This couple wanted the leave the gender a surprise so a gender-neutral nursery was in order. This mom had no problem using a few hand-me downs and DIY art projects to create this stylish whimsical nursery fit for a king or queen.
Photographer: Kerinsa Marie Photography Notes from the Mom, Lonnalee {local business owner or Lovelee Flowers} : Describe your nursery theme: I wanted my nursery to be neutralÖ we love being surprised by the gender of our little ones, so I wanted it to be suited for a girl or a boy. We were so glad to end up with a sweet Goergia peach and the neutral has suited our needs for her. I love all the in-style grays and how they match just about anything. Your favorite decor element: My favorite element in the room is by far the sweet peach velvet rocking chair I bought from a dear old lady. Its a true antique I got for a steal. When I bought it, I was thinking how perfect it would be if I had a sweet Peach to go with it. So glad I did. Where did you get your decor? Most of the artwork was made by me, or rather copied by me. I will gladly admit I have not an original creative idea in my head, so I must copy. The idea for the fox came from etsy. I just cut shapes out of felt for the other artwork on the walls. The profile of the sweet woman on the wall is my husbandís mom when she was younger. She had it drawn by an artist in Central Park when she worked at NY Med. She is most obviously a lovely woman. The artwork over Peaches bed was on sale from Society 6. I made the little lambs and all the pillows for the room. And the stars are felt I cut in two yummy buttery shades of cream and sewed together with a machine. The storybook tree I made from acid free paper and a vintage book. I was later kicking myself for not using a book that had more significance. Iíve learned for next time. You can see more of my paper work in my Etsy shop or on my website. Look up Lovelee flowers. Other than the velvet chair, the furniture was given to us or left at our house. The rug I bought from our local thrift store for seven dollars. I was pretty happy about that one. The table top changer was made for trade by a talented friend. The curtains were on sale at west elm. What is on the top of your must-have baby gear for the first year? I am of the school that you really donít need a ton of things to raise a child. Of the things I have found most helpful in the first year, the most important would likely be the super soft and light gauze blankets you can buy just about anywhere nowadays. They always smell familiar to the baby and it helps them to sleep wherever we are.

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