything in the shoot locally from Boulder and if need be, from Denver. First I approached Boulder wedding gown designer Maggie Evans of Maggie Evans Designs. I wanted to know if she’d be interested in designing gowns for the shoot entirely from scratch and modeled after the fashion of Todd’s jewelry. Maggie jumped at the opportunity and set out to design and construct three unique gowns completely from the ground up for the shoot.

The key was that I was aiming for something different as I set out to do this shoot. Todd’s jewelry was the starting point and some elements that we spontaneously introduced into the shoot on Pearl Street complemented this theme. Just as well however, these ‘different’ types of images could be eliminated and the remaining more traditional and straightforward images could stand strongly on their own.

The second part of the shoot and our second location reveals the shoot’s deeper themes. We shot up Boulder’s Sunshine Canyon, that was ravaged by fires a few years ago. Like the Pearl Street images, a selection of these images could stand alone and simply showcase the artists’ pieces. Alternately, they could be presented in a series that tells a deeper story of death and rebirth: the charred earth and the healing promise of young, beautiful brides. Shining through darkness, much like Todd’s jewelry.

One bride appears with angel wings and their obvious symbolism. Another shows the pain of the charred earth on her face and offers her bouquet to the charred trees and to the earth itself, in an attempt to help the healing process come about. In some of the images the bride’s bouquet can even be seen to be wilting slightly, adding further to this theme.


Spotted: 2014 Wedding Trends

Wedding trends are always changing and this year is no different. Thankfully for our brides to be, 2014 marks the return of elegance, romance and simplicity. Of the listed few below, I must say my favorite may be the the use of the color pink. Adding a touch of pink signifies romance to me that to see it in the top trends of the year makes me giddy!

wedding trends 2014

1. Unplugged weddings are spreading liek wildfire. Why have your wedding spread across social media that night when you really want your guests to be in the moment enjoying it instead?!

2. Pink is back. While I’m not at all suggesting “pepto bismal” pink; I am suggesting shades of hot pin or barely there pink for your maids to enhance the overall wedding party look.

3. Flower Garland is back with a vengeance. Perfect for the alter, bars, staircases and more.

4. Less is more invitation suites. Finally, we can open them up in a few minutes instead of taking an hours to run through the million and one add ons.

5. Music befitting your theme. Going high end ballroom? Try a classic playlist of Dean Martin & Nat King Cole. Farm wedding? Bluegrass!

6. Skip the favor and go for a pillow present for the guests hotel rooms.

7. Pre-planned after parties. Because after all- “after the party comes the after party!”

8. Seasonal cake flavors, Summer wedding? Try something light like lemon or strawberry shortcake. Winter? Go rich with a devils food cake with chocolate c=ganache or a tahitian vanilla!

Image Credit to Josh Luna via COUTUREcolorado Wedding

By Rachael Hofmann of Décor Design + Production Group


COUTUREcolorado Boutique has Launched!


Today, our very own online boutique has officially launched! Shopping local just became that much easier.

COUTUREcolorado BOUTIQUE is a well-curated online shop featuring hand-crafted, beautifully designed, one-of-a-kind products that are only made better by the fact that they were created by a Coloradan {or sold from a locally owned Colorado boutique}.

From handcrafted jewelry to custom baby bibs to fashionable clothing to unique wedding favors, the boutique offers an ever growing diverse selection of products.

To celebrate our newly launched boutique, we are having a BIG SALE on select products for a limited time only.

Stay tuned…..

Each month we hold a GIFT WITH PURCHASE promotion. We partner up with a local business that we love and gift you with something special. Whether it is a discount to a spa or a gift card to a new restaurant, each month come back and see what exciting item we are gifting. Gift with Purchase promotions will start on August 1st with The Four Seasons Denver.

And we plan on holding a series of pop-up shops through out the year. Our first pop-up shop will be held at our Launch Party on September 12th. Details to follow.

*Pictured above is a handcrafted bridal headpiece by Denver designer Nerida Mason. Get 20% off until August 17th with promo code NMlaunch

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