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Guest Post by Daniel and Sharon of Resonance Due {LISTmember}, Colorado�s premier flute and vibraphone duo. Trying to decide whether to hire live music for your wedding? Here are a few advantages of live music to consider when making your decision. 1. Professional advice on music selection Musicians are sure to know at least one thing really well: music. You can scour the internet looking for suggestions that may or may not match your tastes; but a professional musician can sit down with you, listen to your vision for your special day, and make personal suggestions for music that will make your wedding totally �you.� All of Resonance Duo�s ceremony packages include a free consultation, in which we do just that. 2. Lower chance for technical difficulties When we got married, we were warned things never go according to plan. Actually, everything was perfect until we got to our first dance. For our simple, outdoor wedding, we hooked up Dan�s laptop to some speakers. The time in the sun from the beginning of the ceremony until the first dance was just a little too much for that piece of technology, and we had no music for the rest of the reception. The day was still fabulous and we had a blast, but when planning your wedding, know that there are some risks that come with cutting corners on your music budget. Live musicians, especially acoustic ones, present a much lower risk of technical difficulties. 3. A superior atmosphere for you and your guests Perhaps the most obvious reason, live music provides an air of elegance and a personal touch that you just can�t recreate with recorded music. Whether you�re looking for sophistication and class or something unique and quirky, live music can provide the memorable atmosphere you�re looking for. 4. Adaptability for ceremony timing What happens if you�re so excited to meet your groom that you hurry down the aisle faster than you did in the rehearsal? What if your flower girl makes a detour to chase a butterfly at your outdoor wedding? Live musicians are prepared to be watchful and adjust the music as necessary to match the time the various ceremony elements require. The music for the processional, lighting of the unity candles, etc. will sound tailored and seamless instead of ending too soon or fading out at inappropriate times. 5. You don�t have to sacrifice variety or contemporary music If you think you need to go with a CD because you just have to walk down the aisle to the latest Jason Mraz hit, think again. Classically trained musicians can (and often love to) play popular tunes. Did you just watch Love Actually and decide you want �All You Need is Love� for your recessional? Guess what! Resonance Duo is doing exactly that for a fabulous couple this month. Whatever you decide for your wedding music, remember this day is ultimately about you and your love, so be true to yourselves, and don�t forget to have fun! Guest Post by Daniel and Sharon of Resonance Due {LISTmember}, Colorado�s premier flute and vibraphone duo.

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